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  1. I submit the following for consideration: Earth isn't a flat glass plate! The rail network had to deal with roads, rails, lakes, rivers, hills, mountains...
  2. Looks like they catch a main gun round or a missile at the end.
  3. A little compilation of the Cobra doing what it did best - breaking things and killing bad guys.
  4. I agree on bailing crews. Even if all they do is jump out, scatter, go prone, and disappear, I think it would add immersion. Plus I agree with the option to tell a crew to just forget it and bail out. If only to help clean up a scenario by making sure that realistically knocked-out vehicles won't be left hidden in a clump of trees screwing up a trigger/objective.
  5. Where did you read about a Panther made from a wood? Throw that book away and never look at it again! Edit: For those not in the know, this was originally a response to someone claiming that Spitfires were made from wood, to which Oleg's response was "Where did you read about a Spitfire made from a wood? Throw that book away and never look at it again!"
  6. I suppose that if it caused full auto coaxial fire instead of a single round or a 3-round burst, I would look at it as a feature instead of a bug!
  7. I guess you might consider allowing a SLIGHT amount of zoom (like 1.5x) to represent maybe really getting up close and squinting to get a nice good look through the vision block, but from what I've seen of vehicle hatches, I feel like using binoculars even in the overhead protected mode would be tricky without practice due to how crammed in you are.
  8. Would be interesting to know what the results are. This has been an issue that's not really been a huge issue in the sim for me but sometimes obvious and annoying.
  9. As TC, as soon as I hear the loader flip his hatch shut, I know it's time to back up and get back behind the hill. On a few occasions this has caused slower traveling rounds (T-tanks with a HEAT in the tube) to fall just short of my vehicle as I back up.
  10. What aspects do you consider unacceptable? I have to be honest, I think the flight models and behavior are good enough. If I wanted a helicopter simulator I would go fire up "Enemy Engaged" or "Gunship!", but primarily my interest is in being able to more closely control what they're doing. I'm not terribly concerned about having torque, retreating blade stall, etc.
  11. I think some of them have a 120mm HE round...Maybe SlsGr.95 or something.
  12. I just went looking for that one. Both the Ulan and Pizarro have the same holes. To find the one on the gunner's side, empty the ammo out, look at the ammo feed area directly behind the gunner, and "zoom in". OR, look straight down and "zoom in" so that your viewpoint is lower and you'll see it. You can see the one on the commander's side by just looking at the feed chute but you need to move the viewpoint a bit lower to see the gunner's side hole.
  13. Look I really don't have a problem with my TC suddenly becoming Basil Fawlty in the middle of giving a fire command, IF it means that I'll be able to hear "MPAT" for MPAT and "HE" or "Cannister" for HE or Cannister. If this means that we all sit down and agree that ammo slot 3 will forever be the M1 series' M830A1 MPAT and HEOR-T slot, and that slot 4 will forever be the cannister slot, with the HEAT slot being used for M830, DM11, etc, then I am fine.
  14. You quoted the wrong person somehow lol...
  15. Looks like when you're out of ammo if you look into the feedway, you can see the top of the hull. Dead center in that photograph, see the black and green NATO camo?