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  1. Hey there One problem that I spotted is the voice order from TC when saying what ammo to load. Is only saying "SABOT" or "HEAT". So first problem is realistic one, so when loading Canister TC doesn't say "CAN/CANNISTER", when loading MPAT he don't say "MPAT", and I don't know what they say IRL for the HE-OR, even I guess they could say "MPAT" or "HE". So here, it's the first problem. The second problem is when the tank carry different ammo. For example, imagine my tank carry M829A3 SABOT, M830 HEAT and M908 HE-OR. I have "Contact troop" and the battleload is SABOT. In game, my TC will say "Fire, Fire HEAT". The problem is, HEAT in game is used for M830, M908 and M830A1. If I don't use HUD, I cannot say which Indexed ammo to used. That is the second problem. I think voice order from the TC and loader must be updated
  2. Yeah, I want to see M1A1 FEP or M1A1 SA. It will permit to use the M1A1 on modern/contemporary mission. In fact a M1A1 with better TIS and with a SCWS. Can be nice to see the MCD too, but probably asking some work to implement it.
  3. Hello all, I have a question, how in real life a TC spots target for his gunner ? I understand that in M1A2, the TC has its CITV, so he can scan using it or just put it on automatic mode while doing other thing and when he see something, he slave the gun on what is saying and after that the 5 words procedure start. But for the M1A1, how they do ? Did they just watch outside with their eyes and binocle and when they saw something they try to move the gun in that proximatly direction or tell to their gunner "tank 2 o'clock 1 kilometer right of a house" and after that the 5 word procedure starts ? Other question. In steel beast and in tank manual that I rode, the "Identify" is used when you see the target that your TC is telling you, but on M1A1 for example, I guess that the TC and gunner are scanning for targets, more than M1A2 because gunner has most the time control of the TIS, I want to say that on M1A1 the gunner is the eyes of the tank when on M1A2 the TC and gunner are the eyes, if a M1A1 gunner see a tank, what does is say ? "Identify tank", "Contact tank", "Tank", what's the word ? M1A1 looks harder to use than the M1A2, because it doesn't have CITV and we have M1A1 and M1A1 (HA) in SB with poor TIS, when today USMC/US Army use M1A1 SA and M1A1 FEP, and I guess these version use better TIS like the M1A2 has. Thank's, sorry for my strange english