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  1. New player say Hi!

    hi nike-ajax. I'm from Italy so Europe. Na times are quite uncomfortable. Also at the moment I have my time pretty much interrupted. I think I'll face MP after the summer when I'll be able to concentrate more!
  2. New player say Hi!

    Thank you everyone. Yes I already done the tutorials for some vehicles and I'm looking forward to go on. @Mirzayev thanks for posting another good SP scenario. I'll try it for sure!
  3. New player say Hi!

    yes I'm doing the "Camp Hornfelt" missions right now. I'm finding them the best way to learn how SB works.
  4. New player say Hi!

    Hi everyone! I'm Barone from Italy. Always been a fun of tanks, my grandpa was part of a tank crew in Africa during ww2. I played some games like steel fury and some arcades in the past years and decided to get SB now. I'm trying to learn all the mechanics for now. But after few months maybe would be nice to get involved into MP. I'm already a part of a virtual squadron (yes I'm also a flight sim enthusiast) so transition shouldn't be so dramatic. I just wanted to present my self! See you on the forum! Cheers!