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  1. Anything up for this friday/saturday ?
  2. Indeed and buying the most expensive one isn't necessarily necessary - I have no problem with my Logitech Extreme 3D Pro which isn't high end. better to use time in mp sessions and Tank range I can recommend Gibson sessions, TGIF, kanium Sundays and kanium.ad-hoc Tuesdays. you get what you bring: Is all are nice to you if you treat them nicely and maybe join an VU when and if you think its good for you
  3. Da Tovarishch. Our great Comrade maybe have had too little vodka as well ? Also: THIS is the music of our great Rodina and courageous soldiers: Our Motherland will never bow to the Cuka Blyat western weakling fools...
  4. ACTUALLY: Tovarishch Spasiba Comrade ... must have had too little Vodka when I wrote it....
  5. much like the Israelis heavy Apcs?
  6. Rewon - they were independent before WW2 and the Soviet invasion. The Forest Brothers will never be forgotten.
  7. Thanks for a good session. We will be back in 2-3 weeks, probably with a session involving points on gunnery: One part with gunnery tips and hints for the IFVs and another one on an other session with the same on Tanks. More to follow asap
  8. COMRADES ... There is still time to do your duty to our beloved Rodina ! Tovarishch Comissar Ronin/Grenny have made great plan to vanquish the weak Capitalist Imperialists, for Glory of our Motherland, Our fallen heroes and the Whole of USSR. We will be led to glorious victory by Podpolkovnik Apocalypse and Mirzayev. A few places remain for you to make a difference. And remember our credo: "Out of commission, become a pillbox. Out of ammo, become a bunker. Out of time, become heroes." Uuuuuraaaah.
  9. Good one: so the military Mascot of Ireland should be a Wildcat? That makes sense actually We havent forgotten the Siege of Jadotville
  10. Only because we love Our Great Leader. We will protect his life with our own ... and copious amounts of smoke
  11. Je sais Mon ami - just messing with you
  12. Of the Indochina War ?
  13. Remind you of your old days and when you were in the Indochina war?
  14. Hi All If you could choose ONE animal to embody the fighting spirit and warrior ethos of your own country, then what would that be? It doesnt have to be the one usually associated with your country - be creative. One point though: please dont use the platform as a soapbox to badmouth any other countries soldiers - there are other venues for that, thanks. To start of, then the soldiers of Denmark post-pacifism and cold war foot-dragging, could be this: Its a bit of a stretch maybe. But Greenland is a part of Denmark, and the Sirius Sledge patrol still enforce danish sovereignity over it. Plus the idea is what your countrys soldiers could and should aspire to. The polar bear never backs down from a fight but is in general not extremely aggresive (might be hungry though)
  15. Maybe this for the Vietnam generation of soldiers ... ?