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  1. Thank you so much. They went straight in Paws up, now it's time to give it large
  2. In the Offline Session there's the Select Mission & My Mission ... Which is good nothing there. So: 1) I looked under in windows, my files/Drive X/ Steel Beasts Pro 4 There is no My scenario's folder, but this is where the likes of Camp_Hornfelt & Golan Heights 1973 Chapter 1 are held, along with Licence, manuals & Missions. 2) Created a My Scenario's folder & Moved the Unzipped Operation Scorpion Scenario's 1-4 into it. 3) Exited Steel Beasts & Restarted, but still only: a) Classics b) Contests c) Multi d) Single 2) Next I moved the new .sce files into the same section as the Same place as the Golan Heights 1973 Chapter 1, but no dice. Have checked for hidden files & there are no other hidden files, not sure what to try next.
  3. Am having a linked problem, I download it fine, but don't think it's being saved into the correct file as its not showing up in the menu to be accessed. Which folder and header should the zipped file be extracted into? Thanks in advance. Bear
  4. Thx Shane & Apocalypse, just got this & the cam views will be very useful. Thx