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  1. I'll be there (paying better attention this time...)
  2. An interesting night - for a change we played a couple of competition winning scenarios from the in-game collection. The first we tried (winged warriors?) was busted. The second one, we took ASLAVs to protect a desert refugee camp from depredations from Syrian infantry and make sure an aid convoy got through our AO. Even with low visibility, a WW1 style advance in line was not a good tactic for the baddies.
  3. I will be there. Late start no problems for me
  4. Hi Mark - bit iffy this week. Potential very short notice work trip - will know tomorrow.
  5. Sorry I missed it - pressure of work!
  6. Really sorry I missed it - when you are my age and have any kind of chest-related bug (this one had me walking like an old man on any upward grade at all) they want to send you for batteries of tests!
  7. Ooh - I remember that book. I was thinking of that image of the stars going out, just last night!
  8. Nah, I meant rerunning the original, but with a plan that didn't bypass the breach like I did in my original run-through. A dinkum attempt.
  9. Pressure's on Panzer_Leader for a Chong Ju v1 plan. If he isn't available, I could have a shot at a 'non-cheating' Chong Ju plan (with breach).
  10. Here's some shots from V31's perspective We had previously bumped into a fleeing civvie car, so when V31, creeping into our overwatch position way up in the north, getting ready to watch the roads east, saw a dark shape on the road to our left, at first iu thought it was another car or civvie truck. Nope, it was a T90, spearhead of a CRP. My second callsign only survived because Tango 1-1 was able to hit him in the flank as he was about to kill my retreating ASLAV. Thanks 1-1! This apparently prompted the enemy to take the southern route, allowing D u k e's FO team to coordinate multiple ICM fires onto their approach routes Then later, as I probed east to make contact with the T90 company passing down our right flank, I bumped right into the enemy at close range - they were already crossing the ridgeline protecting our flank and heading for a handy re-entrant. Two close-range surprises in one night. Luckily the skipper, as well as Tango 1-2 are able to hit them as the head down the slope I contribute some paint scratches, trying to damage their optics with my 25mm But after one T90 passes by, a second survivor notices my mosquito bites and turns to deal with me - time to retreat again Dismounted Javelin team from V31D gets some kills before their vehicle is destroyed just before they can rearm Viewed from V31D's dismounted FO team (D u k e) the ICM barrages are beautiful Tango 1-1 callsign helping to blunt the enemy thrust
  11. I too, am planning to be there.
  12. A few shots I took. T12A approaches the marked breach; Mech inf passing through and deploying; stop and drop in front of Objective 1; the assault goes in; and finally, T12 on Objective 2.