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  1. I have in mind that it was an L23 APFSDST on a T62 The CR1 was part of The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards 11B (that was also my callsign when i was Sgt)
  2. Did you know that the CR1 with his outdated shitty riffled gun has the tank to tank kill distance record? 5100m or 3 miles... not so bad...
  3. Hi, B12 or B22 for me please
  4. A Leo 2 would be great Thanks
  5. What is exactly the question? would you like that I command the 2 tanks ?
  6. 23C for me please Thanks a lot
  7. a new fresh user of SB in France could participate to this mission, as a new user I'm ok to take it as gunner if possible His name is Geeko
  8. I second that
  9. i finish it with 1 ITV and 1 tank destroyed (don't know why the tank go in front of his def position to reload...) the ITV is my fault I let them in position too many time before withdraw under pressure