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  1. ASLAV-25

    Looking good thanks
  2. AH1Q Sea Cobra 4.006

    Very nicely done, and the weathering is perfect. Thanks. Will look nice alongside the M60 for some desert scenarios.
  3. Two Map Projects

    They look great, thanks.
  4. Two Map Projects

    Sounds great, thanks.
  5. About mod files

    I don't believe so because I have subfolders in my FX folder which I use to copy and paste sound files as I edit and work with them. I think only the main FX folder is examined at startup.
  6. Arty sound mod

    After re-reading your original post I'm a bit confused. Did you simply install the sound files into your Mods/sounds/FX folder? If that is the case then simply delete the sound files you installed and the original sound files will be restored. The base (original) sound files are in an archive in the main directory so they should be safe. Let me know if you need further help.
  7. Arty sound mod

    I believe that the sounds for arty are also used for HEAT round impacts.
  8. Steel Beasts: Content Wish List

    Osprey's Duel Series "M60 vs T-62 Cold War Combatants 1956-1992"
  9. Steel Beasts: Content Wish List

    I was just reading a book about the USMC's use of the M60A1 during desert storm and how all of the engagements were fought using the battle sight vs the stereoscopic rangefinder. The visibility and environment just didn't require much shooting past 1500m. It also mentioned that during the 73' conflict that the battle sights were by far more used than the stereoscopic. Back to the original thread, I don't know if there is much more I would want to add to be truthful. I'm amazed that a sim has my two favorite weapon systems in it (M60 and the AH-1Q), and even has the ability to show US soldiers in the Pre-80's uniforms. That being said here are my two items for the wishlist: 1) M60A1 (w and w/o the ERA) 2) crewable Chieftan. since both are somewhat modeled in the sim already I'm hoping they might have a chance. I do remember playing a simple program on the PC that simulated the Chieftans very unique sighting system, it might be tough to model but would show highlight how differen't parties approach the issue.
  10. Small Arms Sound Mod

    If they are too loud you can use a sound editor to reduce them a bit to your own taste. I tend to mix and match sounds from different mods myself.
  11. Small Arms Sound Mod

    I really like the small arms sounds, makes me feel like I'm on the range, thanks for uploading. I couldn't find a separate thread for your realistic explosions mod so figured I would mention it here. I really love the explosions in "x_ArtyHeSplash" and "x_ArtyNearHeSplash" files, they give a nice echo that gives depth and a feeling of distance. The question I have is how does the sim look at the numbers at the end of the names? ie, "x_ArtyNearHeSplash0,1,2,3" etc. Does it just mix them up or do they have relation to distance from the source? Sometimes the audio is a bit too strong for the relative distance, but overall it's a great effect.
  12. new M60A3 template?

    Wondering if the template for the M60A3 might be updated and released in the future? By the way thanks for uploading the templates that are already available, I'm spending more time modding and trying out differen't looks than I am playing the scenarios.
  13. How to install skins

    Ok Splash you were correct, I was looking at the two file structures as being exact mirrors of each other but that isn't exactly true, and by using the US 1970 camo scheme I set myself up for a lot of confusion. The M60A3 file I thought I was replacing is in the main "woodland" folder but if I want it to be replaced I had to put it in the mods\US 1970 folder. There is no specific folder in the main directory for US 1970, ugh, totally missed that. Thank you for clearing that up for me, all is working great now. I decided to use JSGME to keep everything in order from here out. Sorry for the initial confusion on this.
  14. How to install skins

    I am not using any custom mods, I simply copied an M60A3 skin texture from the winter folder of the main directory and put it into the "woodland" folder under the Mod file structure. So the skin is vanilla SB. I also checked and yes I'm using the proper US scheme. I tried all 3 US schemes and it doesn't make a difference, and I used a winter scheme in the Mods directory to replace the summer scheme so it would be obvious if it was successful. EDIT: At first I thought the sound mods were not working but they are working fine when I put them in the mods "fx" folder. The main program is seeing and accessing the Mods folder on the C:\ drive fine, just no luck with the mods\textures folder. Again the Mods file structure is installed under my C:\ drive which has the Windows 10 operating system on it while the SB main program is on the D:\ drive. "my scenarios" file is in the same file structure on the C:\ drive and the game accesses that folder with no issue.
  15. How to install skins

    I can't seem to get any of the skins I put in the MODS folder to show up in game. Is there something I need to do to make sure the game is looking at the Mods folder first? I am using a Summer theme and trying to replace the "M60A3" skin, however the skin in the main texture woodland folder keeps showing up instead of the one in my mods folder. The Mods folder was installed into the C:\ drive directory which has the windows 10 operating system while the SB game directory was installed on my D:\ drive. Maybe that is affecting something. Also I notice that some folders are missing in the mods folder (ie. textures\camo\default) can I simply create this folder on my own if I wanted to mod the textures in it or has it been left out on purpose?