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  1. This is nothing new. Since you don't really explain in detail what the problem is in your post, here is the summary: Intel vpro enabled chipsets expose remote management functionality. Think of it as a remote desktop. It's intended for businesses to easily remote control computers. There was some vulnerabilities recently patched for this, but it is difficult/impossible to totally disable. Contact your computer vendor for bios updates. There is a utility to tell you if you have this vulnerability, it is located here: https://downloadcenter.intel.com/download/26755/INTEL-SA-00075-Detection-and-Mitigation-Tool Before you blow a fuse, Intel states that only business machines are affected by this and not consumer level machines/chipsets. If you truly want to be safe, just disconnect your machine from the internet, and remove all media access. It will run virus/malware free, guaranteed!
  2. This permission was probably set to avoid having someone come in and drown out existing conversations with feedback by using a improperly configured noise activated mic. Please try using push to talk.
  3. First thing you see when visiting that equifax page is a warning that the certificate is invalid. Nice.
  4. Hi, The IP for teamspeak is just for teamspeak, not for steel beasts multiplayer mode. Someone needs to host a scenario, then they will post a IP in the chat. This previous thread has a pretty good description of how it works. Trying to connect to the teamspeak server with steel beasts makes it think its being attacked and its temporarily blocking traffic from you. Hope that helps!
  5. The moderation UI is not that great, leading one to believe that a comment on a event was actually a description of an event. Please add some description when reporting stuff so it leaves no room for interpretation. Other than the deleted event, everything is fixed. Sorry!
  6. What is the exact error message when it does not open? Does 2.251 work?
  7. I never actually saw the error, but I had some ideas on what caused it and removed it. Let me know if its still happening...
  8. I'm not seeing it at the moment, but thanks for the report!
  9. If its a tank we are speaking of, only the owner can be in the commanders spot.
  10. We have a overly sensitive web application firewall on this site that produces false positives several times a year. If this happens, send me a email. webmaster at this site or esimgames dot com
  11. Try the torrent.
  12. until
    Weekly TGIF battle, meet on the steelbeasts.com teamspeak server at 9 PM Central Standard Time. This is currently Sat, 2 AM UTC/GMT. Everyone is welcome, no experience required. Doing some of the tutorials to learn the basics before arrival is recommended. If you have never attempted online play before, please show up a 10 minutes early and ask someone there to help you test out your ability to connect. Typically we run head to head battles, but we will do co ops from time to time as well.
  13. As others have stated, there are simply too many units active at once. Either trim out some units, spawn the units in waves (read up on "spawn if"), or continue to run a older version if you really have a need for that many units.
  14. What version are you upgrading from? If its too old, it requires manual intervention from ssnake. Make sure you have upgraded the codemeter to the latest in the codemeter control center, then try again.
  15. I would try a actual hardware machine to activate the license. In theory it should work as long as your guest has exclusive access to that usb device, but that depends on proper configuration of your virtual machine software. If that does not work, I would send a email to ssnake at the name of the company that makes steel beasts, he should be able to help.
  16. If you watch the radio chatter, they usually tell you if ammo is running low.
  17. 4.010 is available. Get the release notes and details here: http://www.esimgames.com/?page_id=1390
  18. I don't think creators update has been released into the general windows update stream yet, at least I have not seen it. At this point, you have to force install it from what I have read. It may be too late for you now, but for anyone else that happens to read this - never be the first to install the newest release. The MS insiders program is giving them a false sense of confidence in the quality of their releases. There may be a million insiders tinkering with a load in a virtual machine, but there is more to it than that. The last big windows update broke a bunch of stuff like webcams, etc. This one will probably not be any different.
  19. You will want to stay tuned for the next patch release, coming soon. :-)
  20. Like I said above, some stuff didn't make it. It's too late to go back and do anything about it a year or so after the fact. What we can do is make sure it works correctly moving forward for future reviews. There is no current way to prevent authors from reviewing their own files. I don't think its been too much of a problem over the last 15 years.
  21. Try downloading again...
  22. I upgraded the forum, it seems to work. It's possible the reviews may be accidentally turned off in a category so let me know if you spot one.
  23. There are a few things involved - the downloads import process could have lost some of these things and there was no choice in the matter because of the db design. Also, somewhere along the way, the reviews feature was broken - you have to download a file to review it, but it keeps telling you that even after downloading. I've reported this to the forum vendor. The forum will get a upgrade over the weekend, hopefully this fixes it.
  24. I wouldn't worry about it much yet. Packages can take some time to clear customs.