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  1. Getting ready to roll out
  2. Well, I stand corrected then its about time they updated the range on it guess lot more has changed since I retired 9 years ago
  3. I would like the option to make the mechanic m113 look like an American M113A2 not a german m113. looks kinda funny making a sce with us equipmente but a german m113 for maintenance. Or a medic M113A2 instead of the A3. Would be nice if there was a way in menu to make the m113 into an APC, Medic Track, or Maintenance track. Although I guess would be more hard to actually implement with the coding that would be involved in it.
  4. Unless they made all new ammo for it, no M3A2 or M2A2 can engage Armor targets 4.5 km out. Max eff range of a tow 2 is 3750 meters, AP 1900 and he round 3000 meters. my three fav are: M3A2 (of course since I was on Bradley for 18 of my 22 year in military) M1A1 M60A3
  5. Hehe, wonder if Valero would get mad knowing they "expanded" all over the sim world now
  6. just a fyi, on the Bradley, the lines on the retical, the line closest to the center is for slow moving targets, the two middle lines for medium speed targets and the outer lines are for fast moving targets
  7. when I was a gunner, I was trained that you are constantly scanning, and also switching back and forth from low to high mag, and thermals to day sight. That is also how I trained my gunners when I became a Bradley commander
  8. what are your graphic settings? it not doing it on mine ok I take it back, my rocks turn dark brown, not white I guess they say third time is a charm third time and 4th time they turned white.
  9. Neat, finally watched this video today. My unit was the unit that opened the airport there in Mosul. Strange looking at the airport now, and to the left of the airport I was able to see the area where my CHU was.
  10. actually you can but only a limited number of groups. select file then preconfigure groups, then you can group different units together. but you can only have a max number of 6 groups per unit type. ie 6 vehicle type, 6 personnel type, and 6 air vehicle type
  11. yes we turned our clocks ahead last week
  12. I got it too, and I learned something new today
  13. I would have to go with the M60 series, M48 Series tanks. To me they look like tanks.
  14. No worries Sparty, when I used to have time and participate in TGIF,s, there would be missions I got zero kills, 1 kill, or many kills. Like brun said, its part of everybody who participates. sometimes your the fly, sometimes your the windshield. Wish I had the time now cause I would definitely love to join in again and kill some tanks and get killed too. Its all in the fun.
  15. Merry Christmas everyone and a happy new year