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  1. Still; on holidays down the coast, so I won't make it. Back in Sydney tomorrow.
  2. I will be a trifle late - wife has been held up at work, i will need to get the kids to bed
  3. Me too - maybe re-run of Duke's 'not so easy' mission? Assume it has some randomness built in?
  4. I'm there! - sorry, work stopped me from posting on this thread. [edit] in fact i'm in the lobby now
  5. ...and I've been gazumped. I'm required for furniture-moving duties at the in-laws tonight, sorry.
  6. Its been 7 months! Feels like a lifetime.
  7. Hello all - barring disaster, I'm a starter this week! Finally got into the house on the weekend, got the brick dust out of everything and the PC is back up!
  8. I'm working in Singapore this week, so will miss it again.
  9. Still not available, but getting close! Plumber and sparky are finishing things off tomorrow and there's a chance we can start moving back in this weekend.
  10. Sorry lads. As usual, unable this week. House is getting closer to being finished and I can't wait to get back to my PC, decent internet and on-demand TV. Mark, we slapped another 5KW of solar panels on the roof and I should be able to monitor them in a few days!
  11. Unable to attend again sorry. House getting closer but still no power.
  12. Sadly I will, as usual lately, not be able to join. Hope to be back in the house in a couple of weeks.