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  1. guide horns? is that what we refer to as return rollers? If so, is it possible they weren't modeled because of the side skirts? So maybe a skin would do the trick? not sure but hell, worth a shot to me
  2. Steel thunder on the commodore 64 was the first tank sim I used. Loved it. then had armored fist, that was too arcadish for me, m1 tank platoon 2, but that was too easy to me. then steel beasts. Used steel beasts back when it first came out, but stopped because I could never get he rounds near target. then later down the road found out you had to hit a button to change the sight for the different rounds so loaded it back up, and haven't used anything else since
  3. it isn't possible. even if you copied the file to your my scenerios folder, the file is password protected.
  4. yes he is correct. the A3's you have the monitor for the blue force tracker on the coax access doors. Even the m3A2 ODS I hade in OIF had it, and it was very cumbersome, made getting in and reloading the coax a pain in the arse.
  5. so o would mean operations. probably the equivelent of our M577 as far as usage is concerned
  6. Yes. you can have all ap, or all he, or ap small box he large box, or ap large box he small box. by both ready boxes there is a switch for whatever type of ammo is loaded so the sights and fcs knows what ammo is being fired from where. 'we would call it ap heavy or he heavy when we reversed the ammo.
  7. This is for Grenny
  8. is there going to be an option to be able to load any type of ammo in the ready boxes, ie in the ap load up he and in he load up ap in future? I know on real Bradley that can be done, as there is an ammo reverse switch by each of the ready boxes.
  9. Getting ready to roll out
  10. Well, I stand corrected then its about time they updated the range on it guess lot more has changed since I retired 9 years ago
  11. I would like the option to make the mechanic m113 look like an American M113A2 not a german m113. looks kinda funny making a sce with us equipmente but a german m113 for maintenance. Or a medic M113A2 instead of the A3. Would be nice if there was a way in menu to make the m113 into an APC, Medic Track, or Maintenance track. Although I guess would be more hard to actually implement with the coding that would be involved in it.
  12. Unless they made all new ammo for it, no M3A2 or M2A2 can engage Armor targets 4.5 km out. Max eff range of a tow 2 is 3750 meters, AP 1900 and he round 3000 meters. my three fav are: M3A2 (of course since I was on Bradley for 18 of my 22 year in military) M1A1 M60A3
  13. Hehe, wonder if Valero would get mad knowing they "expanded" all over the sim world now
  14. just a fyi, on the Bradley, the lines on the retical, the line closest to the center is for slow moving targets, the two middle lines for medium speed targets and the outer lines are for fast moving targets
  15. when I was a gunner, I was trained that you are constantly scanning, and also switching back and forth from low to high mag, and thermals to day sight. That is also how I trained my gunners when I became a Bradley commander