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  1. T(h)anks for everything: was a really good experience
  2. Music have always followed soldiers on the battlefield. In the older days for signals and orders. Concurrently with that to boost own troops morale, or lower the enemies. Aside from a more curious use of them, like when the US tried to annoy Manuel Noriega to leave the Vaticans embassy in Panama by way of Rock music, then I havent heard any official use of it in recent history. So... 2 questions: 1) Have anyone heard of use of music in a modern (Post WW2) war or combat situation, official or unofficial ? 2) What would be the tune to play before going into combat ? As an example, then I knew someone who used to play this before going on patrol: But what tune could motivate or focus the troops? (The fictional attack from Apocalypse now with Wagners ride of the Valkyries excluded)
  3. Brilliant movie even today
  4. Yep Old school but good for fighting Or something more modern ... ?
  5. First scenario ready. But sadly I dont think it will be playable in Single player: Its has many triggers etc. that requires an OPFOR. But you are more than welcome to try it and see if you like it - ETA for first scenario is early january in one of the Kanium sundays, will be posted here. And its setting will be now and tomorrow.
  6. Consider it done ! Sorry I could not attend: 22 hopeful pupils demanded my attention ... T(h)anks for the effort KT, will see what I can do
  7. Tuesday 24th of October "Kanium Tuesday Ad-Hoc Session 5: Mechanized Infantry" When: Tuesday 24th of October at 20:00 CEST (UTC Offset: UTC +2) Where: Kanium TS ( teamspeak3.i3d.net:10077 ) World Clock: https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?msg=Tuesday+24th+of+October+"Kanium+Tuesday+Ad-Hoc+Session+5%3A+Mechanized+Infantry"&iso=20171024T20&p1=69&ah=2 We will meet in Kanium TS at the designated time (around 15 minutes before kickoff) and take it from there Setup guide for Kanium TS: https://docs.google.com/document/d/16welDGmJbTUN8zMI7w1a2CJwFqmCMfF0dKDmVFS-ik4/edit IP Adress for Network session is in Kanium TS, under Steel Beasts After a summerbreak, we return with a another session about Mechanized Infantry in Steel Beasts. This remains a challenge for many, particularly so as there are no intros to Mech. Inf. in SB. So to work with that, we have convinced Kingtiger to take us through some training again. It will be in 2 parts, like so: 1) Basic infantry control in SB, duration about 60 minutes. 2) IF time permits: A scenario with Mech. inf, duration around 60 minutes It would be nice to have a general idea of how many we will be for the sake of the scenario, so feel free to sign up below if you already know you want to participate. Otherwise show up on time (around 15 minutes before kickoff), and we will sort that out as well. All request and wishes to future games are as usual welcome. The theme in general is that this will be a training game, so training SOP´s, tactics, gunnery or what the people want. Small unit stuff in other words. Games will be open to anyone regardless of nationality, affiliation and level of skill. Only requirement is that you can speak and understand a comprehensible english, and can get along with others to the degree that you can interact with them.
  8. until
  9. To set the mood for tonight: And this ... And this ...... And ..... this ..... RrrrrRRrgggg
  10. veriii naaaaice - tnx for a good game
  11. until

    Is this still on ?
  12. Missed it. Fingers and toes crossed I hope to be there next thursday.
  13. Actually I decreed that hed had to work those hours, so he could do his duty on sunday. Yes. On Sunday. Now go work - you dont have time for internet.
  14. Agree with Apoc, I would have included ATGM and Sniper infantry AND equipped with UAV and UGV (which are especially overlooked), but wasnt sure if it fell into the given definitions
  15. Fingers and toes crossed, then I will be there next time
  16. A battlegroup with STRV-122, CV-9040C and ... hmmm ... a Marder 1A3 with a Milan (I know ... I know - It will be there eventually - I have faith)
  17. well... True that. Having never made a scenario let alone a campaign, then I am not sure of end product. but it will be modern for sure ... as in issues of tomorrow and today
  18. Am working on something ... wont say anymore, than it is in the baltics and that I will try to make it 3-4 interconnected Scenarios. This mostly on account of me being a Noob at this and hence the risk of it sucking. More to follow ... hopefully EDIT: make that 4+ scenarios
  19. Many thanks for game and event
  20. Anything up for this friday/saturday ?
  21. Indeed and buying the most expensive one isn't necessarily necessary - I have no problem with my Logitech Extreme 3D Pro which isn't high end. better to use time in mp sessions and Tank range I can recommend Gibson sessions, TGIF, kanium Sundays and kanium.ad-hoc Tuesdays. you get what you bring: Is all are nice to you if you treat them nicely and maybe join an VU when and if you think its good for you
  22. Da Tovarishch. Our great Comrade maybe have had too little vodka as well ? Also: THIS is the music of our great Rodina and courageous soldiers: Our Motherland will never bow to the Cuka Blyat western weakling fools...
  23. ACTUALLY: Tovarishch Spasiba Comrade ... must have had too little Vodka when I wrote it....
  24. much like the Israelis heavy Apcs?