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  1. Until we have the possibility to generate a chem/bio attack we have my scenario emulating it.
  2. Soviet Showcase
  3. Only in a minor fashion when I play 4.0 in 3-screen. Before 4.0 it would drop badly but post-4.0 runs decent (with a bit of slow down) for me.
  4. That's it. The range. Was 2980 meters. God I HATE MPAT but I use it when I have to do so. I have CV90s causing the "must choose sabot" protocol as well but at much closer ranges.
  5. duplicate - please delete
  6. This is a really weird protocol. I've had a TC "fight" me for ammunition selection when ASLAVs were being targeted. I saw them on the other side of a valley and had sabot loaded. I switched to the TC position and selected MPAT (which is a round I REALLY dislike but it was the only HEAT I had at the time). I heard the loader unload sabot and load MPAT. I switched back to gunner and index MPAT only to realize Sabot had been RELOADED by the replacement AI TC. I really don't think protocol should be sabot for an ASLAV. That's really weird.
  7. Thank you for this!
  8. I redownloaded all 5 parts again and now it just.... works. Not complaining.
  9. Had the same weird problem... somehow it just went away. Weird.
  10. Okay, so somehow I have screwed up my textures with my M1IP Can someone help me fix this issue?
  11. Hobbit sized
  12. Ah the never-ending fight of getting that impossible balance between mission, weight, armor, firepower, mobility and... of course... cost.
  13. Nevermind all.. problem has fixed itself somehow.
  14. Hoping one day to see this in SB Pro. Although... yikes... this would be a tough 3D model to build!
  15. The honor was mine. Be sure to write a tiny= review in the downloads section. Thanks for playing.