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  1. Norway platoon ORBAT

    Thank you but I'm looking for actual Norway formation, not Netherland (:
  2. Norway platoon ORBAT

    Hello there, I search a lot of information about norway armed forces, and it is quite difficult to find information without searching in norwegian with... norwegian results (...) but we can find a lot of good information, for example organisation of 1 infantry platoon with all duty and weapons and equipment carry by men. I looked for tank and armored infantry platoon (stormvagon/stormtroppen) and I find nothing, just old organisation in 80s.So maybe you can help me. What is a norwegian tank platoon ORBAT (Leo2A4NO) and a norwegian armored/armoured infantry platoon ORBAT (CV9030NO/CV9030NOF1), how many vehicles there is, what is the duty of all personnal, their equipment, and if you have the information how work their callsign/vehicle number. About vehicle number I know that some of them use a standard 3 digit for eskadron/kompani, troppen and vehicle, but some time we can see vehicle with 3 digit + 1 letter tipically Alpha letter. And what is their munition naming. I found in one document these names for 120mm: NM254 IMHE-TP, NM231, NM232 and for 30mm: P-SRTA-T, TP-T, TPDS-T what are they, and how kommander call it in their vehicule, in USA for example TC say "gunner sabot tank", in norway how they say sabot for example Thank's a lot
  3. Steel Beasts: Content Wish List

    Why not add the Challenger 1 ? The game has many stuff based on the 80/90s. From my side british stuff needs to be improved. I read on other topics that Esim made a trip in UK and made photos of Challenger 2 internal but MoD hided what needed to be hide and made all shots useless. So, why not add the Challenger 1 where it is maybe more easy to get informations, internal photos to bring us a good british Tank, like us M1 or german Leo2. Made the internal of Warrior and Scimitar should be good too. Tactical symbols fitted for each tanks. For example British tanks, see In a platoon (troop) One tank with 1-0 callsign, an other with 1-1 and an other with 1-2. Tactical number, tactical symbols (us V platoon symbol and British squadron symbol or white circle on Gun tube to show the troop number) can be great, so you can easily recognize what tank is part of. Tsahal tank should be great too, like Merkava 1 and 2. I want a merkava 3 too but guess too more modern to be made cause to israel tank policy. Some french stuff should be great too, like AMX10P, AMX10RC, ERC-90, AMX-30, more easy to made than a Leclerc I guess. One good debate I guess is, should steel beast make WW2 stuff. It would be nice to use some American and British tanks against german beast tank, with more a hard sim point of view than a sim.
  4. Graphical Options problem ?

    Hello there, some bit question about TIS. Is it normal that the TIS looks more bad on M1A1 than M60A3 ? Is it just because the M60A3 was release more earlier than the M1A1 on Steel Beast ? Here some screens of my ingame config, and here my config: GPU: GTX 1080 8 Go CPU: i7 4790 @3.60 GHz RAM: 16 Go OS: Windows 10 64bit
  5. DM11 actually not available for M1 series and I guess it only has Impact and Delayed fuze, no airbust when I'll try with Leo 2A6
  6. Hello there, I read on the Michael Green book "Images of War, M1 Abrams Tank" that the M1A2 SEP was not fitted with APU, the turret bustle EAPU was removed and be replaced by the clim. An UAAPU firstly was programmed when removing the left rear fuel tank but because money restriciton the M1A2 SEP was not fitted with APU. I also read that the M1A2 SEP v2 was fitted with the UAAPU (6 batteries), like it was programmed on the M1A2 SEP, and the SEP v2 was normally fitted with TIP and DVRC, Thermal rear driver camera. Problem is here: I found on many docs on the net that the M1A2 SEP was fitted with an UAAPU, so not only the M1A2 SEP v2, and in the book, tanks' photos which are presented like "M1A2 SEP v2" have TIP and left rear tank removed but looks like on some tanks the rear thermal driver's camera is not always fitted on photos. So, about APU, what is the truth for the M1A2 SEP and M1A2 SEP v2 APU, and what about the DVRC. Is it a must to have it to call a M1 Abrams a SEP v2 or not ? Thank's for the read and answering
  7. Hey there One problem that I spotted is the voice order from TC when saying what ammo to load. Is only saying "SABOT" or "HEAT". So first problem is realistic one, so when loading Canister TC doesn't say "CAN/CANNISTER", when loading MPAT he don't say "MPAT", and I don't know what they say IRL for the HE-OR, even I guess they could say "MPAT" or "HE". So here, it's the first problem. The second problem is when the tank carry different ammo. For example, imagine my tank carry M829A3 SABOT, M830 HEAT and M908 HE-OR. I have "Contact troop" and the battleload is SABOT. In game, my TC will say "Fire, Fire HEAT". The problem is, HEAT in game is used for M830, M908 and M830A1. If I don't use HUD, I cannot say which Indexed ammo to used. That is the second problem. I think voice order from the TC and loader must be updated
  8. Real Life M1A1 TC, how do they do ?

    Yeah, I want to see M1A1 FEP or M1A1 SA. It will permit to use the M1A1 on modern/contemporary mission. In fact a M1A1 with better TIS and with a SCWS. Can be nice to see the MCD too, but probably asking some work to implement it.
  9. Hello all, I have a question, how in real life a TC spots target for his gunner ? I understand that in M1A2, the TC has its CITV, so he can scan using it or just put it on automatic mode while doing other thing and when he see something, he slave the gun on what is saying and after that the 5 words procedure start. But for the M1A1, how they do ? Did they just watch outside with their eyes and binocle and when they saw something they try to move the gun in that proximatly direction or tell to their gunner "tank 2 o'clock 1 kilometer right of a house" and after that the 5 word procedure starts ? Other question. In steel beast and in tank manual that I rode, the "Identify" is used when you see the target that your TC is telling you, but on M1A1 for example, I guess that the TC and gunner are scanning for targets, more than M1A2 because gunner has most the time control of the TIS, I want to say that on M1A1 the gunner is the eyes of the tank when on M1A2 the TC and gunner are the eyes, if a M1A1 gunner see a tank, what does is say ? "Identify tank", "Contact tank", "Tank", what's the word ? M1A1 looks harder to use than the M1A2, because it doesn't have CITV and we have M1A1 and M1A1 (HA) in SB with poor TIS, when today USMC/US Army use M1A1 SA and M1A1 FEP, and I guess these version use better TIS like the M1A2 has. Thank's, sorry for my strange english