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  1. Video Thread

    The problem was that the Bundeswehr and East German NVA officers were initially talking past each other. It basically went like this, "So, which parts of your equipment are still fit for use?" "All of it!" "Hahaha, good one! No, seriously. I know you maintained your gear well, but which of it is still combat worthy?" "All of it!" "C'mon. Your armored vehicles?" "The BMPs are in top condition, ready to go to war. The T-55s, well, going a bit long in the tooth but with the right tactics, still useful." "Uh-huh." "Oh, you remember that tank regiment that we promised to dismantle in the CFE treaty? As it happens, uh, there was a minor glitch in our accounting. We sorta misplaced the 100 tanks in some underground storage, with full combat loads. Over here. Look, like mint condition! Great, huh?" "..." "O-kayyy.... and your radio sets?" "Ah! Our prized radio sets. The latest and best in electronics. They warm up in under two minutes, and you have to press the send button only for one minute while you're doing so. Nobody can triangulate so fast." "..." "I see, you're impressed." At the end, the Bundeswehr kept the Igla MANPADs and also the Strela (though it was considered to be more for training than combat use), the MiG-29s, and the BMPs. Of course, the BMPs in their original condition were simply illegal to use on public roads, so they had to be retrofitted. Also, it was clear that the autoloader inside was a serious safety hazard and could not be kept if the Bundeswehr tried to get a workplace safety certificate ... nor the rear door fuel tanks. So they dismantled that as well, foamed the rear doors, and decided that the vehicle would only be used for training purposes - be it tactical retraining of junior officers and NCOs to Bundeswehr doctrine, be it mech infantry soldier training (which was more about infantry equipment and tactical decisions where and when to mount/dismount, than about the vehicle). At the time when the retrofitting decision was made it was still unclear how much the headcount of the reunified army would be reduced (as it turned out, from short of 700,000 to short of 200,000), also they wanted to keep some people employed with the BMP conversion. Yes, they were then sold for scrap value to Sweden, Finland, basically anyone who took them in bulk. Getting rid of the huge(*) ammo stockpiles was a much bigger problem. (*) The 180,000 strong NVA had put more than five times the amount of ammo in storage than the 480,000 strong Bundeswehr (before the Desert Storm donations).
  2. US MRE, German EPA, French and British Combat rations

    Can't help with a source, just with a critic who compared most of them.
  3. CPU for SB 4?

    We try to make Steel Beasts perform adequately on less potent hardware.
  4. Steel Beasts: Content Wish List

    Even if I did, I'm not sure what the sad face is for; some people play horrid computer wargames with tanks and scores of dead soldiers in it and find that entertaining. Who am I to be judgmental about media consumption? Not every family can read original Shakespeare in distribuited roles to each other every evening at the fireplace, after practicing the Auloss in the afternoon.
  5. We love photos

    In all fairness, your question is very specific. There were T-80s in Soviet units in East Germany in the 1980s, so much is safe to say. There were T-80BVs, as documented by BRIXMIS. To RULE OUT that there may also have been T-80Us (which is the core of your question) is an entirely different caliber of question.
  6. Steel Beasts: Content Wish List

    If recent SyFy productions are to be believed, nature grows bigger sharks in response.
  7. multi monitor or exporting views

    Needless to say, a second instance will cost you some frame rate. Not too much if it's the map view, but still.
  8. ETA on terrain patch?

    Thanks, but no thanks.
  9. which joystick?

    It's a matter of taste, not necessity.
  10. ETA on terrain patch?

    The patch idea was floated in the immediate aftermath of the 2016 release when "we thought"(TM) that we could fix things quickly. Once that this window of opportunity (WOO) closed this no longer was a practical idea. At some point you have too many code branches and must consolidate them. Which means to conflate the pure engine update (that you promised to deliver, for free) with all the feature updates that you've been working on after said WOO closed. So, I'm 100% guilty of being overly excited in April 2016 when I shouldn't have mentioned the new terrain, and blurting it out in public. I said it before, I'll repeat it now: I'm really, really sorry about this. The temptation is strong to list all the other things we've been working on in the past two years, but the only way to learn from 2016 is to not tell you about it until after we're certain to have a viable new product, and that will be decided upon some time in January, February 2019.
  11. Ulan FCS question

    I think that's a bug.
  12. ETA on terrain patch?

    Thank you very much for your kind words. I can but hope that we do them justice.
  13. Steel Beasts: Content Wish List

    Yeah. That's been the main hold-up (...and the fact that our army customers constantly seem to have higher priorities elsewhere).
  14. Steel Beasts: Content Wish List

    Ground surveillance.
  15. We love photos

    Yeah, those warnings, primarily because it's not https secured, are somewhat unfounded scaremongering by Google.