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  1. Looks like when you're out of ammo if you look into the feedway, you can see the top of the hull. Dead center in that photograph, see the black and green NATO camo?
  2. Not sure if this is supposed to be here...Or already fixed.
  3. Just noticed this... In the Leopard 2A5A2-DK, when the turret is traversed over the left side of the stationary tank, the coaxial MG appears to be offset to the right of the gunner's sights. When the turret is traversed over the right side, it appears to move further to the left side. When the turret is facing forward, it appears to be consistent with the other Leo2 models. Screenshots below show the issue.
  4. Someone has already addressed this, but I think that has changed a little bit over the decades. I know that on the AH-64 the pylons themselves provide a tiny little bit of adjustment, so the rocket aiming pipper is a device shaped like a capital letter "I" showing the amount of vertical and horizontal adjustment you have, so it is possible for either crew member to aim the rockets, it's just that the pilot still needs to steer the aircraft to get close enough and there isn't much adjustment horizontally at all. Back in the day of the AH-1G and other early Cobras it seems like the gunner was responsible for the chin turret (which could be locked facing straight forward and then aimed/fired by the pilot), while the pilot was in control of the wing mounted rocket pods, cannon pods, etc, which I understand were rigidly mounted and aimed by a rigidly mounted reflector sight in the rear cockpit. I don't know if later AH-1s have changed this setup by putting trainable hard-points on the wings or not. I know that early Cobras like the AH-1G had flight controls in both seats so either man could fly, but I don't know how much control the front seater had over the rocket pods and external guns. From what I understand the chin turret was originally made with the 40mm AGL and the minigun because he was expected to provide suppression fire and kinda 'spread the love around' while the pilot attacked the main target. I do know that in the current AH-1Z both cockpits are identical, and they have started putting the pilot up front for better visibility with his eyes, while the gunner is in back and spends more time heads down in the displays working with the optics and sensors and stuff. I don't know, however, if the rockets are still rigidly mounted or not. When I used to play "Gunship!" with a buddy as my gunner, typically as the pilot I would handle the rocket pods and the air to air missiles, while the gunner down in front handled the chain-gun and Hellfires since they had a much larger area they could be fired into without having to aim the chopper. That did not simulate things like the laser guided precision Hydra rockets that are out there now, so maybe that's changed things?
  5. Better player control over the attack helicopters. The flight dynamics need not be greatly improved, this isn't a sim about flying helicopters, but it is a sim about things that get blown up by helicopters and things that blow helicopters up... Ideally, would like to see the ability to multicrew with a Pilot/"Commander" seat in control of the rocket pods, and a gunner seat in control of the gun and ATGMs.
  6. I could see it doing that from the side at a short enough range. That wouldn't surprise me at all, to be able to shoot through the side of the hull anyway. But the front? I'll believe that when I see it... Bet it would do some serious damage to something like a BMP-1/2/3 or PT-76 or something though.
  7. I've heard the M41DK1 mentioned here before, but I'm curious to know when the vehicles came into service in that configuration and what they were going to use them for? It seems to me like the 76mm main gun could accomplish little other than angering an MBT, and although it might be able to take out an APC/IFV, is it the best weapon for the job?
  9. Knowing that dev team they'll nerf the crap out of everything German. Again.
  10. Yes, on the 3D model and ammo alotted.
  11. Can I make a polite suggestion? In all seriousness, get on the Teamspeak server and ask everyone to immitate the person's voice, and collect the new samples. I would rather have my American TC suddenly have a different accent when he says "MPAT!" than to not hear anything at all. Or, at the very least, point the community to the appropriate voice files so we can do it... In the past I tried to make a scenario around the 2003 invasion of Iraq where I understood the American tanks to have had a mix of Sabot, HEAT, and MPAT........Nope.....
  12. Nobody? Nobody else?
  13. It may have come up a long time ago in the past. If we're going to limit it to CO and XO vehicles that would be fine. Maybe also the lead vehicle of a platoon so that the lead vehicle of 1/A, 2/A, 3/A etc can do it as well? Basically what I'm asking for is that while we're in the map view, to be able to issue the "Fire and adjust" command. Ideally, the AI gunner would know that because I am in the map view, he should decide if he needs to fire the main gun, the coax, or a missile on his own. He should tell the loader to "Fire, Fire HEAT" or "Fire, Fire Sabot" himself until such time as I leave the map view. Furthermore for tanks with a dead commander in multiplayer especially, it would be nice if the gunner seat guy had a way to tell the loader what ammo to load...