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  1. If anybody wants to chip in and translate a minute or so from the above videos, it will be appreciated enormously. The accumulation of these efforts by different members over a long time will be enough to produce a nice transcription for the whole series of videos...
  2. Armored Recon mission (3 parts)
  3. Hello everybody, I found some very interesting German films of the Cold War era describing the planning and execution of various operations. Unfortunately, I do not speak German and the films do not have English captions. I tried to use the automatic caption from Youtube and the voice recognition add-on from google docs, but I was not able to arrive at any meaningful translation. Still, I know that there are many German-speaking members here, and I am posting the videos for their enjoyment. From what I got by simply watching them, they describe the planning and execution of fire support during the defense of a large German formation (4 videos) and the planning and execution of an armored recon at a point where a Soviet attack created a gap in the German lines (3 videos). I also hope that perhaps a member here may have a better software to deliver an automatic transcription in English of these videos or perhaps there may be a collective effort to translate these videos in small parts (since the videos are quite long) whenever any member here can spend a few minutes to do so. In any case, enjoy: Fire support mission (in 4 parts)