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  1. 25mm Bushmaster STAB question

    the Bradley, at least the a2 and earlier, you still could traverse the turrets in power even if stab was off. not sure tho if stab became inop but I wouldn't think that would make a difference
  2. Scenarios to practice hiding? Inert rounds? Sound question

    impotent setting is good for that. I also use that setting when designing scenario to test, setting it to the actual setting when ready to publish the scenerio
  3. I Took the Plunge

    we are like hotel california, you can check out any time you like, but you can never leave. I think you will find it worth it to get the codemeter stick. I have the stick, and altho do not get to play it a lot, I find it a lot easier to be able to just turn it on anytime I want and not have to worry if the liscence is expired or not.
  4. Spintires Tank mods.

    does not look enticing to me at all. plus, the model is all wrong, tc hatch on the wrong side
  5. Please comment

    Let's give a warm welcome to the miss ISIS contestants
  6. Please comment

    the ISIS dating service, they even deliver
  7. Web-cam

    Conn Barracks, was there with 3/4 CAV 92 - 95 3-64 and 2-64 Armor were there until 3-64 disbanded in 94 time frame
  8. 4.023 hind helos wont engage

    I think it something with the missiles, as it is the only ammunition they have problems firing with. and it does it on the cobra, hind, and yesterday the apache.
  9. 4.023 hind helos wont engage

    I loaded the cobra with all ammo and went to the super leos, when it first started, it wold fire the rockets, but when I hit e, it did select up the tows and use them
  10. 4.023 hind helos wont engage

    Yes both the cobra and hind only have missiles. No other ammo.
  11. 4.023 hind helos wont engage

    video I made of it, quality isn't good but hopefully will help illustrate what I was describing better
  12. 4.023 hind helos wont engage

    here is scenario. I made it with one cobra and one hind, missiles only but unlimited. targets are leo2a4's. I tried making video of what I did but file size was too large so ill explain it best I can. cobra is on left side of map, hind is on right side. I manually controlled the cobra directly north to the leos set for it at the 27 grid line. it would not select missile while I had it controlled and stopped. once I set an assault route for it, it selected missile, engaged the super leos. when I took control of the cobra again, it selected unknown for ammo. Then I switched to the hind and did same exact thing, and got same results, as long as I was controlling the hind, it would not select missile, but once I set an assault route for it, it selected the missile and engaged. and when I went to control it again, it selected unknown for ammo chopper missile cobra hind.sce
  13. 4.023 hind helos wont engage

    i had issue with hind and cobra, they would not engage the targets if I took control of them. if I let computer control them, then they would engage. if I observed on them but didn't move them, they would engage, but once I would move them to a different location, they would not engage again until I did an assault route for them. And this was for missiles only, all other ammo it they would engage, just not missiles. this was against t-72s and leo 2a4's and it only the missiles affected. I had the hind and cobra ammo loaded with just missiles , and any time Iwold take control of the chopper and steer, the ammo would go to unknown. 0/0 but once I put it on a planned assault route, it would select up missile and use it until I went to control it again. Think this is related to the stated problem.
  14. We love screenshots

    Thats a pretty kewl floating fifty cal there, is that for quicker dismounting?