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  1. Deepest apologies to everyone

    Greetings all, Long time no speak. Something of interest here but may not be the issue. This is an advisory for everyone to check the "Device Manager"/ Network Adapters/ Properties/ Power management settings. It seems that one of the last updates from Microsoft may have "reset" the power management for what-ever adapter you have to: "allow the computer to turn off this device to save power" and additionally enabled the "allow this device to wake the computer" Both items that if your not running a laptop on battery power alone you do not need enabled, and runs the risk of turning off the device temporally. Both of which can effect or cause issues with on line gamming sessions. Players from the MWO community have reported that once they "unchecked" that settings, some of there connection and timing out issues ceased. Microsoft at it best ....again. 9erRed
  2. SB Pro PE performance with various grahics cards

    Greetings all, Ref. to Hank; Select the "start" icon in the lower left corner and either in the search box or the "run" command, type "dxdiag" (without the quotes). That will bring up a set of window tabs, select the "display" tab and your video card and spec's will be listed on the left side, the current drivers will be listed on the right. Hope that helps. Later, 9erRed [ATTACH]10131[/ATTACH]
  3. Wild theories - playing SB 20 years later

    Greetings, It's not limited. 1. Run cmd.exe 2. Click on the icon in the upper left hand of the screen. 3. Select Properties 4. Select the Layout tab 5. Set the buffer and window widths to whatever you like. 6. Click OK 7. Select Save Properties for future... 8. Click OK. Some references: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/319305/why-is-the-windows-cmd-exe-limited-to-80-characters-wide And it's probablly left over from the DOS days where CRT displays were 80 characters wide. Later, 9erRed
  4. Greetings all, To Hedgehog, Your graphics drivers are 6 years out of date, theres new drivers out. see here. http://www.nvidia.com/object/win7-winvista-32bit-285.62-whql-driver.html But you didn't list what operating system your running so the link is for win 7 32bit. version: 285.62 (WHQL) date: 2011 10 24 Op system: Win7,Win Vista, 32Bit English Size: 107Mb (Win XP. Ver: 285.58, Same date) GeForce 6 series: 6800 XT, 6800 XE, 6800 Ultra, 6800 LE, 6800 GT, 6800 GS/XT, 6800 GS, 6800, 6700 XL, 6610 XL, 6600 VE, 6600 LE, 6600 GT, 6600, 6500, 6250, 6200 TurboCache, 6200SE TurboCache, 6200 LE, 6200 A-LE, 6200, 6150SE nForce 430, 6150LE / Quadro NVS 210S, 6150 LE, 6150, 6100 nForce 420, 6100 nForce 405, 6100 nForce 400, 6100 As a note, Graphics drivers will normally be updated by Nvidia at a minimum of once a year but mostly they are upgraded everytime there is a new vid chipset designed. That driver from 2005 for the 6200 card must have been the original drivers, far, far out of date. update the drivers then do your tests. For the older drivers before 2009 versions you normally had to uninstall the old nvidia drivers first before you installed the newer version. But all the current series can be installed over the old set. All for now, 9erRed
  5. v2.640 Bugs

    Greetings all, Start off, thanks for this excellent addition/upgrade to the entire Steel Beasts ProPe series. Have noticed some unusual behaviour on the AGL reloading of the Piranha 3C, main ammo was RWM 40mm x53Hl @500rds with second ammo set as M430 HEDP @500rds. Fired off some starting RWM then selected to change to the M430 type, went to F8 view and the ammo was being completely loaded as single rounds. Entire loading cycle sound completed and only one round loaded then loading started again. (again only one round) Should the ammo box not just be changed out, as it's a belt fed gun? Testing continued for the AGL with the ground mount Inf. element. No issues there except the sight post has no indications marked for reference of range. All for now, again thanks for all the work e-Sim 9erRed
  6. SB 2.6....

    Greetings all, The ATGM is normally the max range first choice round for the 125mm. With a range of 4000 to 5000 mtrs, (9M119 Svir/Reflecks Missiles) HEAT; (9M119M1 Reflecks-M Missile) HEAT-T, it was the only engagement round that would match the NATO ranges. [ AT-11 Sniper ] And it did not damage the tube, it did require a "pusher" launch back plate to get it out the barrel but was rocket driven from there. Normal tank reloads are 3. Notes: This is an improved gun-fired ATGM designed for later Russian tanks. There are three types of Sniper missiles: the 9M119 Svir, fired by the T-72B, T-72S, and 2A45M antitank gun; and the 9M119 Reflecks and 9M119M Reflecks-M, fired by the T-80B, T-80U, T-84, T-90, and T-94 tanks. The difference between the Reflecks and Reflecks-M is largely in the warhead, which is tandem for Reflecks-M, and a more powerful motor in the Reflecks-M. While a vehicle that is capable of firing the Reflecks may fire the Svir, a vehicle designed for the Svir cannot fire the Reflecks. Later... 9erRed
  7. SB Pro PE 2.6x general information

    Greetings all, Another note on observed items within that new map. I don't seem to remember ever seeing vehicles or their icons called " 11th 1" (cross country carrier) or "10th 1"(ambulance). Is there a new naming protocol avail. for selecting call signs? Or do we now get individual named and displayed call signs. Later, 9erRed
  8. SB Pro PE 2.6x general information

    Greetings all, Just looking at the nice map and an interesting set of symbols, there are 3 self propelled Arty groups tagging along behind the "Sabre" elements. Is this an indication that there are elements now availiable instead of just placeholders? Just an observation, Later, 9erRed
  9. Greetings all, Ref the "How far away is too far" for arty adjustment: IRL it would depend on the source of the fire and the quantity of tubes firing. (blast radius of 500mtrs for some ammo) The Arty already disperse the round impact locations to their guns so a distance of 1000mtrs may still fall within the "target" area depending on the original stated target size. ( Example of a company of dug in infantry with support) With SB Pro Pe, the FOO doing the shooting will need to keep in mind the original bearing the mission was sent with as all the corrections are taken from that reference, so a correction of "right 200" may now end up being "right 100 and Add 100" to service the target. ( And as the corrections increase the "offset" increases) An additional note also is if the "shoot" was a "called" mission or sent from a "registered" Arty reference. IRL the Guns would automatically have done this calculation, but the FOO may initiate a new "mission" for the remainder of the shoot. There are past and present Arty trade members within this forum and they may or may not comment on this, "comms security in effect". All for now, 9erRed
  10. Greetings all, Ref. the placement of objects; As has been mentioned earlier I agree with a tool to group and space evenly, similar items as poles and lights. Allowing for the placement of these items in a quick and simple method. Currently it's a VERY tedious and time consuming process to lay out telephone and light poles. This new tool should be selectable and then allow the designer to grab the item they want to space and continue to place until completed. May even need to have input parameters on the spacing required. Additionally I'd like to see the available objects divided into sub categories; IE, desert, woodland, urban. And is it possible have a few "last used" items show up in a visible menu, similar to the way fonts move to the top of the list when you've used them in a word document. Can the auto rotation of highlighted objects be "turned off" or selected and faced by the user if required? I've had to wait quite a few times for the desert buildings to rotate to find out where the doors or windows are located at. Again mentioned before, the option to go to an "enhanced" editor that allows users to preselect items from the normal menu and place them in a custom bank of folders for use. This would be very useful for similar design area maps. And can it be made "save-able" for future use. Currently there are very few visual clues to estimate the "placed" size of an object, is there any way to have a "reference" dimension appear somewhere on the screen listing the l/w/h of the selected object? May have to make this an "on/off" item as after some use the user will remember the objects true sizes. All for now, just thinking out loud. Later, 9erRed
  11. Greetings all, Reference the Nvidia drivers, please specify the exact version from Aug. that you are referring to. Are you operating Win XP or Win 7, 32bit or 64bit. Series 200,300,400,500 card. As not all systems will experience the same results from the same drivers. The last drivers I have installed were the release date: 2011.08.09, version: 280.26 WHQL, OS: Windows 7, Windows Vista, file size: 100 MB Later, 9erRed
  12. Joystick Config little problem

    Greetings, reference changing the "Y" axis of the joystick. After you start Steelbeasts Pro Pe press the "Ctrl + J" keys and that will invert the "Y" axis, and you should have the desired movement your looking for. It is listed as the 6th item down the list under "controls". All for now, 9erRed
  13. Greetings all, I have been going through the download categories to check on the latest uploads and if i want these items installed. But the format to display the newest items may not be optimized to the best method. I generally opt for displaying the items by date but the settings are displayed in "Month Day Year" which will mix all the items all the way back to 2006 year. Can the uploaded date format be changed to reflect the year first? Can the files be sorted to reflect if they are compatible with the latest version? (this may be a requirement of the initial file construction name or owner) Can the upload file requirements be amended to include the build version somewhere in the description or title? If someone had the time, there may be the possibility to also change the catalogue format to sub format the files by version number. Formatting may not allow this option? Option to select your version number and these files are for your consideration. May even lead to owners selecting to upgrade their versions after seeing the newest and latest offerings available. (?) Just my personal opinions after having to search through every file to look for the latest uploads, and having to guess by the date if this file is compatible with my installed version. (without corruption or alteration of the files) All for now, what thinks you? 9erRed
  14. Greetings all, Ref the vehicles speeds, heres one of the past replys. http://www.steelbeasts.com/sbforums/showthread.php?t=5670&highlight=vehicle+speeds All for now. 9erRed
  15. Arty question.

    Greetings all, Ref the shoot and scoot options: During the time period of most of the missions that are currently being played (80's time period), there was not an ability to rapidly "deploy" and "Set" the guns for a "rapid" shoot. It has only been in the last five(5) or so years that GPS positioning and linking the guns has advanced to the point that the guns can stop, precision align and shoot a rapid 3 round volly and then be on the move again. And only in the tracked elements. And all this has transpired because of, as has been stated earlier, "almost instant" radar and dopler tracking of the rounds as they depart from the firing tubes location. Counter battery targeting has made the requirement of "not being here" a neccessity as there could be inbound fire in as short as two mins. (again from tracked elements deployed and on the move for just this reason) Now "trailed" guns are another whole matter and could not be rapidly deployed, set, and fired in the short time period required for any "shoot and scoot". They would be the guns or tubes that would recieve the Counter battery fire if the overlapping ranges were sufficient for the enemy to engage. Russian tracked elements would be deployed with the near forward units and have a "reach" of 15Km(2S1-122mm), 17Km(2S3-152mm), 28Km(2S5-152mm), 35Km(2S7-203mm). And if they are assigned to or on call of the elements your guns will be engaging! All very serious things your local commanders will need to keep in mind if directing fires (or servicing) to forward enemy elements. And this is only revelent if the enemy has the equipment to actually do the detecting and direction finding for artillery, very advanced elements required for this. And key targets for your Air elements. Ok, enough rambling for now. Later... ...9erRed
  16. Addicting game

    Greetings All, Finished the entire campaign, some required quite a few "resets" but all came down in the end. Fun but an hour of time now gone. Later ..... 9erRed O and to all, have a merry Christmas, or if your not of that persuasion, then have a good weekend.
  17. Time Traveller?

    Greetings, Ref the "listening device" in the clip: It's probably something simmilar to this, http://hearing.siemens.com/ca/10-about-us/01-our-history/milestones.jsp?year=1924 One of the first "pocket sized" hearing amplifiers. And although the person appears to be speaking to "someone" they could just be listening to there own voice. (as a novelity at that time, but we still do that now when you listen to yourself "in playback" talking into a current recording device) All for now 9erRed
  18. Greetings all, There's a new update for for the Nvidia chipset dated 2010.10.18. Titled "GeForce/Ion Driver Release 260" 260.89 whql 2010.10.18 Win Vista, Win7 English, 96.1MB From the link provided select the product and series and your operating system then select search. http://www.nvidia.com/Download/index.aspx?lang=en-us This adds quite alot of functionallity to the setting section. Using the "custom" install option, it will uninstall all the older drivers and then install your new drivers. (called clean install) [first time for this type of option]And updates the PhysX drivers. Enjoy, all for now ..... 9erRed
  19. Joystick

    Greeting, Here's the site for your controller, with a great reference for all the codes and options avail. http://www.ymouse.com/custom/xkmatrix.php The wiring pin outs will be in the software program here: http://www.x-keys.com/software/mw3.php Ps: to everyone else, there are some really interesting components here. A seperate programable 16 key buttons USB connection stick(called "X-keys stick"). And also a fully programable keypad with a joystick in the middle!(sounds like something for the CV90 series) Hope there's something here that helps. Later ..... 9erRed
  20. Joystick

    Greetings all, Ref. the blue wire. List the make and model of the component and some one here will post a wiring diagram of the device. Joysticks are not that difficult to trace the wires and a careful inspection of the connections and moving the shrink rap up a bit will reveal where the additional wire was connected. Also look at all the solder connections for evidence of the original connection point, there should be some hint or sign of the remainder of the wire showing. From the image, the solder connections are not machine made so you should be able to identify where the wire was originally. Again post what it is and the model number and it should be avail. for download somewhere. Everything is avail. somewhere. Later ..... 9erRed
  21. Problem with AI gunners

    Greetings all, IRL - Cursing at the target, or the obstructions, or the weather, all ok. Cursing at the vehicle commander will normally place you at the top of the list for the 3 - 4am radio watch. (not something you want to normally do...ever) If the gunners observation of the impact location/point was obscured and the commander observed fall of shot then he would normally send the gunner corrections until the gunner could be "given" the shoot again. In this sim it appears the only method to correct this now, is to assume the shoot and either move to the gunners position, or continue as commander with override and the sight extension. All depending on the vehicle type you're in. [or move the vehicle to a better sight location, sometimes not possible] I normally assume the shoot and do the engagement, then hand off the controls to the gunner for the next contact. (here, seconds count, can't wait for "just the right shot" - as spoken before - "he who shoots first, normally wins") And yes I concure with the option of an additional response from the gunner with reference to "Not Observed" or "target obscured", but not sure how you can code that in as the gunner continues to "cycle" through his firing algorithm. Again, seconds count here! Just an observation, all for now ..... 9erRed
  22. SB Pro PE performance with various grahics cards

    Greetings all, Ref your proposed setup. I'm currently running a similar system: ASUS P7P55D Pro with an i5 2.66GHz OC to 3GHz, 4Gb Ram, and 2 x GTS 250OC (1 at 512 and other at 1Gb, use the 512 for a dedicated physx card), Win 7 32bit. and no problems with anything ever. Vid drivers ver. 258.96 and Directx Jun2010. I may upgrade to the 64 bit system, for the extra graphics improvments that the 64bit system brings. But have to wait for everything I have installed to get the 64bit drivers avail. Also the 64bit system can use up to 16Gb of Ram on my system. So you shouldn't have any problems running this Sim. All for now ... 9erRed
  23. Greetings all, While reviewing an AAR I noticed a section of the G wagon was open to the ground. Located just behind the commanders or passengers seat. (see image) Will this affect the "protection or penetration" of the vehicle at this location? Or just cosmetic? (wouldn't help with an IED anyway but might allow "spall or "particles" to enter the vehicle bypassing the minimal Armour?) Is this an old texture error item, or to be fixed later? Also just noticed that in the AAR that He rounds that fall short or just left or right on a target can still cause "particle" damage. (shrapnel damage- Yea!) All for now, later ... 9erRed dbl post,sorry
  24. Greetings all, In post one (1) the links are for rar parts [9,8,7,6.] and then listed again in post 19 are rar parts [6,7.] again. Are these to be "overwritten" into the same file location? Do they have additional or different info? Or just a duplicate set of entries? -- yes I know you can "add" aditional info to a single rar file in this way, just wondering is this one of those situations or somthing different. Some that are new to the rar format system may not know and it may be somewhat confusing to them. Thanks, 9erRed
  25. My spanish friends

    Greetings Leo, Have a look here. http://www.spain-select.com/detail_villa.asp?id_villa=476 http://www.spain-select.com/galeria.asp?id_villa=476&prov=16 (pictures, and near a beach!) http://www.spain-select.com/check_availability.asp?id=476 (appears open in Sept) Later, Lee