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  1. Still hoping for some new map editor tool/capabilities. I want to go back and rework this scenario with the new assets (Overpasses etc!)
  2. WE've lost the front deflector shields!
  3. Imagine this with Steel Beasts:
  4. Make sure you setup correctly in OBS what should be captured (fullscreen application etc.) Steel Beasts doesn't have to do anything with it - its up to the OBS setup what is being recorded. You can use Fraps as an alternative.
  5. Version 1.0.0


    This is a visual mod to the T55 in order to make it look like the tank in the movie "The Beast" aka "The Beast of War". Simply extract the skin into your mods/exture/desert/ appropriate nations folder.
  6. Video:
  7. Now that the new T55 template is available (thanks Darkangel) here is a "Beast" alike vismod based on the T55:
  8. @Volcano - can you help me what the file name is for the T55 exterior rumble sound? It seems to be not listed in the 4.019 FX list file (as T55) Thanks Edit - found it - it uses the rumble sound from the Chieftain
  9. Thank You Sir!
  10. TC: Driver traverse 180. Driver: ?! ...Roger... TC: Hold it I meant gunn......
  11. In case somebody has the new T55 template & is allowed to share could you please do so? Thanks
  12. Can you let me know who I should ask for persmission? I have tried PM-ing Dejawolf but it did not get to him - thanks.
  13. I want t do a T55 but dont have the template for the new model.. see my post in the mod section. Btw - do you have it by any chance?