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  1. Uh... those are the hills. And a lot of random forest. Notice the straight line leading from the south to the north-east. Looks a lot like two different satellite images with different lighting conditions that then have been run through a filter to turn certain color shades into forest. Both parts are based on "real data" (though maybe low res), but the result hardly is a comprehensive representation of the actual terrain, let alone the terrain of 1956.
  2. Well, you're editing MIP mapped textures. For that to work they need to conform to some exact dimensions and coordinates. I can't help you with the details - partly because we don't provide support for MODs in the first place, partly because Steel Beasts 1 has been discontinued from our support ten years ago. On the upside, mipmapping is a very old technique that should be well documented on computer-graphics related websites. If you read up the basics it might already give you an idea what to do about it.
  3. We'll have to compromise on that one. For a while, the old map editor will have to do (with a few new features). At a later point - much later than planned, I'm afraid to say - we'll replace the integrated editor with a standalone program, and to be honest, I'm skeptical that we'll still see it before version 5. BUT: The new terrain engine will come with adequate support, feature-wise, to take advantage of some new capability. The focus is on what you need to convert legacy maps, and to improve them. All that, however, is something to discuss in June. Before that we'll have another update for you. I'm currently working on the Release Notes.
  4. Maybe, but it's offset by the "height" and "terrain" folders going away, and all the individual files that they contain. Plus, you will be able to install them in a location other than C:\ProgramData. In fact, the maps will come with a separate installer which should help both in disk management, and when updating the software without touching the maps.
  5. Probably. It's not due here until next weekend.
  6. Once that the new terrain engine will make it your way - not next week, but later this year - there'll be suitable subdirectories in map-specific folders. All future maps will receive their own folder, which should make handling equally convenient (rather than handling a file you'd handle a folder, but otherwise it's not terrifyingly different). One of the options is to have custom artwork included with the map, so you don't have to apply a mod that changes the terrain-specific artwork in every map. Our implementation of this feature was a direct result of the initial work that had been poured into this project, so you can thank Cata for this (...and our programmers, of course).
  7. Looks like you had some fun.
  8. Could well be. The original sounds are more "generic" because we apply them to several vehicles ... which may be one of the reasons why a number of my sound recordings never actually made it into Steel Beasts. In all fairness, that may have had a number of other reasons as well, limiting the installer file sizes, limiting memory usage.
  9. ...we would, of course, welcome any of your contributions to the wiki page. :)
  10. I think the correct technical term is "meat shield". Ablative armor requires surfaces to by chipped off/burned away...
  11. Probably a problem of the alpha channel (or the lack of one).
  12. ...if you can cram everything into a single photo. Steel Beasts started that way too, but we gave up on it for a reason.
  13. ...and we're not just talking about one super-complicated vehicle, but the entire fleet of them. Our default hotkeys cover as much commonality as possible. And we have basically used up all 102 keys on the keyboard, with maybe three to five left. Those that are awkward to find while looking at the screen. We could of course start using exotic and painful combinations like Shift+Alt+0 - but we won't. This runs contrary to our principles about good user interfaces. Therefore, 3D interiors are not just eye candy but a necessary element to allow us to present a wide range of different fire control systems in a single product.
  14. That's what the "lase to waypoint" (AKA "lase command" from the commander's eye view) is for. The driver will then apply some basic obstacle avoidance. Read this as a command, "Driver, bring us to spot X". You can't do that from the Gunner's place You couldn't do that from the gunner's place in real life either. The gunner simply has terrible situational awareness of the tank's near field. Since you can't do it in real life, we won't implement it in SB either. If you want realistic behavior, play with two friends in the same tank, each serving a different role and different responsibilities. There's two ways for a tank to reverse if the driver doesn't have a camera for that - guided by the commander (!), or in blind panic, crashing into the next best obstacle. Since that is the sad reality, No Shift+X for you, either. I'm sorry.
  15. a) Customs in Canada are notoriously slow; three weeks appear to be the norm rather than the exception. b) If a stick disappears before the license has been activated, we'll send a new one without proof of destruction. Once that the license is activated the situation is different, of course.