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  1. Video Thread

    The Last rolling Tiger B in existance:
  2. Video Thread

    Lots of great Challenger 2 videos on this channel:
  3. Video Thread

    General Hal Moore - some advices from the battlefield, not just for the battlefield:
  4. Challenger 2 Heavy Dirt

    Looks great - will take her out to a ride once I get home!
  5. Basra map

    I dont know how I have missed this sofar - thx - saves a lot of time!
  6. Basra map

    Approx 50% percent done... copy/paste of objects would be more than welcome in the friggin map editor....
  7. Basra map

    Framerate seems to be fine (4x) even with lots of units moving around, multiple engagments over the map. Roads are fine, I'm building the city by "blocks" power poles, buildings etc are clear of the roads.
  8. Basra map

    Update - still working on the city but its coming along:
  9. Video Thread

    Great compilation of Challenger 2 in Iraq 2003.
  10. New WW2 Armour simulation.

    Looks nice, but is this supposed to be a SIM or something similar to WOT or ARMA?
  11. Video Thread

    Fighting at Objective Curly during the Thunder run in Baghdad - approx 40 mins unedited footage
  12. We love videos

    Hungarian T-72M1 tanks on the firing range:
  13. Video Thread

    A quick tour with the Bradley - speech is in hungarian, but you can enable english subtitles:
  14. The Skin Catalogue

    I'm kinda missing this one. Another cool thing would be if somebody would make a terrain catalouge - with a couple of screenshots, terrain snapshot etc.