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  1. New Computer

    It's not supposed to "do" anything, but to log at which point the application stops in the starting process. That may give us a hint about the cause of the problem. That's why we need to have a look at the DebugLog.txt file.
  2. Whether it's in its separate thread or in the Wishlist, it doesn't matter. I already told you that it's a high priority item for us, but that it'll take time to change. Not sure what else I could tell you that's both truthful and realistic. I don't sugar coat things. It needs to be done, we all agree on this.
  3. New Computer

    Please start Steel Beasts in "Debug mode"; you'll find it in the Windows Start Menu | eSim Games | Steel Beasts Pro PE | Troubleshooting. The resulting DebugLog.txt file in your folder Documents | eSim Games | Steel Beasts | logs may help us to find a clue about what's happening.
  4. M113, Battle of Marawi

    To me, it looks as if they could be removed by one or two crew members with ease. Or do you know that they were glued to the surface, rather than being put on a hook?
  5. M113, Battle of Marawi

    Doors can be very useful in urban combat, particularly when dealing with (barbed wire) obstacles as makeshift ramps and bridges. I have no idea about those tire/bucket combos (maybe for quick deployment of street checkpoints if you fill the buckets with sand). So, it may look goofy, but I think there may actually be reasonable functional considerations behind it.
  6. Yep. Much of it still applies.
  7. T72-M not firing really

    Sue, email it to my forum name here (@eSimGames.com)
  8. You're not the only one, and it's high among our priorities. Unfortunately, it's one of the things that are "easy to imagine but hard to do".
  9. T72-M not firing really

    Can you please send me that scenario file.
  10. Steel Beasts: Content Wish List

    Of course, "map to ground" only works in feature-rich landscapes combined with detailed maps. If one is missing (or both) and you don't have GPS (could have happened before, say, 1990/91), exact compass work and dead reckoning are the only navigation options left. But in that case calling for fire would be futile, I guess.
  11. Resolution issue

    In all cases that I can remember, switching to a different driver version eventually solved the issue. You don't have a second graphics card that you're not mentioning here, do you? I mean, the Core i5-7600K comes with an integrated intel graphics chipset 630, so if your computer was accidentally configured to use the intel chipset, this might be the source of trouble. Alternatively, if this isn't the case then you may want to try out if the error still comes up if you change the preferred graphics processor for the application to the other graphics card. On my notebook, I have an entry in the executable's context menu. I don't on my desktop machine. I found some internet discussions that suggest that this would be set in the NVidia control panel, so you may want to try that. Unfortunately I don't seem to have this installed on my machine, so my ability to provide detailed guidance ends here. If the problem persists, please start Steel Beasts in debug mode and send us the corresponding DebugLog files (one for each attempt where you get the error message, both with the GTX1070 and the intel 630 chipset, ideally).
  12. Can my laptop handle SB Pro?

    There's little risk involved trying it out with a one-month license.
  13. 4.023 FASCAM FUBAR?

    .... hm - huh!? Yeah, sorry. I agree that this deserves our attention. At this point I can but ask you to upload the AAR and log files where I can retrieve them, I'll then put it into the bugtracker database.
  14. We love screenshots

    This has been proposed as a general change however (since 2010), in report #1551.