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  1. This is my first attempt at designing a scenario after playing the game for about a week. I'm still trying to wrap my head around the logic system and different ways to spawn and direct AI units, so this is probably done in a clumsy or less then optimal way. Thought I would share anyway because it seems like there's not many scenarios using the T-55. Anyway, I had fun playing through it a few times. Best I've done so far is mission complete with loss of 1 tank and 7 personnel (turns out riders make good ablative armour for Toyota trucks).
  2. Version 1.0.0


    This is a company sized attack on an urban/industrial objective. You get a platoon of T-55s, a rifle platoon in BTRs, and a scout section of technicals. Red vs Red. Variable enemy behaviour. I really enjoy playing with 'old tech', though it makes the game challenging. I got smoked on my first play through and I knew the likely angles of attack. Let me know how you do or if you think the scenario is too difficult or needs rebalancing.
  3. Thanks guys. I can't make TGIF due to work schedules and the time it's at. Sundays might be an option. Maybe sometime we can do just a small pickup game or training session 'off schedule' as it were. I'll stay glued here and make a post if I know I have an afternoon or evening free in advance.
  4. Hey everyone, Just checking in. New player here based in Nova Scotia, just been doing some tutorials and trying some small single player missions. Interested in joining the online community. I have no former military experience, but long time enthusiast and wargamer looking to play both for fun and education. Cheers, Ryan
  5. Joystick, Mouse, Keyboard, and a Webcam are all plugged in USB. I assume it was some kind of conflict, but a reboot did fix it, so hopefully it won't crop up again.
  6. Mouse still wouldn't work when I tried again, but after a reboot it's started working. Maybe it was some kind of USB conflict? Anyway, between the mouse and joystick I'm all set now and finished my T-72 training. Gonna go dig through the files section for some scenarios to test her out.
  7. Thanks! I'll give it a try with the mouse and see how I fare.
  8. Hey guys, First post, I finally bit the bullet and bought a year license to try the game out after watching everyone else playing on youtube for a few years. I'm a tank and modern warfare fanatic and I'm already hooked just working through some of the tutorials. I'm doing the T-72M tutorials because I just love that tank. So far so good on the gunnery, except for my joystick control. Is there a way to adjust the sensitivity on the joystick in game somewhere? I couldn't find it, and my joystick is an old no name one that seems like it's 'plug and play'...I can't find drivers or an app anywhere on my PC to adjust the stick input that way. Most of the flight sims I play have sensitivity adjustment in the game. It's working pretty well right now, but it's just a tad twitchy and I'm having a hard time laying it smoothly onto smaller points, like vehicles over 2000m etc. My second question is how to make mouse control work for the gunner controls? It's recognizing my mouse input, as I can use that to control the view, click on the sights, fire, laze, etc. But how to I actually move the turret/gun sight with the mouse? I was thinking if I can't tune my joystick I could at least use my mouse to fine tune my aim or something. Thanks for any help!