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  1. OOPs my bad; back to recognition school :oops: So it's a run and gun asset, I have to create a custom mission to be to use it..?
  2. OOerrrr not sure what's happened there that's supposed to be in my sig... :confused:
  3. Ok you talked me into it....:heu: , went and got me the 4 monthly ticket installed and registered without incident, Now I just got to get my 'tread head' back on. Just one query I saw a YT Video of the FV101 (Scorpion) as a playable asset yet when I check the range scenarios I don't see it listed, is this a just a run and gun item in mission/scenario or only available in the PRO not PE edition? "Fin Tank On" - Oh! Crap he's seen us :eek2: - "Driver Reverse".....!
  4. Hello Ladies & Gentlemen, (I mention Ladies 'cos there was one or two way back in the old days ) Just dropped by to say Hello, especially you veteran SB'ers out there I trust you're all keeping well and having fun. My absence from the community has been down to Real Life suddenly biting me in the butt... I've tried to keep abreast of SB as much as R/L has allowed, and WOW! has this sim grown up a bit, I just love what Al, Ssnake and crew have done with it, makes me want to dust off my trusty old Thrustmasters and fire up my old SB1. Gold copy. You all take care and send a few down range.
  5. Version 1.0


    Her ya' go Hack...I haven't tested this in game so not sure how the colours will look let me know if theres any probs.
  6. Version 1.0


    A couple of Hires M1 files I messed around with a while ago you will need a good system to use these in game and I wouldn't use them for online use either.