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  1. When NOT fitted with an Overhead Weapons System, the PioPZ2 Dachs cannot pop smoke from it's on-board launchers.
  3. Knowing that dev team they'll nerf the crap out of everything German. Again.
  4. Yes, on the 3D model and ammo alotted.
  5. Can I make a polite suggestion? In all seriousness, get on the Teamspeak server and ask everyone to immitate the person's voice, and collect the new samples. I would rather have my American TC suddenly have a different accent when he says "MPAT!" than to not hear anything at all. Or, at the very least, point the community to the appropriate voice files so we can do it... In the past I tried to make a scenario around the 2003 invasion of Iraq where I understood the American tanks to have had a mix of Sabot, HEAT, and MPAT........Nope.....
  6. Nobody? Nobody else?
  7. It may have come up a long time ago in the past. If we're going to limit it to CO and XO vehicles that would be fine. Maybe also the lead vehicle of a platoon so that the lead vehicle of 1/A, 2/A, 3/A etc can do it as well? Basically what I'm asking for is that while we're in the map view, to be able to issue the "Fire and adjust" command. Ideally, the AI gunner would know that because I am in the map view, he should decide if he needs to fire the main gun, the coax, or a missile on his own. He should tell the loader to "Fire, Fire HEAT" or "Fire, Fire Sabot" himself until such time as I leave the map view. Furthermore for tanks with a dead commander in multiplayer especially, it would be nice if the gunner seat guy had a way to tell the loader what ammo to load...
  8. I definitely super-resent the unwillingness of the ProPE team to let me give the gunner an order to "SHOOT IT!" from the F5 map view. Yes, Ssnake, I KNOW this isn't the doctrinal correct way to do it. But in a scenario where I'm a company commander, I often times find myself too busy planning for other units and calling artillery to be actively engaged with my gunner. I understand that commonly CO's and XO's would get the most competent gunner, and that his gunner and loader would operate independently with the gunner becoming the tank commander at times, telling the driver to move up a bit, move back, loader load HEAT, loader load Sabot, etc.
  9. Wasnt the M1A1/HC set up for that kit as well, since it was to be shared with the USMC?
  10. Some people see an Ssnake in the grass, and just can't help themselves...
  11. @ Ssnake - Any chance of seeing an M1 with the SCWS in Pro PE?
  12. You were supposed to take that with a healthy dose of salt since there was lots of sarcasm involved! If I were going to be a stickler for realism, I would never drive the T-72, or ever use the buttoned up view for the TC or gunner, since I'm something like two or three feet too tall to fit inside a vehicle designed for 5'2" tall midget-men.
  13. We're a wee bit off topic here, but off the top of my head, here in the US it's common to use MG3 barrels, boosters, top covers, and feed trays and perhaps some other small parts to convert an MG42 over into a 7.62 gun. They take different ammo and different belts but they're still, fundamentally, the same thing. The manual of arms is the same, most of the mounts and accessories are the same, and the last time someone let me get behind an MG42 that fired 7.62 NATO I didn't really stop to ask what to call the thing, just how much he wanted for ammo so I could pull the trigger. None of this, though, really answers my original question, which is actually about the mount rather than the gun itself...Mine show up in game pitch black, and the same when seen through the thermals/TIS... I'm guessing that I accidentally overwrote a file with an older one somewhere???
  14. On the M113A2G, I see the MG42's MG3 mount and ammo box as being pitch black, both through the daysight and the thermals. I'm guessing I accidentally overwrote a texture file? If nobody else is having this issue, does anyone know what file I need?
  15. Although normally an AR-15 would be mechanically different from an M-16 in that it would lack a pin hole for the auto sear and it's pin, and have a different hammer, trigger, selector, disconnector, and usually bolt carrier, before the passage of the 1986 ban on registering new machine guns, it was possible to purchase an "AR-15", pay your $200, register the receiver, and drill the 3rd pinhole to make it mechanically identical to an M-16. The only difference at that point would be the letters stamped on the side. Now, since the MG1 was new production '42s in 7.62, and the MG2 was conversion of '42s to MG1 standard, and the MG3 is a product improved MG1......
  16. MG3 then...I still say it's the same thing...
  17. Do'H! For some reason I thought they were using Leopard 2 hulls for both AEV and ARVs now
  18. We currently have an option to take the non functional excavator bucket off of the Pioneer Panzer 2 "Dachs" AEV and install a non functional crane jib, thus giving us something that looks like a completely non functional Bergepanzer 3 "Buffel"... Can we instead make that option convert the vehicle into a fully functional Bergepanzer 3 ARV to accompany all the Leopard 2's instead of M88s or the Wiesent?
  19. Why do I have to miss? So if it's not realistic to override from outside, how about while looking through the vision blocks? Also I'm 6'7" (that's like 1.98m tall) so what's awkward for YOU might be a walk in the park for ME! lol .....No T-72 for me tho...
  20. As far as I can tell, you can override the following vehicle's turrets while outside: M1 IPM1 M1A1 M1A2 with the appropriate CITV mode selected M60A3 M2A2 M3A2 Leopard AS1 Leopard1A5 Leopard1A5DK Maybe some more? Wait do you mean from the F8 view like you're watching from the hover cam? I'm not talking about the F8 view, I'm talking about when you get in the TC seat and press "Q" to stick your head out of the turret. On the Abrams and others you can still take control of the turret, but on the Leo2s you can only take control of the Peri or gun from one of the sight views.
  21. Okay I must be missing something. I thought the TC's controls on the Leo2s only worked when you were inside the tank?
  22. Hmm, it's too bad that we don't have that mode available to us in ProPE. It may be less accurate but is has it's uses...
  23. I think that "better" is subjective here. The Leopard 2 peri is an outstanding hunter-killer system, and I love to use it any time I am in a static defensive position. With the M1A2 I similarly love to use the peri any time I am sitting still. However, I find that often times when I'm moving and on the attack, I'll be in the unbuttoned view for better ability to search for targets, and in the M1A2 I then put the CITV into one of the GLOS modes so I can override like in the M1A1. What I'm asking is can the Leo2 commander grab a handle and take control like the M1A1 commander can? If we had access to the Peri functions in all views, I would simply set the commander's sight to go into Peri-To-Gun mode, unbutton, and if I wanted immediate control of the turret, quickly go into Gun-to-peri to point the gun. I actually find the M1A1 override mode quite convenient in situations when I have come over a hill and find myself within high-five distance of a T-72...