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  1. Next SB PRO PE upgrade?

    The problem is that we missed the window of opportunity to make a major new release in last September/October. We tried to get it ready by then but it didn't work out. Since then we're stuck with working on contractual obligations, and that will stay this way for a while. We still have some team members working on the terrain engine but even if all remaining issues were reported "solved" tomorrow morning we would still need to launch another beta test. A beta test ties down more team resources than we can afford to assign to non-contractual tasks, and it would be irresponsible to release a new version without a proper beta test. For a release all lights need to be green, and that lamp will remain solid red for a while. So, version 4.023 represents the essence of what came out of the last beta test, as far as 4.019 bug fixes were concerned, so we decided to at least push that part out.
  2. Windows 7 Install

    I'm not sure who said what to whom here. In any case, if you have an old license (2006 is 12 years away, this counts as "old" in the software business, particularly in games) you may still upgrade to version 4.0 at a reduced price (here's the link to our web shop), but you NEED the license to play version 4.0. You may however continue to play the old version indefinitely. In that case uninstall version 4.0, but keep the CodeMeter runtime installation. Then install version 2.2, 2.3, or 2.4 again. When prompted for the CodeMeter installation, click "cancel". You need a contemporary version of it, but if it's there the old version should still work on any Windows version since XP. For more information about your licensing options, you may find this orientation thread useful.
  3. Windows 7 Install

    I just checked my email inbox again, nothing. To which email address did you send it? Can you give me a hint about your own mail address (no need to disclose it in full, here). It may be in the spam filter, but it helps if I know what I'm supposed to be looking for. Anyway, if you have installed SB Pro PE 4.023 (the latest version) you can review the license information. Plug in the CM stick, right-click the CodeMeter tray icon and select "WebAdmin" (or click that button from the CodeMeter Control Center). This will open a new browser tab displaying license information. It may show the content of the (empty) virtual CM stick that Steel Beasts creates on installation. In that case, go up one level in the hierarchy to show "All CM Containers", then pick the one whose serial code (most likely) starts with 1- (possibly 2-, 3-) followed by a seven-digit numerical code. There's two options. Either it lists a specific number of licenses of a specific version of SB Pro PE (e.g. "11051 - SB Pro PE 2.4 - n/a - n/a - 1 - n/a") where the first figure is the product code, the second the product name, and the second to last one the number of licenses. Or it JUST reads 11051 - SB Pro PE and not much else. In that case you will need my help, and I will need your email address to help you. ... Just for everybody else's information if you ever research this topic and run across this post, the product code numbers are 11051 - valid for SB Pro PE 2.4 (and earlier versions) 11071 - valid (only) for SB Pro PE 2.5 11081 - valid (only) for SB Pro PE 2.6 11091 - valid (only) for SB Pro PE 3.0 11101 - valid (only) for SB Pro PE 4.0
  4. Windows 7 Install

    A few more details would be helpful. which version of Steel Beasts are you trying to install? Note that older versions may not install directly on a Windows version that wasn't out at the time we compiled the installer. Are you installing on a virtual machine? "It says something about license." I guess that means that you need to do something about license. I'll be happy to go into details if you do, too. Like, the exact text of the error message.
  5. Use of 50 Cal on M1A1

    ...in the M1A1 only buttoned, on the M1A2 only unbuttoned.
  6. Use of 50 Cal on M1A1

    Left-right with arrow keys works, too.
  7. SB does not detect CH Combatstick (FIXED)

    Well, I'm sure that if you unplug the Enterpad, the CH stick will be recognized by Steel Beasts. What I'm nor sure about is whether that will stay this way when you plug it in again. MS has changed the way how this was handled over time. They started with assigning IDs to each individual game controller on the USB, and I think that's still what's going on under the hood. At some point you could only set ID1, then that changed to the "preferred device". Still, under Windows 7 there still is the option to vierw and edit the properties of a game controller, with an "Advanced" button or tab that opens the dialog to make it the preferred device. I have Win 7 in a virtual machine here, but I have no joysticks connected, so I have to work from memory here. Windows 10, needless to say, does things differently again.
  8. Yeah, faster driving with NVGs is on the list.
  9. SB does not detect CH Combatstick (FIXED)

    In the properties of your CH stick, go to "advanced properties" and make it the "preferred device".
  10. Steel Beasts: Content Wish List

    I fail to see how keeping a button pressed with your finger (when in reality it's your foot) would make the driver's position more interesting. You can always use a steering wheel with gas pedal and brake, or push your joystick forward.
  11. Steel Beasts: Content Wish List

    My personal preferences aside, this is very unlikely to happen. Adding a detailed driver's place would forces us to add highly individual elements to each vehicle (gear shift ratios, engine torque/RPM characteristics, point of gravity shifts (troops loaded or not? How much ammo? How much fuel?), add to that ancillary functions like differential lock for some vehicles, tire pressure regulation, the vehicle's circuit box, battery simulation, heating, deep-wading valves/seals, ...) In essence, it would double the complexity if applied to very vehicle, for rather little gain (unless our customers would adopt Steel Beasts as a driving simulator on motion platforms). Or you would get a more detailed, but inaccurate model because we wouldn't care about individualized parameterization.
  12. Africa Rebel Infantry Platoon Cloaking

    Which is not the same thing, if it also happens in a multiplayer session.
  13. SB Wiki problems.

    I have no problem, but I have turned off the Chrome Nanny anyway. Somehow I don't like to send every URL that I'm accessing to a faceless corporation whose prime purpose is to collect behavioral data.
  14. BMP-2 BOOMS!!!

    Well, if you have a human commander - problem solved; you'll make the same errors as humans would do in such a situation. If you are all alone in the turret - you'd have to make that decision all by yourself, anyway. The argument that a still live target that has received hits should have its hair mussed up goes both ways, there would be dead targets with cosmetic damage and live targets with cosmetic damage. Therefore, visualizing cosmetical damages improves immersion but still doesn't give you more clues than you currently have. The visualization in Steel Beasts is far from perfect, I grant you that. The question is, given the limitations we have to work with, is the current system delivering the kind of training result that we're after, and from Mark's comments I gather that it does. Yolu're shooting dead targets with little sign of damage again because either the engagement ranges are very large - which is cool, but that's your tactical choice, and more errors in battle damage assessment simply is the trade-off to being able to kill the enemy early on. Or it is because you don't want to risk being shot by a vehicle that appears dead without actually being dead. Again, that's a reasonable choice but the obvious tradeoff is a higher ammo expenditure, a consequence of your habit to shoot targets rapidly until they show obvious signs of destruction rather than taking chances by taking the time for careful observation.
  15. Steel Beasts: Content Wish List

    Note that snipers will fire ONLY on enemy personnel that has been configured as an HVT (high value target). Note also that you can set the look of snipers to be civilians. Finally, the choice of weapon is doe via the ammunition menu.