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  1. I'm tempted to agree with this. A big part of the problem is that, quite frequently, different nations seem to have different concerns at the same time. One country wants to keep costs down because their army is always broke, another country wants the crew to live through anything so survivability features are top importance, and another country is willing to take some losses, they want something able to take on a T-64/72/etc, they want lots of them, and they want it delivered NOW... That's not always going to be the same vehicle...
  2. They're going to screw it all up! The Germans will want something purely practical, the French will want something uniquely French, and in the end we'll get a load of crap ala MBT-70. The Germans should cook up their own Tiger-3 (cough) I mean Leopard 3, and it'll come out all square, cubic, Teutonic, and then they can all act real innocent while they start lining them all up on the border pointing East, ask Putin how things are going with his neighbors, build WAY more than they actually need, sell them off to their neighbors really cheap after a few years, and maybe ask if Poland wants to "come with next time stuff happens"...Or something... The French should fix the darn Leclerc and name it the 'Jeanne d'Arc' or something and then..............Do whatever it is the French military is up to these days....Which is...I don't know...Wait for the world to forget that they have an aircraft carrier and stuff, then go to strange places in Africa that most people don't know exist and beat up on terrorists, or something? Seriously though, has this ever worked out well, other than the Panavia Tornado?
  3. IIRC, when you do "Reload all", you can tell the loader to prioritize an ammunition type for a short while... From what I remember if I tell my loader "Reload all" and then "Reload Sabot", he will start reloading all, and perhaps start with HEAT, then when I say Reload Sabot he reloads some Sabot, before then going on to reload everything else. If you just say "Reload sabot", he'll load sabot, then sit down and have a coffee break.
  4. I'd still like to see them model the accuracy problems of the stab at speed instead of simply turning it off. Really this hampers your ability to observe fall of shot or to maintain a track on a target when you're moving and shooting at 'Top Speed', but turning it off AFTER you fire doesn't seem to make the actual shots less accurate...
  5. Probably not. I mean, c'mon. I own a couple sets of web gear. I can't find a good place to lace up my boots, put on my H-Harness and belt, load it up with a couple canteens and ammo, and run around in the woods with a rifle. Where am I gonna find a place to rampage around in a tank?
  6. Am I mistaken or did the 4.0 or 4.06 update add a separate gunner and commander position for the HMMWV with the M2HB?
  7. Perhaps this could be addressed in the future by using the "Optional Weapon" dialog to attach the various combinations of pods. Until then I'm sorry to repeat what Gibsonm said about not having that ability.
  8. Oh I never suggested that you should do anything but work within the rules. Just saying that governments in general tend to be kinda stupid sometimes. For example, Hungary considers the SA-6 "Gainful" (2K21 "Kub") SAM system to be a super-dooper highly classified national secret... Meanwhile, everyone who could possible go to war with Hungary either already has their own SA-6's that they operate or otherwise got access to the system to learn everything about it...But it's still a secret!!! Shh!!
  9. Sometimes the things that governments keep classified just make me laugh. They'll execute you for revealing secrets about it, meanwhile, we've got one on display in a museum and already know everything about it.
  10. I've definitely been able to make SB play more like a "game" and more like a simulator. If I make a scenario with lots of orders handed down to the player to do certain things at certain times, for example...Go here, defend. Go there, resupply. Move here, look for enemy. Go to this place, make an attack at 15:30 Zulu. And set up events/zones to fail the mission/kill the player if he doesn't obey, then it plays very much like a game like Armored Fist or Call of Duty in a tank. There's tons of scripted events in an attempt to make it immersive as if you're the commander of one tank or one platoon, but it feels more like a modern FPS shooter-on-rails game to me. If I make a big open scenario with a note that "The Russians are coming! The Russians are coming!" and give the player a company of M1's, some platoons of M113s, and a scout group of HMMWVs, it plays more like a sim with players serving as company and platoon commanders. He'll do his own recon, deploy his defenses, fight it out his way, etc.
  11. "Tank" by the time SB6 gets here.
  12. I don't have a problem at all for the price. Especially since DCS seems to be the third or fourth repackaging of "Flanker" into a product that costs $800 now...
  13. M1A1 series, followed by the Leopards.
  14. That'll teach you to correct me!
  15. Set Red and Blue to be "Neutral" for the first 30 seconds or something, then they can emplace without getting shot at.