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  1. Mi-8

    Soloution is explained in scenario and maps forum: pm Administrator http://www.steelbeasts.com/topic/10769-attn-what-to-do-when-updating-a-existing-file/
  2. Voice attac

    I just checked it with voice attack and works with a combined keypress, checked it with alt+a for "gunner observe left" worked fine. My problem in the moment is, that every thrid or so command is not understood correct, absolut to much ... still some room for tuning the options, but nur shure at all, if this way will ever work as quick and secure like a keypress.
  3. Voice attac

    Thanks for your feedback on voice activation. I found myself the problem of slight delay, sometimes its just ok, sometimes keypress is really faster. I haven't tried multiplayer, i understand your points about complexity. I will go a little bit deeper in options an tweek of the software. Thanks for your input! Gottel
  4. Voice attac

    thats true You can activate it like teamspeak with a keypress, or (but i only did read about this and haven't tried it my self so far) the program stops, if you speak on TS It is easy to test: the software is free for 21 days and after this its about 8$ ... Gottel
  5. Voice attac

    Hello, I just tried out voice attack (http://www.voiceattack.com). The program uses your voice to generate a keypress to execute a command in game. It is really cool: I say "up" (oder "hoch" in german) an the commander gets a step up, like pressing "q". Works with all other Keycommands. Works best on my PC with keypress 0,2 and windows standard, not directx and i trained the Windows voice recognition a bit. Has anyone else tried this? Greetings Gottel
  6. 3.011 Road Shadow Bug?

    Hello, I have the same problem. My system specs: GTX 680 4 GB, driver 334.89 Windows 7, 64 bit, actual patchlevel Intel i7 2600k, 3,4 GHz 8 GB memory, asus sound If you nedd further infos ot tests, let me know. Gottel
  7. 3.0 License Update step by step

    Thanks alot, worked perfect. I always updated the software, never the firmeware. Small, but importend difference And again, thanks for the support on weekend!
  8. 3.0 License Update step by step

    Hello, same Probleme here: updated the stick, webadmin looks fine, all SB licences under the cm-stick entry, also 3.0. There is also an Esimgames container, which is empty. Error an Start is: One of the .... Codemeter 100146:11091 invalid Firmewareversion, Error 224 or CodeMeterAct 5000173:71091 CmContainer Entry not found, Error 200 If screenshots are neddes, let me know. Greetings Gottel
  9. Disappering woods

    I have seen new nvidia beta driver are out, for vista and 8800 , version is 163.11. I have installed drivers, maybe I have zo test tomorrow. Gottel
  10. Disappering woods

    Thaks for the informations. I think I've seen this bug, bushes and trees are more looking like fences of small black wires ... I will also try older graphic drivers, the new ones feel strange also in some other games as well. Gottel
  11. Disappering woods

    Hello, when beeing autside the tank (F8) und using the zoom (n/mouse) it happens (mostly on multiplayer, that I host) that in F8 I see wooods, and when using the zoom, the wood goes away and I see the enemy units, which were not visible before. As gunner, when using zoom, I could also see more tha I should. Other players dont have this problem, they don't have the woods disappear while zooming. Is this a known problem? I use Vista, with latest drivers. Thanks alot Gottel.
  12. Dash2 Template M1 Style

    Version 1.0


    Saitek Dash 2 template clear und with sample text, M1 style
  13. you have to start the cmd, it will copy an random bmp into the sb directory and than sb pro will start. by deleting the last line in the cmd it won't start sb pro, when you start the cmd. i had problems by starting the SBProPEcm.exe from the cmd, but when using the SBProPEcm.lnk, the bmp is copied und the game starts and cmd is closed.
  14. i have 19 skytexture, numbered 0.bmp to 18.bmp. in a directory called start in my profile mod/textures directory. the % are only used for skriptlanguage (placeholders to calculate the random number). to start sp from the cmd without radlink use : C:\Dokumente und Einstellungen\Gottel\Desktop\SB Pro PE.lnk als last line (with your own profile name). starting the "exe didn't work on my pc. my "randomsky.cmd" on desktop looks like this: set max=20 set /a wert=%random% %% %max% copy "C:\Dokumente und Einstellungen\Gottel\Eigene Dateien\eSim Games\Steel Beasts\mods\textures\Start\%wert%.bmp" "C:\Programme\eSim Games\SB Pro PE\textures\sky\SKY_d1.bmp" /y /v c:\windows\RadRun SBProPEcm.radlnk
  15. Hello, I am new to steelbeasts and this is my first post here ':oops:', please excuse by bad english. here is a way to randomly change the skytexture in game. You have to create am cmd-file und copy all your textures to a directory and rename them. copy this into a txt-file and rename it to *.cmd: set max=20 set /a wert=%random% %% %max% copy "C:\Dokumente und Einstellungen\Gottel\Eigene Dateien\eSim Games\Steel Beasts\mods\textures\Start\%wert%.bmp" "C:\Programme\eSim Games\SB Pro PE\textures\sky\SKY_d1.bmp" /y /v c:\windows\RadRun SBProPEcm.radlnk explanation: copy all your skytextures to a directory you like (use correct path in cmd), rename them 0.bmp, 1.bmp, ... starting with "0". The last number + 1 is used vor "set max". "set max" : is the numeber of textures + 1. "set wert" : is the random number in the range of "max" set the line above. copy : copy the textures from where ever you like to the gamedirectory. start the program - in this case it is the start of radlinker for ati radeon cards, you can also start "SB Pro PE.lnk" start the cmd und every time you have another sky. Thanks alot for all the good sky textutes.