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  1. actually you can but only a limited number of groups. select file then preconfigure groups, then you can group different units together. but you can only have a max number of 6 groups per unit type. ie 6 vehicle type, 6 personnel type, and 6 air vehicle type
  2. yes we turned our clocks ahead last week
  3. I got it too, and I learned something new today
  4. I would have to go with the M60 series, M48 Series tanks. To me they look like tanks.
  5. No worries Sparty, when I used to have time and participate in TGIF,s, there would be missions I got zero kills, 1 kill, or many kills. Like brun said, its part of everybody who participates. sometimes your the fly, sometimes your the windshield. Wish I had the time now cause I would definitely love to join in again and kill some tanks and get killed too. Its all in the fun.
  6. Merry Christmas everyone and a happy new year
  7. And you just witnessed the first birth of a BRDM 2
  8. Sorry took so long, didn't see any replies til today but here it is. I created the medic m113 first. so when you start mission without changing anything, you start in medic vehicle. you cant zoom in with it though but you can control it in view mode medicrew.sce
  9. No, it was alone here is screenshot of map view. I did a test mission where I just placed a medic in 1 company, another medic in a different company, and an m1 in yet another company. I was able to do what I did before. from top view I was able to select the medic and control it oh yea, also note, you may already know it, but when I made scenario, med was first vehicle I placed this time, and saved it so when I started the mession I was able to control medic once I select another vehicle, I was not able to select it again til I went into top view
  10. Did a search, but couldn't find another topic like this - the medic vehicle can be manned in offline session. If you try selecting it through the map f5 screen you cant, but when top view is enabled, you can select it if it in view of your screen, then you can control it. I thought it might be just the scenario, but I opened another scenario with a medic in it and was able to do it there also. Can be done on a network session also
  11. I actually thought it was funny. I didn't take any offense to it myself,
  12. Here is me
  13. Its amazing, back then how the graphics looked good but to look at them now you think, damn, maybe they weren't as good as I thought they were.
  14. Just an interesting tidbit, initialy the m2/3 Bradley engine was underpowered for the transmission. This resulted in having to rev the engine really high any time you wanted to turn or do a pivot steer. If you didn't give the engine enough power, you were apt to stall the vehicle. (in my units, any driver who stalled the vehicle had to by a case of beer for the crew) Also, if you were the driver of the vehicle, and oyu were the driver the first time the pac was pulled (engine and transmission), you got to keep the cummins logo that was on it
  15. Some still did up til mid 90's When I got to 2nd ACR in 87 they had 4-tank platoons. each troop consisted of 2 tank platoons of four tanks each, and 2 scout platoons with 6 vehicles each, 4 m113's and 2 itv's. them 6 Bradleys./ in 92, when I went to 3/4 cav, they still had the 3 platoon troops, with 3 tanks and 5 bradleys. wasn't til somewhere in 94 or late 93 when they switched to the 4 platoon concept.