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  1. This may be obvious, but I just wanted to add this in case it got overlooked: Your PC needs to remain connected to the internet if you wish to share licenses beyond your local LAN environment.
  2. Meanwhile, at E-Sim headquarters:
  3. Yes, there is such a thing as the best MBT in the world. Anyone who claims to know which MBT is the best is full of $%^! because there are too many very competitive vehicles in order to pick a clear winner, IMHO.
  4. That would probably be the age range that I'd be most interested in, the 2/3 series, as I think it's seen some actual combat use.
  5. Crewable Merkava and M1 TTB. Model what we know, take a best-guess about what we don't, admit openly in the manual that certain details were not publicly available and so were not accurately modeled but rather a best-guess was implemented.
  6. But that might not be a horribly good idea, unless you plan to heavily modify some of them. I know I had several missions that turned into blasting through your full load of ammunition as fast as you could load and fire, without any time to reload the ready racks...
  7. Pretty much this. Once in a rare while I fire up something super old. Or, occasionally, you'll run into other issues. For example, "Fleet Defender" was released in 1994, and is a study sim on the F-14B Tomcat. AFAIK, there is currently no other simulator that models the F-14 in the kind of depth that sim did, down to the correct operation of the radar in it's various non-user-friendly modes. So until DCS F-14 comes out....This is what we've got.
  8. Those Russians get awful loud and indignant when Estonia puts tanks inside it's own borders...
  9. Need subtitles!
  10. Oh no, I know your stance on it. You're obviously not generating a profit from 1.0 in any way, and if it were still viable you'd still offer it for sale. It's still your IP and your right to keep it a secret.
  11. I support the right of an inventor/creator to have intellectual property, and the right of an inventor/creator to profit and benefit from the sale, leasing, licensing, use, and/or exchange of his intellectual property... But I have to say that in cases of games like Steel Beasts 1, I feel like the appropriate thing for the developer to do is, at some point, to make available his old source code for the outdated game, and any tools that he himself created for it which could be used to expand/mod/develop/patch/edit the program. There's plenty of people out there (like myself) who dabble in retro games both as a source of entertainment and because occasionally the game still has lots of entertainment value, for whatever reason, and sometimes it's nice to be able to play around with them a bit, fix old errors or mistakes, etc.
  12. I saw your retro looking pixel skins, and they're impressive, but I challenge you to go EVEN MORE RETRO!
  13. I'm tempted to agree with this. A big part of the problem is that, quite frequently, different nations seem to have different concerns at the same time. One country wants to keep costs down because their army is always broke, another country wants the crew to live through anything so survivability features are top importance, and another country is willing to take some losses, they want something able to take on a T-64/72/etc, they want lots of them, and they want it delivered NOW... That's not always going to be the same vehicle...
  14. They're going to screw it all up! The Germans will want something purely practical, the French will want something uniquely French, and in the end we'll get a load of crap ala MBT-70. The Germans should cook up their own Tiger-3 (cough) I mean Leopard 3, and it'll come out all square, cubic, Teutonic, and then they can all act real innocent while they start lining them all up on the border pointing East, ask Putin how things are going with his neighbors, build WAY more than they actually need, sell them off to their neighbors really cheap after a few years, and maybe ask if Poland wants to "come with next time stuff happens"...Or something... The French should fix the darn Leclerc and name it the 'Jeanne d'Arc' or something and then..............Do whatever it is the French military is up to these days....Which is...I don't know...Wait for the world to forget that they have an aircraft carrier and stuff, then go to strange places in Africa that most people don't know exist and beat up on terrorists, or something? Seriously though, has this ever worked out well, other than the Panavia Tornado?