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  1. Nice read. In the, Trends in Defensive Operations section. "The advancing enemy had identified the obstacles and paused there for 20 minutes before deciding to bypass rather than breach. Unobserved, the opposing-force battalion continued movement on another covered route and eventually penetrated the seam between defending companies." An Unobserved obstacle is worthless, be it Mines, Dragons teeth, River, ECT.
  2. Daylight savings time In the US maybe? A Gentleman from Spain, and Your neck of the woods showed up an hour late because of it. Can catch people from other parts of the world off guard. Maybe time to post a world time clock in the TGIF forms, or mention it there to give people a heads up when the clocks in the US go back an hour in Fall, and Ahead an hour in spring.
  3. Nice job In the South, Ash, and Rotar, and good job with the UAV Rotar. That Is why I picked You first in the draft. I was so busy routing the reinforcements, and calling arty I did not have time to actually observe much, or man a vehicle and fight. Probably the most busy I have ever been as a Co. Just not enough manpower for the amount of Reinforcements, and tasks. The video gave Me a chance to see just how much of a meat grinder It was, and how well You guys handled it.
  4. Not going to be able to make it. Due to Technical difficulties
  5. If no volunteers by go time I'll step up for Red, Or Blue.
  6. Had fun last summer when I did a Kanium Co-op. Also I cannot pass up a Centauro. I just Hope I don't bog down in the Rain, and Mud.
  7. Recon Centauro for Me please.
  8. Don't feel bad Sparty. Last night I had control of 2 vehicles. Each died within 10 seconds of coming into contact with the enemy. I spent most of the time observing for teammates in the f8 view. I've won, and lost many as a player, and as a Co since 2003 when tgif started. Last night I was in the same boat as You. Sometimes You are the Hammer, and sometimes You are the Anvil. Forget it, and move on. You will have a victory, Your confidence will rise, and all will be ok. Until You get crushed again.
  9. 13 Years later, and the same Bickering of "the scene is Impossible" remains. . If Not a Co relax, and follow orders. No one has made more Mistakes than Me. Many a person under My command has been lead into DOOM, or received a sabot of Mine up their arse because Of My mistakes, Volcano can attest to that. I learned long ago to accept it for what it is. A Good Co will accept the outcome of His team. If You are a Co, prepare, lay it on the line, and accept Your fate for Your decisions, victory or defeat. Learn from Your mistakes, and move on. Sometimes Your the Hammer, Sometimes Your the anvil.