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  1. I too admire the work of the skinners. Certainly a talented bunch, but Gib has a point. Not sure he was being rude either. He just pointed out some facts and limitations that the mod would encounter. Sorry...how I see it. Bear
  2. Sounds good. See you there! Oh...we got a host? Bear
  3. That's right Stewy, you wont look anywhere near as bad as Panzer. Bear
  4. Sydney is 1 hour ahead. So 1900 for for me and you. Bit early young Panzer...but a sacrifice I am willing to make. Any idea what scenario you got lined up for us? Bear
  5. Sounds good Panzer. We can go in the T72's....or not. Count me in. Time? Bear
  6. Captain Sim? Very nice. Bear
  7. Top Gear is on soon! Bear
  8. Nice work mate! Bear