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  1. I like that setup better than the CROWS setup. IMHO the CROWS setup was slapped on when we were fighting in an urban environment against dismounts, which was fine, but it's NOT what I'd want advertising my location in a tank-on-tank fight...
  2. Hm, can I list more than 3? Lots of my favorites are cold war era vehicles... The M1's are all similar, but I think the IPM1 is a particular favorite of mine. With modern APFSDS ammo (M833, M900) it's got an effective gun, and the armor doesn't make you invincible but it seems to take a good beating. The Leopard2A4 is probably a second favorite, specifically because it is NOT the cutting edge hypermodern tank that other are. It's what I think of when I picture late 80's W.German armor, late cold war scenarios, etc. It's all business and it's good at it... Third place is a tie between the Leopard2A4 (AS1 repainted and waiting for all eternity for ssnake to incorporate a passive IR night vision mode...) and the M60A3 TTS, since they're really the underdog tanks of a 1980s scenario.
  3. I want to know why they went with CROWS again instead of something like the SCWS? The SCWS seems like the perfect solution to me...
  4. Relevant to my interests, as I know I have at least one "IFV Centric" scenario where the M2's are stated in the briefing to be loaded "AP Heavy"
  5. On the subject of Hyper-threading, I've only ever had a single processor that did it. I had an old Pre-HT PC for pretty much forever, one HT PC, and then my modern multicore. I had some odd experiences with Hyperthreading, where as the PC began to show it's age, turning it off seemed to get better performance than leaving it on. No idea why.
  6. "Schadenfreudegerät" Not really tho lol
  7. I know, my point exactly! In fact, I said exactly this, read it again! Now that everyone has nukes, the question is how much can you get away with? IMHO the only way to win the game of Global Thermonuclear War is to simply not play it. You might use just one, but when the other side responds with theirs, even if it's just one to even things back out, or only two so that they get a leg back up on you, are you going to sit there and accept that? Or will you answer them back with more nukes? When does it stop?
  8. Or like Schrodinger's Catch 22... The only way to be sure it will stop a bullet is to shoot it with a bullet. But if you shoot it with a bullet and it stops it, will it stop a second bullet? The only way to be sure of that is to shoot it with a second bullet! So now it stopped two...Will it stop 3? So unless you're willing to wear damaged body armor.....You don't really know, do you?
  9. The way I'm looking at it is that it might be one thing for someone to throw some chemical weapons around, but it's another to whip out the nukes. We've used chemical weapons before. Used them quite widely in WW1, various dictators world wide have used them against various enemies including their own people, and I recall reading that some chemical weapons were actually used on a small scale in isolated incidents throughout WW2. I can see some commander, American, Russian, British, whatever, deciding that since WW3 has just kicked off, he too can get away with slimeing someone with some chemicals. Nuclear weapons were used twice, and only twice, against the last remaining enemy in a long and bloody world war, an enemy who was seen as being fanatical, suicidal, and quite alien in language and culture to the main belligerents among the allies. And that was also a time when nobody else HAD nuclear weapons to respond with. I'm not sure if they would or would not be used. I do know that I would not want to be the first person to have to push the nuclear button, and then have to wait and see what response there is...
  10. While I don't see an application for Biological effects in Pro PE, I would say that Cold War scenarios need both Chemical, and, to a lesser extent, Nuclear effects to make truly complete cold-war what-ifs possible. I'd pick Chem over Nuke if I had to pick, since "Nuke" means lots of dead dudes RFN, so, game over man game over, while chemical changes how the fight is going to happen...But with modern CBRN filtration on vehicles, masks, etc, there IS probably still gonna be a ground fight.
  11. Or, have ticked off both me and Fubar!
  12. That is the standard chosen by the National Institute of Justice for "Level IV" armor. Heck I have some 7.92x57mm "SMK(H)", that's tungsten core AP, and a box 7.92x57mm labeled "B-Patronen"......Whatever that means.... Or that. I am in very bad health. My head, my back, my heart. A bullet in even one of those places could be fatal! But my point is that the existence of armor is not a guarantee. The armor I have *SHOULD* stop certain things if they hit it. Should. But the only way to be 100% certain is shoot it. At which point it's no good anymore, so I can't trust it to stop a second hit. No guarantees, like I said.
  13. Until an actual live perpetrator strikes a plate, it's ALL just theory. I have some body armor that assures me it will stop hits from .30-06 AP...But until someone actually catches me in it and decides to blast me with a round of .30-06 AP, that's a theory. And there's not a 100% guarantee that it will actually stop the round. There could be a weak spot in the plate. The incoming projectile could strike that weak spot. If that happens, maybe it will go through. Point is I'm not willing to bet my life on it, because even though it SHOULD stop it, just in case it doesn't stop it it's better to not get shot at all.
  14. If that's what they were going for I would be more than happy to help. But they're also working on plugging that armor sim into their FPS, and their flight sim, and their submarine simulator, and and and..... IMHO just too much. Look at how much is missing from dedicated flight/armor/sub simulators like Silent Hunter, Steel Beasts, Falcon 4, etc...
  15. Pretty sure they bit off too much to ever make a good finished product capable of simulating anything in detail...