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  1. I have in mind that it was an L23 APFSDST on a T62 The CR1 was part of The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards 11B (that was also my callsign when i was Sgt)
  2. Did you know that the CR1 with his outdated shitty riffled gun has the tank to tank kill distance record? 5100m or 3 miles... not so bad...
  3. A Leo 2 would be great Thanks
  4. 23C for me please Thanks a lot
  5. I second that
  6. i finish it with 1 ITV and 1 tank destroyed (don't know why the tank go in front of his def position to reload...) the ITV is my fault I let them in position too many time before withdraw under pressure
  7. on the map, one square is 1km /1km right? with that you can have such a good indication of the distance like IRL
  8. to me, YPR-765A1 & the Belgian AIFV C25 is the same vehicle only the infantry compartiment has a different setup. (smoke grenade launcher is on the turret in the Belgian version) I thing that the M72 was in service in that période, the "Blindicide " is much older. I never saw it in service I have to ask to the older guys to confirm that.
  9. 336 Leopard 1a5 was delivered to Belgian army between 1968 & 1971 "The original" By the years several majors upgrade was maid from the original stereoscopic sight to an more up to date sight with range finder, before the last upgrade the belgian 1A5 still have the 2 ports form the former sight so only the right one was still in use. The last upgrade arrive in the late 90' for only 132 Leopard with the new SACT (Système Automatique de Conduite de Tir) from SABCA, the TIS, the automated MRS, Ceramic armored side skirt, turret basket extension, the former sights ports was welded and the beautiful tree tones NATO scheme. That was the Léopard 1A5Be From 1968 to 1991 the Belgian Leopard maned by greats tankers always proved there great quality during the CAT competition
  10. ok, no problems, send me your needs & Ill do the rest
  11. - The symbology of the AS1 day sight is good, the crosshair is the same the magnification in the "Be" for day sight is 7x /14x there is no distance indication in the day sight so for game purpose it s not an issue - For lead predication, the turret and sight are full stabilized and the crosshair move into the sight windows in opposite direction of the turret when lead button is pressed ---> that's create a small jump of the crosshair in the sight and the crosshair return immediately at the aiming point. - Laser double echo, in the "Be" the system use the biggest distance, we have to select the small one if we want to use it. - The laser error light is correct: yellow --> double echo, blue--> unusable distance. If you want more information about the blue one and distance setting for the unusable distance I can give you all infos - The TIS symbology of the GE/DK is not the good one, i'll scan my manual to show you the good one magnification setting for the TIS is 5.2x & 10.5x ( TBC ) TIS quality is very good for that time, when set up properly we can detect as far as the terrain permit it & identify target up to 2500m (good weather condition) - The TZF is the same of the GE/DK - The TRP is also the same - The Commander can see the gunner image only via an independent TV monitor who is less than 20cm diameter fixed on the turret ceiling between 12h & 10h vision block, on this tv, we have a video signal with green / black image of the day sight with shitty quality for shooting so good enough to control and identify gunner's target (commander has no control on the day sight magnification) and the TIS with same symbology as the gunner, Commander can control magnification of the TIS to shoot via the TV monitor. - The commander with his handle can control turret, laser, fire the gun and select ammunition type via a control box, no lead prediction at commander post (may the force be with the commander) - Ammo DM-23, DM-33, HEP-T, WP-T I'll grab my manual next Monday, i'll scan & sent you the interesting part you need or want. And i'm at your disposal (if not on duty) to speak with you about the 1A5Be just let me know thanks a lot. Fabian