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  1. We've been collecting the version number for a while now. The question is which older skins still work in newer versions - and the answer is "it depends". Give them a try and leave a comment about if it works or not in xyz version for the next guy. Depending on the vehicle, some of the oldest skins may still work.
  2. 1. The only option is to remap your users folder to your d drive. Try googling junction magic or windows symbolic links for ideas. 2. Custom campaign does not equal a operation. Does it say to put it into the operations folder? Try putting them into your my scenarios folder.
  3. Sorry, no dedicated server right now. A gpu is required.
  4. Looks like orders are going through ok at the moment, can you try again later? If your browser is crashing to desktop, then there are some other problems going on.
  5. Where in the process does it fail?
  6. I sent the link sat morning. Must have gone to your spam. Sounds like it worked out!
  7. Yes. Please read through the release notes for 4.009. All they are missing is a few last minute bugs that were fixed.
  8. 4.010 is available. Get the release notes and details here: http://www.esimgames.com/?page_id=1390
  9. The ideal thing to do would be to use the hardware dongle and have it run in your host os, then share on the network. The virtual container file would be more difficult because the Sb installer creates that. I would send a email to support@wibu.de to see what they suggest. I suspect they would only test on VMware but maybe they have a better idea.
  10. I would expect that using a virtual machine will prevent it from working altogether. It needs to be installed on standard hardware.
  11. Click the license link. You'll see two separate licenses there. Send the link to one friend, and tell him to activate just ONE of them. Then send the link to the other friend and he can activate the other.
  12. Hi, The license is tied to the computer, so it cannot be moved. What you could try though, is to set the laptop up as a license server on the network and share the license from the desktop. I have not tried this with the timed based licenses, but I know it should work with the permanent ones.
  13. I updated the event posting to include the equivalent time in UTC time. It will be good for one week, then we stop observing DST here and the time will change again.
  14. Is SB in windowed mode or full screen? In full screen, it likely wants to control all the displays. May be a good idea to ask the displaylink developers if there is something that can be done.
  15. OK thanks. In general, always let programs install into the default location. Many developers (M$) do not test or QA other locations. I've learned this the hard way over the years. I even ran into something that would not install correctly if I copied the install files themselves into a directory that had spaces in it and tried to install from there.