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  1. Wow ... I have literally never ever heard a thing about this program. Will be looking forward to a STIREP or AAR
  2. Wilco
  3. Wise words and I will try to create a tuesday along those lines and/or help to create a tutorial.
  4. OK - so let me put it in another way: I dont disagree with what you wrote - as I wrote. But unless the individual tank commanders acted against orders or misunderstood what was said (which is entirely possible, I for one could easily have misunderstood something), then I think this is a matter of commands? No callsign should act under its own volition and define their own role? Specifically the supporting fire should have been routed through command or defined more precisely? I could have missed something though, both on the day or in the above posts, or perhaps I am not understanding what you wrote properly. So I am not disagreeing nor claim to know better. I try to do my best and maintain a learning curve, and know I am far from infallible, so I wellcome all input.
  5. Without arguing with your arguments and not that I disagree. But, as were said in the feedback on the day, as I understand it then there were a call to the tanks to provide supporting fire from infantry? SO to add to your points, then a clear chain of command? I dont know what orders were given to 4. Platoon. Perhaps as a suggestion then a feedback to the unit leaders, and another one to the people executing instructions as understood? Also the tank moving close to the house in the end of the video is not from 4. platoon.
  6. And you believe that THE FRENCH of all people should in any way, shape or form be better at that .... ? Or am I misreading your intent and content ?
  7. Sundays are open for all. And so are tuesdays. And TGIF.
  8. OK ... I knew I said I wasnt going to put it here because it is too cheesy ... But this is pretty fucking aweinspiring: Or this: I am not starting any damn political bullshit about Ukraine. War is War, and music is music, so lets keep it to that. But Wagners music does lend itself to a thorough military kickassĀ“ing. Also, it seems that "summer holiday" Seems to be a british miltary favourite:
  9. ahmmm.... Zu Befehl Mein Fuhrerin ... But I dont know a single person from UO ? Perhaps someone knows them or someone from them? At any rate: If I have not heard anything in 24 hours - ie if someone doesnt write something here - then I will try to look them up on the Internet and see if I can establish a dialogue with them.
  10. I wonder if someone should reach out to United Operations to hear if they have anyone for this mission, or if they are doing their own thing in the future or what their plans are?
  11. Nicely Done
  12. "Reduce Oil Production" .... ??? An Eco-vitamin ? EDIT: ALSO ... and on an afterthought. WHAT is that woman doing with her hands ... showing the size of something ... ???
  13. Wonder if this would be good enough to clear out a bar? And does that qualify as Combat ... ?
  14. Thank you. And on that note, then let me kindly remind everyone that it is on the 25. - so not tomorrow, but next tuesday.