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  1. No worries. As I say, I was able to do some concurrent activity. See how we go next week.
  2. Grenny - presume you were held up. 40 mins of watching youtube.
  3. So one starter - Grenny. Mate, I'll be there, we can have a chat, see you else drops in and go from there.
  4. Japo, Whisper list functionality is well known here and is used as and when required. What used to be possible was for say BG ANZAC to have its own channel and create a dedicated structure within it (Blue, Red, Chat, X Platoon, Y Platoon, etc.) this meant the VUs could tailor the TS channels to suit their needs, as opposed to the static configuration you see now. In any case, there is little point is continuing the discussion, we have workarounds in place for the current arrangement and eSim has confirmed that the previous structure is not coming back.
  5. No worries. Five guys tonight, 2 x from Aus, 1 x NZ, 1 x UK and 1 x Spain.
  6. Well if the range was under 1700m it probably doesn't matter as its inside the range threshold for the problem.
  7. I must admit I'm surprised that you didn't ask me. If I'd wanted it there, I would have posted it there. Given that holding it or not is PM driven (that is, no PMs, no event) what is the point of posting it there when from week to week it may not even be on - if no one sends me a PM.
  8. Understood. Thanks for thinking about it. Just wasn't sure if it was still under consideration or if a final decision had been made. Now that I know its "locked in", will work within the new structure.
  9. Just under 48hrs to go and no PMs. Will confirm same time tomorrow if this is a "go" or "no go" for this week.
  10. Can I suggest: The notes beside "neutralise" cover just this eventuality.
  11. Ah so just destroy the fuel trucks then?
  12. Yes there was one indicating an issue with tank launched ATGMs in 4.019. It did say they would just hit the ground at approx 1700m and to avoid building scenarios with longer range ATGM engagements. It also said it had been addressed in the "upcoming" update. Of course can't find it now - I think it was posted by Dark, Retro or Grenny.
  13. Fully appreciate its a wish list. I suspect though that if eSim combined the request on the previous page for "larger maps" and your request for "the GM / Instructor Host mode", then there would be very little difference between the Commercial and Military versions. That would probably result in a price increase of the Commercial product to around that of the Military one - to reflect the lack of difference in feature set. Having said that, maybe I can help you with the "GM" functionality - depending on what you are trying to achieve (happy to start a PM conversation on the topic).?
  14. until

    This might help. Current* global equivalent timings as at 26 April: https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?msg=TGIF&iso=20170429T02&p1=1440 * Until various areas go on / off Summer time in / around October.