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  1. Sorry for late notice - can't make it tonight.
  2. Gooder than what I had which was aging and a bit challenged by 4.019. After seeing the terrain demo video, some more horsepower was needed.
  3. Hi all - aiming to be there this week! Got the PC back with a gleaming new GTX1070 and an SSD inside; and the i52500k overclocked to 4.2!
  4. Sorry Mark - I'm unable again this week - have a work function cooking dinners for the less-fortunate of Sydney!
  5. I'm an inability this week sadly - stuck in Melbourne for work.
  6. Was going to be there wearing these: http://www.news.com.au/lifestyle/fashion/fashion-trends/jeans-with-plastic-knee-panels-were-questionable-but-fullon-plastic-jeans-craaazy-town/news-story/651a1185a37d80f2b1ce8f214754f52d but unfortunately my wife's work has struck and I'm babysitting tonight at a house without broadband or my PC. Sorry chaps, have a good session.
  7. Should be there, but there is some disruption with our house extensions (presently staying in in-laws place, but should be able to access home for the PC).
  8. Thanks for this Esim - downloading.
  9. I'll be up the back pedalling!
  10. Can't make it I'm sorry. Will be mid-flight.
  11. Too busy to take screenies! I was gunning for Chris and didn't give it a thought!
  12. That was fun - played one of Duke's recommended 'not so easy' missions - a troop of M1a2s against a company+ of T80s and mech inf. Watching the enemy tanks appear 6,500m away was something. It was desperate stuff, ending up with a close-quarters knife fight that overwhelmed our remaining forces. We were saved by reinforcements coming from our rear, leaving us with a single busted tank, with a driver only alive.