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  1. Error Log, what next? How do you actually fix it?

    Please start Steel Beasts in "debug mode" (see the link in the eSim Games/Steel Beasts/Troubleshooting folder). Then try to do the same thing again until you have the crash, and send us THAT log. That will hopefully be more useful. Also in the Troubleshooting folder there's a link to the directory that contains CrashDump files which Windows generates on an application failure. Those files are even more interesting. Please compress all "SBProPE.....dmp" files and send them to me along with the debuglog.txt file to me by email.
  2. Norway platoon ORBAT

    Forget all ammo with "TP" in it, that's training practice ammo for the live fire range, not combat.
  3. Hidden hostages rescue scenario

    That's a clever idea!
  4. Wind correction not working on CV90-35 DK-NL

    That's an excellent hint. East and North - confusing cartographers since the medieval era...
  5. Wind correction not working on CV90-35 DK-NL

    Ah, but the other is called the VIS (Vehicle Information System).
  6. Just in case that you want to personalize things, you can always open the properties of a Steel Beasts icon on your desktop and then click the "change icon" button. Miraculously, many different vehicles to pick from will appear:
  7. Wind correction not working on CV90-35 DK-NL

    "MFP", and the secret meaning to that acronym is Multi Function Panel. Another military secret lifted!
  8. why Leopard barrel elevates after shooting?

    It is done to maintain the overpressure of the NBC system to prevent contaminants to enter the vehicle. If the round was ejected the overpressure would vent through the open gun barrel. By keeping the stub, the breech block is "sealed enough" to prevent a rapid outflow of filtrated air. The theory is that if you open the gun barrel in a contaminated zone, the air rushing out will for a few moments keep the contamination outside while you put in a new cartridge, and the next shot will cleanse the inside of the gun barrel with pushing out possible dust, or burning harmful chemicals with the hot propellant gases. Maybe it's true.
  9. Credits Slideshow Music

    No. We just felt that a change after years of use was due. Eric Myers (composer and performer of the Fallujah song), and his wife Rebecca have a foundation for providing school bands with music instruments, BTW, if you want to demonstrate appreciation.
  10. New player checking in

    ..that's where this thread was originally posted.
  11. ETA on terrain patch?

    I say this with all possible caution, but the next window of opportunity for a public release of a major new update appears to be around the end of Q1, 2019. And with these words I probably jinxed it.
  12. Hurtgenwald map?

    Mark, this was neither necessary nor a particularly helpful contribution, to be honest.
  13. ETA on terrain patch?

    Of course ... I'm just not sure if they are done with it. I'll check.
  14. Error code 3

    Yes. But I don't know what, so I'll ask.
  15. Dynamic lead. Again.

    Sounds like a bug that you found (#6431), even though the pedant in me points out that the vehicles that you listed don't have "dynamic" lead, but "automatic lead". But even that is our responsibility due to the choice of wording in the UI.