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  1. North Of Niederaula, 1987

    Summer, 1987
    Another Cold War 1987 scenario.  This is set on the Fulda-Bad Hersfeld map.
    A Soviet division, together with East German NVA (Nationale Volksarmee) support has taken Bad Hersfeld during the prior day.  Now that night has fallen, intelligence from headquarters says that a tank company with mechanized support is rolling down the valley toward Niederaula, while a smaller force probes the valley to your east...Unless they're wrong?
    You lead the battered remnants of the 11th ACR's 2nd squadron.  Help is on the way, if you can hold them off long enough.
    Your opponent has superior firepower, and heavy armor in numbers, but you have superior night vision technology.
    This is designed to be played as an easy to moderate difficulty cooperative scenario, with a group of 2-4 players commanding various platoons.  Much of the action is going to be based on finding good spots for your dismounts and other anti-tank assets to ambush the enemy, and you have recon assets on hand to find those locations.
    It is possible to play as a single player.
    Have a plan in mind to deal with unforeseen circumstances.


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  2. Counter Stroke at Hunfeld

    Summer, 1987
    Soviet forces have made an attack across the inner-German border, only to be halted within a day by fierce resistance from German units fighting for their own territory, rapidly scatterable mines, and a superior NATO air force.
    NATO forces will now attempt to breach their own minefields and strike against the Warsaw Pact forces before they can regroup.
    Playable vehicles for Blue include:
    M60A3 TTS
    Marder 1A3
    Leopard 2A4
    Numerous supporting assets, including FIST-V (AI will not call for fire on it's own)
    Blue forces are responsible for conducting their own recon, planning and executing a breach, and capturing two objectives in a limited amount of time.
    It is possible for a single player to complete this mission, with the help of some scripting in the planning stage.
    This the first scenario I've uploaded, so comments and feedback are welcome.


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  3. Delaying action east of Hunfeld

    In this scenario you command a detachment from a Panzergrenadier division.  Your mission is to set up a defense in depth and hold back a Soviet attack coming north through part of the Haune Valley.
    Playable vehicles include:
    Leopard 1A5
    Marder 1A3 - (Dismounts equipped with MILAN ATGMs)
    Luchs 2A2
    M113A3 - (These are American Mechanized Infantry attached to your command, and have the Dragon ATGM system)
    Unimog+MG3 / Troops (German troops equipped with lots of MILAN and some TOW ATGMs)


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  4. NORTHAG - 1966

    This is a relatively easy single player scenario, and a good one for some multiplayer action as well.
    It's January 1966.  Along with the winter came hordes of Soviets attacking from the East.
    You are Castle Six One, commander of a company of Centurion tanks on their way to help an infantry unit beat off a Soviet attack.
    The West Germans were supposed to be sending a company of tanks to cover your flank, but they haven't shown up.
    Listen closely to your radios for new orders, and consider pulling back to coordinate from the rear if things get too thick.
    You have two batteries of 155, and a mortar battery ready to drop smoke or HE any time you need.
    The scenario ends after 180 minutes, or the completion of your orders.
    Scenario Notes:
    As no Centurion is currently playable, the Sho't Kal is used as a rather good stand in.  Perhaps in the near future we'll have a playable Centurion as well.
    The Sho't Kal does not have a .50 ranging gun like the British Centurion, so the TC's station mounts an M2 with the Specter scope.  This may be useful against light armor.
    British infantry have M47 Dragon launchers to simulate weapons like the BAT/MOBAT/WOMBAT recoilless rifle.
    Your units are on their way to fairly good positions already.  Your driver will take your tank to a fighting position as well, but it might not be the best spot for you to be in unless you really want to shoot at something.
    According to the Wiki, the T-55A has ~200mm of armor on it's frontal arc.  The L36 APDS is rated for some 270mm of penetration, despite this, I found it somewhat anemic against the T-55, and switched it for the slightly later L52 APDS in the Centurion due to the relatively few ready rounds carried, and the poor (more like lack of) an FCS.  This round will not be getting you one hit kills either, and some parts of the T-55 seem to be nearly immune to it.
    There are several versions uploaded:
    The original - Player vehicles are the Sho't Kal
    Ver.A - Player vehicles are re-equipped with the M111 "Hetz" APFSDS round.  "What if" you had better ammunition?
    Ver.B - Player vehicles are replaced with the Leopard AS1, which was used in some scenarios as a stand-in for the Centurion in past versions.
    Ver.C - Player vehicles are replaced with the M60A3 (TTS).  Thermals are disabled.  Gives you a good chance to use this tank in a pre-made scenario.
    Ver.E - "Easy Mode", with a hint of British flavor.  Player vehicles are the Challenger 2, with thermals disabled.
    These scenario files are PW protected.  I suggest you refrain from using the option to see everything in the AAR until you've run it a few times.
    I'll upload a revised version without passwords in a few weeks once the novelty has worn off for your editing delight.


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  5. 4th Dragoons at As-Salman

    This is a very heavily reworked version of an old scenario I made a long time ago.  This should be an easy scenario in SP for an experienced player, but can easily accommodate multiple players, especially for the final stage during the attack on the airbase.
    It is inspired by some very broad and general information I had about the 6th French Light Division and 4th Dragoons attacking the town of As-Salman and the airbase north of it, on the left flank of the coalition attack into Iraq.
    The real battle started at 05:30 that morning, and lasted until after 18:00.  This should not take as long.
    4th Dragoons at As-Salman 1.5.sce
    4th Dragoons at As-Salman 1.5.sce


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