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  1. You can always keep the server in the mission briefing screen to give it max performance.
  2. We ran out of time.
  3. Range dial: Shift+Arrow up/down? That said, Hit Alt+C, then apply the filter for "Marder" commands to see what hotkeys are available. Alternatively, the F1 view with mousewheel while the pointer is above the dial in the 3D turret.
  4. Hm. Never heard of this (nor do I have a suggestion for remedy, I must confess).
  5. I don't think you can do much here except a) wait for the next update where the team managed to improve render efficiency in some scene constellations b) reduce visibility in scenarios (you'd need to edit them), e.g. by modifying the weather (rain/snowfall) Thermal views are now particularly demanding because their render distance is often much higher than optical view, and on top of it the depth of focus function requires that the scene must be rendered twice before it can be composed into a picture.
  6. It might also be inetresting to place some light infantry with some anti tank weaponry to cover the forest bypass. Forests have little obstacle value if left completely unguarded. At the same time with relatively light forces they can be easily defended (at least that's how the theory goes). As the defender I'd place an abatis to close the open paths, just to make it laborious to slog through, buying time for the defenders to send their reserve to deal with this attempt. Good mission design would present you with two equally painful alternatives (just different flavors of pain) to choose from.
  7. That was a really excellent video. The narration provides a sense of continuity, the video is cut to an appropriate length, all in all very well made. The use of artillery... was very liberal. I saw you frequently calling for 12 tubes x 36 rounds of ICM (almost 400 rounds). Typically you'd be lucky to receive 80 rounds in total for a mission that size. Admittedly the model of artillery terminal effects in SB pro still leaves to be desired, so you'd partly need more rounds to achieve the desired effect; we're working on that. I guess I'm mentioning this to mentally prepare you that one day you'll need to cut back the arty consumption in SB Pro substantially if you don't want to blow your entire allotment in the first minute.
  8. No. Version 2.370 is free for you. Theoretically you could also play version 2.4, but in order to install the latest 2.4 version an installation disk is needed, and those are out of stock for about seven years now.
  9. To upgrade from before version 2.5, choose the "old version upgrade" option in our web shop. It sells, however, for $80.- My recommendation therefore is to play the old version for a while until you're certain that you like what you see - in which case, I'm pretty certain about that, you'll like the current version even better.
  10. Given that the thing is ten years old, it could be one of those bugs that we fixed in the meantime. Don't know what else to say here, to be honest. With the latest version we could have a look at the crash dump file and see in which module it crashed, and eventually fix a bug. But a lot of the mechanisms that we're using now for error analysis we didn't use a decade ago (we were young and naive and didn't know better). So, well, that's all I can say. Not trying to pressure you into upgrading to the latest version, but the reality is that our possibilities to render effective customer support are limited by the sheer age of the version. At the very least you should upgrade to version 2.370, which is available near the bottom of our Downloads page.
  11. There are a number of fundamentals. Moving targets get spotted more likely than stationary targets Dust clouds attract attention, and lead to a more frequent observation in that direction, making it more likely for the AI to spot emerging targets. So, you may want to approach ridges at slow speed to reduce your signature when operating on dusty ground Skylining your vehicle increases your likelihood to get spotted Appearing in front of an enemy position increases your likelihood to get spotted Blocked line of sight will help to conceal you against computer-controlled units Now, all that said, there are a number of issues. "Ground clutter", bushes and boulders, that fade out at a distance - no matter how large - will NOT conceal you. Even if it blocks your own view. There is no ambiguity. Once that you ARE spotted, you are immediately identified as friend or foe, and your identity and location is sent immediately into the AI hive mind (except for those units that have no radio connection) Likewise, there is no gradual identification process. Ideally there would be, but that's something for a future upgrade. So, WHEN you get spotted, and that is only a matter of time, you get identified, even if only a tiny part of your vehicle is actually exposed. Conclusion: Driving inside of forests usually blocks our own view, but doesn't stop the enemy from spotting (and shooting) you.
  12. ...however, a) the multi-fuel Diesel engines run most efficient with diesel fuel (surprise!) b) they usually don't run on PURE other fuels (or if so, only for rather short times). Rather, up to 40% of the volume may be replaced by alcohol, gasoline, or second hand deep-fry oil. A gas turbine is the only "true" multi-fuel engine that will burn pretty much anything, pure, as long as it can be vaporized when injected into the burn chamber.
  13. Also, weight distribution, particularly the load on the first roadwheel pair. Which can be countered by stiffer/stronger torsion bars, but that in turn has effects on vehicle handling in the terrain... which may all be justifiable, but in the end it means that upgrading the fleet costs more, and if the assumption is that 80% or more of all combat time is from hull-down positions - well, here come the budget conflicts with countless other branches and services that want the same money for things that they claim are just as important, or more urgent.
  14. Ah. So Windows comes with it's built-in keylogger.
  15. ...so, what does it do?