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  1. Let me be more blunt about "poor performance" then... I'm disappointed that so many 2A4's appear to have been totaled or lost. I'd hoped for a better showing. I'm disappointed that the Turkish army seems to be a mob of incompetent imbecilic fools led by a bunch of even more incompetent imbecilic fools.
  2. No, none of those vehicles have a pivoting barrel in the turret AFAIK... When he says "applied to the gun" he means "applied to the turret". All rotation of the gun/turret is accomplished together. What he means is that in the Leopard 2's (and the 1A5's) the GPS has a mirror inside of it that allows the sight to look slightly left or right so that the reticle stays perfectly centered in the sight as lead is applied. In the M1A1 this mirror is absent, so the view through the sight follows the gun as the FCS applies the lead, and therefore the reticle itself moves to the side so that it stays on target.
  3. I think it's been a long time since anyone in the 'west' has had to fight to protect his own borders. Really since WW2, although 'western' nations have been involved in plenty of conflicts, Korea, Vietnam, Gulf War, Grenada, etc...I don't think any of them have fought close to home. Perhaps the most recent one was the Falklands War, which still must have felt like almost another country to the British forces fighting there. My gut feeling is that when you're being sent on a plane thousands of miles away to some foreign land that looks almost nothing like home, like Iraq, Afghanistan, Iwo Jima, Korea, Vietnam, etc, it seems like something worth filming because of how strange it is. But when you LIVE THERE...Like the Israeli, Egyptian, Syrian, and other soldiers who fought in that region...Do you really find the time to whip out the camera and film the fight when you're fighting to keep your own home?
  4. I'm a little disappointed with the apparent poor performance of both the Leopard 2A4 and the Turkish army in general...
  5. Sea Cat I think shared the basic air frame with Malkara. Any of them probably would have been more than good enough to blot a Tu-95 out of the sky. It's no wonder that Sea Slug was effective against land targets though, since it had a pretty good size warhead and a bunch of liquid fuel that would probably start one hell of a fire...
  6. Are you SURE about that? Malkara is from the 50's, and is a subsonic ATGM...Wire guided MCLOS, etc... Sea Slug is from the 60's and it's a super-sonic beam rider, with a liquid fueled sustainer and four solid fuel boosters... AFAIK they are completely unrelated, except that they're ugly like most British military technology.
  7. Malayan Emergency....Maybe. Avro Vulcan, OK, I'll give you that one, if only because of the 'Black Buck' raids AKA "Surprise you Argie jerks! SPECIAL DELIVERY!"...However it's a totally butt-fugly plane. I would say it's the butt-fugliest of all, but you brought up the... EE Lightning. Even more butt-fugly than the Avro Vulcan. So butt-fugly that it makes the Vulcan look good if you park them next to each other. An ugly only a mother could love. Good performance as an interceptor, but absolutely horrible armament! Who in their right mind makes such a great point defense interceptor and then puts a bunch of crap on it for weapons!? Two missiles that only work on a clear, cloudless day, and they're toxic? I'll give the MOD credit for a few more things... Buying the Jaguar, good idea, worked well in Iraq IIRC. British forces did a bang up job of stomping all over the Argies, despite having to go to the other end of the world with outdated, obsolete, and lacking equipment. The effort to "Put Sidewinders on all the things!" like the Harrier Gr.3's converted for shipboard use, the Nimrods, etc. In my estimation it turned into a case of Argentina's second-rate, surplus-based 'most of our stuff is from WW2' military getting it's butt kicked by Britain's second-rate, budget-starved '1960's is still state of the art, right?' navy, after it sailed to the other end of the globe. Bonus style points for the "Hey, hold my pint and watch this!" act of realizing their SeaSlug SAMs were worthless as SAMs, and then turning them into an ad-hoc land attack rocket.
  8. Well...I submit that in terms of technical difficulty, it may be easier to make a HESH round that will be spin-assisted to distribute it's explosive, but still... Further to point one, I submit the "Gammon Bomb" or "Gammon Grenade" as a SECOND example of a British weapon using the HESH effect. This time the weapon is a soft cloth bag filled with plastic explosives, and which detonates upon contact with a target. Essentially when thrown at a tank it will squish and detonate, thus damaging the vehicle by HESH effect......And it's a freaking bag grenade that you throw... Also, I agree completely. The British MOD has done very few things that made sense. Off the top of my head, I think the Tornado was a great aircraft. Buying the F-4 Phantom II was a great idea. Just so happens that Germany also did both of those things...Aaaaaand........................I can't think of anything else they did that I liked.
  9. Well, sometimes you're just up the creek without a paddle... You can die because you had bad luck. Because you were stupid. Because your buddy was stupid and got you killed. Because you were negligent. Because lots of reasons. But honestly, in some cases, playing the numbers game and saying "Running or waiting gets us all killed, but if we all grab something and rush, maybe we'll kill it before we're all dead..." isn't a bad idea... I understand that infantry typically cross terrain like roads by sprinting across as a mob. The idea is that going one at a time gives an MG or sniper you didn't see the chance to pick you off one at a time, but if he's shooting at the whole group some of you are pretty likely to make it across. Or you might all get across before he can react and decide to shoot. You just hope that you're not darting across and into an enemy ambush...
  10. Which leads me to two questions: 1. Why? Says who? I personally just don't buy that. I am certain that it is possible to get a projectile that will flatten it's nose against a target to achieve the desired HESH effect without having to spin it at some crazy speed. ETA: Case in point: "Malkara" HESH ATGM...https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Malkara_(missile) A Malkara can be seen being launched here, apparently without much if any spin: I submit that if you can make a HESH ATGM, then you can make a HESH-FS. 2. Why bother trying to persist with HESH anyway? The way I understand it, it's inferior as an anti-armor round due to the way it penetrates armor. Spaced/layered arrays are very resistant to it. Furthermore, because it was made to squash against an object before detonation, it's case isn't as effective at making fragmentation as a dedicated HE or HE-Frag round. So it is a dual purpose round that's not the best at either thing.
  11. Fin stabilized HESH is possible...
  12. That right there would be my ideal solution. I like the idea of having an OHWS, especially if it gives the TC the ability to engage a target without having to make the tank turn into a gigantic stationary pillbox... Tell the gunner to fire freely on all positive ID hostile targets, allow him to tell the loader "LOADER, HEAT!" or "LOADER, SABOT!" as he desires, let the driver keep driving, and the TC can engage the whatever-it-is that he wants to. If the mount can be raised/lowered, so much the better. You can raise it up to give it the best arcs of fire in an urban environment or to poke it up over a hill and shoot at someone. But if you're playing a game of hide and seek with a bunch of T-90s somewhere in eastern Europe, you can lower your big-ass CROWS mount down so that the first think you poke over a hill is a tiny little sensor instead of a big ass target indicator. I can recall, on several occasions, spotting a vehicle in Pro PE because some useless feature of it was stuck up over a hill top. I think I've probably destroyed a dozen or so T-tanks in Pro PE over the years by spotting an antenna sticking up somewhere and either calling in artillery or even lobbing HEAT rounds in to score a kill. Now this is a game, and that's an antenna, and lots of things, but I have to imagine that the CROWS mount would be spotable...
  13. Honestly, just from my experience in SB, I think the .50 on the TC's hatch should be either replaced with something like the SCWS fitted to the A1, or even removed completely to be replaced with an M240 in a very simple mount for those "OH CRAP THEY'RE RIGHT THERE!" scenarios where the TC might really just want to hose something down super quick and make a whole lot of noise to keep people's heads down while he screams at the driver to back the F@#$ up right now! Make provisions to mount an OHWS further back on the turret where it can be fitted, if required, to provide the OHWS functionality without blocking foreward vision. Preferably, make it so that it will fit down into the bustle rack and not protrude out the top of the tank to make it easier to spot...
  14. Which army were you in again?