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  1. I took some happy snaps too, which I'll contribute. This series of TEWTs has been great - Chung Ju is a really good test-bed.
  2. Yay - fixed. Thanks for pointing it out!
  3. Mark, I'm stumped about my sig - since the forum change (last year?) my RT15(?) ribbon hasn't shown - i had thought maybe it was only showing that way for me. My profile shows the same thing that you are seeing i suppose: " " so I guess something got busted. I shall try to reload it...
  4. I'm there! Happy to be a cog in the next plan.
  5. Great session last week covering principles of offensive action. I'll be there Thursday, hopefully with a Chong Ju plan...
  6. I'll be there - got to watch that video!
  7. We are the little yellow boats pulled up on the beach far left - took a bit of navigating to get back out through drunk swimmers etc. Fun day though, 60+ kms from home.
  8. Sounds like fun - sorry i couldn't make it - sailed on the busy waters of Hawkesbury River and Cowan Creek. This little bay below, normally quiet and peaceful was heaving with 60+ boats! See you Thursday!
  9. That was a pleasant scenario, though my first time out in M60s. When my troop bumped into some T64s when i moved them up to support 2 troop, three of the five were slotted in seconds.
  10. Hi Mark - probably can't make it due to Oz Day plans, but if these change, I'll jump on TS...
  11. Took longer than expected but should be on soon
  12. Hope to be online tonight around 8.00pm, 8.30pm. Have a guest over but she should have cleared the range by then...
  13. Miclic! Thanks Mark for a refresher on breaching.
  14. Aftermath in EA Carnage.