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  2. KANIUM Friday 22nd of April 1800 UTC (Recommended start) "The Christmas War" by Hedgehog Where: Kanium TS : teamspeak3.i3d.net:10077 https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?msg=Kanium+Sunday+April+22th.+1900+UTC+-+"The+Christmas+War"+by+Hedgehog&iso=20180422T20&p1=69&ah=3 Everybody is Welcome you don't have to belong to kanium "The Christmas War " Scenario Date 22-12-1965 Backstory: The Soviet Union has (yet) another crack at Finland in a Second Continuation War set in Mid/Late December 1965. The Soviets have pushed as far as Selänpää from the Northern South Karelia region. The Artillery to the East is preventing Southern forces from counter attacking and pushing the Soviets back eastwards. Your job, Majuri, is to neutralize that artillery. 1) Situation: Visibility is limited to ~2500m. Ground conditions are snow (Lots of Snow. Welcome to Finland!) cross country mobility will be fast, well in a T-55 at least. Roads should not be your primary method of mobility. Pack a Shovel though. a) Enemy Forces: Known enemy force operating in your area: 1st Fictional Russian Mechanised Brigade (1FRMB). Intelligence estimates enemy forces to be composed of a heavy force consisting of tanks, mechanized infantry and light infantry. Approximate strength of the enemy force is an under strength brigade. Approx Force strength = 1 Battalion uparmoured T-55s, 1 Company BTR 60s in support. b) Friendly Forces: Your forces consist of 22nd Finish Fictional Armoured Brigade (22FFAD), a reinforced battalion composed of tanks and mechanized infantry. 1 Company Armour 1 Company Mech Inf Reinforcements - As above times 2 - on trigger, avaliable after 24 mins 2) Mission: - Your unit will conduct an attack. Attack through the enemy positions to eliminate 3 x artillery batteries - Secure 2 villages in the area if possible (Marked with Red Circles) - Mission ends when Artillery is eliminated 3) Execution: Users must determine their own plan of execution. (Good Luck) 4) Service and Support: a) Artillery: 6 tubes x 4 batteries (3 x M1064A3, 3 x 2S3) of HE and Smoke Priority of fires: none. Priority targets: none. Artillery only available to fire support units: yes b) Air support: None. c) Additional assets: supply vehicles, medics, recovery vehicles and FO vehicles are available. SCENARIO NOTES: Avoid Forested areas if at all possible, heavy ground cover allows infantry to hide well.
  3. Perfect Duke Also: FINAL ORDERS Final Orders.pdf As Usual, I do it a little differently: We wont use my plan, we will use the BEST plan. In other words: If you have any improves or input then please send them to me ASAP via PM, and I will see if if can incorperate your ideas. But at 2000 CET then the plan is not up for debate or discussion.
  4. WARNO is up. And so is scenfile for maprecce, for those who want it.
  5. No problem we will be happy to sort you out: please contact Major Duck per PM. I will put you in Chris´platoon
  6. I agree with everything Red2112 writes. And the manning looks good for a friday, and so does the Scenario. Keep Calm and Carry on
  7. Not really no. Firstly then 3 out of the 13 signed up for ArmA never or rarely plays SB with us. Secondly then 3 of the remaining have stated that they are taking a break from SB, which I and we fully respect naturally. Thirdly then 4 of the remaing 7 are playing both. And finally then its still only thursday. Its all good - one does not preclude the other, we respect everyones choice. And sunday SB will still roll. All platoons are manned, but still room in both Mech Inf and Armor
  8. Thanks for the session
  9. I will do CO if someone doesnt step up ...
  10. Kanium Sunday April 15th. 1900 UTC -Kuovosliitto Finland Where: Kanium TS : teamspeak3.i3d.net:10077 https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?msg=Kanium+Sunday+April+15th.+1900+UTC+-Kuovosliitto+Finland&iso=20180415T20&p1=69&ah=3 Everybody is Welcome you don't have to belong to kanium Kouvostoliitto Finland Mission 1v2 Excerpts of the battalion commander's orders for... NO time limit - End mission when depleted or objective One has been taken... 1) SITUATION: a) Enemy: Enemy is attacking along what is left of Highway 6 towards Kouvola. What remains of 2 enemy brigades appears to be leading the attack. They have been hit hard and making slow progress due to the many obstacles in the way. They have taken the main airport and are now forcing their way into the Kouvola suburbs. To the north of the main attack, along Road 369, flank security is being lead by an enemy Motor Rifle BTN (MTR BTN) with heavy helicopter support. They are making slow progress and intelligence and drone coverage indicates that enemy reinforcements are being brought up behind that BTN for support. To the south moving north-west from Highway 7, is another MTR BTN securing the southern flank of the main attack. Enemy BTN is estimated to be down to 70% strength but is still putting pressure on our southern flank. We estimate enemy main effort flank security consist of reinforced MTLB BTN with support of ATGM, helicopters and possible independent tank PLT(s) but this is unconfirmed. They are supported by long range artillery from main force. Main force south of river Kiurinvirta consists of T-90, T72M4, BMP2 with support. b) Own: It's been 3 days since the enemy crossed the borders and started the move west. Similar advances are seen all over the baltic countries as well. We are currently part of the finnish army's effort to stop the enemy and strike back in the area of Kouvola along highway 6. 1st. Mechanized Brigade is preparing defensive positions in Kouvola ready to halt the main enemy forces. An additional Mechanized BG is located to its south to provide flank security. To the north 2 Mechanized BG have been rushed in, 3.MEKTSTOS and 4.MEKTSTOS. Behind us is an armored BDE, rested and ready to exploit our attack on the northern flank of main enemy effort. 3.MEKTSTOS, "Elvis", is delaying the enemy MTR BTN to the north. By delaying this force they have manage to make room needed for us to launch an attack on the forces attacking along highway 6 towards Utin Airport. We, 4.MEKTSTOS "Karhu", has just finished a long night march from our staging area in Jaala. We have managed to replenish and is now getting ready for our attack on the flank security forces deployed north of the river Kiurinvirta. We have been divided into 2 Battlegroups: 1/4.MEKSTOS and 2/4.MEKTSTOS. Rest of 4.MEKTSTOS is put on reserve, ready to support our push or lend support to “Elvis” and keep the north-eastern flank secure when the main attack is passing through us. c) Attachments and detachments: You are 2/ 4.MEKTSTOS BG. You have following units assigned: 3x TNK PLT 2A6 2x MECH PLT CV9030FIN with pzjäger inf 1x Supply Section with recovery 2xBridge 2x BTY 122mm for support (offmap) 2) MISSION: Your task is to attack south from Highway 15 and clear a path in the enemy flank security to the crossing at OBJ 1. It is vital that we have more than one route cleared for follow on forces to eploit. Your mission is: 1) Attack and seize OBJ 1 2) Secure flank of H1 at town PELTOLA 3) Make sure R1 and R2 is secure. a) If roads are unsecure find alternative routes. b) If blocked report it to BG CO for engineer effort to be brought forward. c) One of the roads MUST be cleared and ready to use by followon forces. 3) EXECUTION: Up to BG CO 5) COMMAND AND SIGNALS: Command Channel: 26000 WARNO WARNO WARNO: WARNO WARNO WARNO.pdf FILE FOR MAPRECCE Kouvostoliitto Finland Mission 1v2.sce
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