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  1. Version 1.0.0


    This is a visual mod to the T62 in order to make it look like the tank in the movie "The Beast" aka "The Beast of War". Simply extract the skin into your mods/exture/desert/ appropriate nations folder.
  3. +1 for the requestor list. Could the new T55 templates be added to the download section?
  4. Exercise Getica Saber - with plain new EU camo:
  5. First prototypes to be shipped shortly: http://scout.com/military/warrior/Article/Army-to-Receive-First-New-Prototype-M1A2-SEP-v3-Abrams-Main-Batt-107426939 are they exchanging the engine on this one - no more jet engine sound?
  6. http://edition.cnn.com/travel/article/best-military-museums/index.html
  7. Effing great stuff:
  8. El Presidente - Though Guy wannabe
  9. well this bit is not an issue as there are multiple methods of fixing it for camera purposes.
  10. Thunder run / Baghdad rage feels a lot better with the new particle effects & lighting systems. Time to update the actual scenari as well.
  11. What I have noticed with the latest release is that the gunner is constantly swinging the turret left & right and over and over again non stop. Now this has been there in prior versions as well but not at such speed. Is there a way to tell the gunner to cool it. It's very annoying. Commander's gunner scan front order overrides it for a couple of seconds. I have been using the M1A2 lately - and this is constantly present. I can post a video as well if its not clear what I refer to.
  12. GoPro sinking with cameras on board:
  13. I have just seen that unlisted 4.1 terrain video on Esims Youtube channel. So is it official after all? I havent seen it being shared anywhere sofar.
  14. I want to visit there some day as well. Did you have to pay VIP for being allowed to climb in or the normal ticket did it?