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  1. Pretty sure they bit off too much to ever make a good finished product capable of simulating anything in detail...
  2. Well, they won't be snorkeling constantly, although they will probably be coming up to snort frequently, maybe multiple times per day. The thing is a cagey skipper can do stuff like decide to stop snorkeling and quickly take a listen around at random. Diesel subs are really dangerous unless you know where they are. Then they're too slow to run...
  3. That would be wonderful.......In the AAR! But not during game play...
  4. I would be fine with realistic depictions of damage on the exterior of a vehicle. Marks and blast damage etc from hits, and so on.
  5. He needs a new avatar.
  6. Maybe you should, uh, stop doing that? There's always a time and place for heroics... I mean on one occasion at a LAN party game my Abrams and I sat there like idiots and took it on the chin so a group of APCs could load up and escape, but you know, that shouldn't be every single engagement!
  7. I take it lots of them tend to go charging to their doom? lol
  8. This reminds me of just exactly how much I hate horses... How about:
  9. Curious to know what kind of flight model is in the Pro version?
  10. +1 I think we could pilot them well enough with the controls we have now, but there's no reason NOT to have crewed gunners of some form.
  11. I think a more accurate interpretation is that I'm very well aware of the current deficiencies with the HE damage modeling, helicopters, ETC, but at this point I'm beyond feeling the need to complain about it and at the "Yes, sure, whatever, call me when it's fixed" stage. Don't take it personally
  12. There's more than one way to counter that... Just gonna leave a warning here, that this video contains some foul language and other insensitive comments. It's war. If you're bothered by hearing the "F" word a couple times and some references to people's mothers and stuff, maybe a tank simulator which is fundamentally about employing a weapons system in the manner most efficient to kill people isn't the place for you... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1xL86JlioLA
  13. Sorry, thought you were still rambling on about the choppers and fragmentation models for some reason. See above. Seriously implement it the "wrong" way for all I care in the interim. Make the MILAN launcher an optional weapon the way that MG's are on some other vehicles, integrate it into the gunner's position, whatever, just get it implemented in SOME way and worry about making it perfect later. At least that'll let us use the Marder in scenarios without having to treat it like a glorified M113 instead of an actual IFV.
  14. Any word on MILAN launchers on Marders?