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  1. Sorry lads. As usual, unable this week. House is getting closer to being finished and I can't wait to get back to my PC, decent internet and on-demand TV. Mark, we slapped another 5KW of solar panels on the roof and I should be able to monitor them in a few days!
  2. Unable to attend again sorry. House getting closer but still no power.
  3. Sadly I will, as usual lately, not be able to join. Hope to be back in the house in a couple of weeks.
  4. Sorry for late advice - still no power or access at my house.
  5. Can't be there again this week - still no access to my office. Kitchen should be in in 4 weeks' time at which point I should be able to get back to my PC!
  6. Apologies chaps for not letting you know - was in Singapore.
  7. No power at my house still, sorry.
  8. Sorry chaps - house still a shambles, won't be able to be there.
  9. Sorry, washout I'm afraid. I'll be glad when these extensions are over. 5 more weeks of disruption and living in my in-laws house with rubbish internet and free to air TV.
  10. I'm a possibility tonight Mark, but I won't know until much later - builders and electricians have been doing stuff outside my office today (we aren't living in the house at the moment), so I'm not sure if the room is blocked, or power is working.
  11. Sorry for late notice - can't make it tonight.
  12. Gooder than what I had which was aging and a bit challenged by 4.019. After seeing the terrain demo video, some more horsepower was needed.
  13. Hi all - aiming to be there this week! Got the PC back with a gleaming new GTX1070 and an SSD inside; and the i52500k overclocked to 4.2!
  14. Sorry Mark - I'm unable again this week - have a work function cooking dinners for the less-fortunate of Sydney!