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  1. Hi In the midst of making a scenario, then I have been struck with doubt. To me then the standard load of an ATGM team would be 1 ready and 2 spare missiles. Same with RPG´s and other light AT weapons. But somewhere deep in the corners of my geriatric brain, then a more accurate number would be 1 ready and 3 spares. For instance then the RPG assistant gunners back holds 3 rockets. Any input to this?
  2. BTW: anyone have the AAR, I foolishly deleted it in my tired state?
  3. Yeah - it was good but hectic … I had to get real inventive to get my kills sometimes. Like the one above where I literally drove in circles around the STRV122, while holding my breath and hoping that I would get a window to fire in a tank I couldnt control from gunners position, to fire before you got me Very good shooting from @Rotareneg and others ...
  4. We love videos

    Yeah and thanks to a good plan as well. I had a blast doing it even though I didnt score many kills. But one I did get was a peach and a daisy: 3 km on a hull-down tank behind the crest of a hill, that only showed the top of the turret
  5. OUCH …. I am not sure I brought enough bodybags … Thanks for the game all And a special welcome to the two new guys - all are welcome, always
  6. Kanium TS is not working - so we will meet in SB TS
  7. Have a very nice summer day and evening either way
  8. 1) We have: Cavgunner will host 2) If that doesnt work, then we will all be in the same channel. Not a perfect solution, but one that works. But no matter what then we will solve it.
  9. Unknown - if it doesn´t work before H hour later, then we will transition to SB TS
  10. OK - sounds good, we will look at it tomorrow
  11. Steelbeasts pro not starting

    I do full screen in Windows 10 PRO 64 bit with no problems. Which is not to say that this means that there are no problems. But try contacting Ssnake directly - he knows far more than me regarding this. His E-mail is Ssnake@esimgames.com
  12. Allright Gentlemen Moment of truth: Due to unforeseen good or bad weather, visits by in-laws, wifes screaming for attention and other valid reasons, then our manning is a bit on the low side for tomorrow. So unless we have more sign-ups including a CO in the next few hours, then this scenario is a bit on the large side. Therefore we will roll a scenario which is more in line with the actual manning we have, or at least have AI OPFOR. No drama and no problem the originally scheduled operation will be done another time.