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  1. Well, we weighed the pros and cons, and decided against it - I'm sorry.
  2. It will affect TWO missiles out of the whole arsenal: AT-11 Sniper/Svir AT-11b Sniper/Svir-M* All others are okay.
  3. Precisely.
  4. If any of you need an incentive: We'll have a very cool Marder simulator on the stand where you can hop into the gunner's place to shoot stuff. 20mm @ 900 rounds per minute, what's not to like? And there'll be some swag to grab - a new iteration of the world's best mousepad with a spoiler of things to come. Oh, and a preview of the new terrain engine.
  5. Well, if I see things in the wishlist mentioned that we decided to implement, it makes me a happy person, and I sleep better. It is a question that we seriously considered on several occasions. As an otĀ“ption, it is and will remain on the table. At the same time, like you already suspected, it would be a major task for which a second unit is needed. Developing a new Steel Beasts from scratch will take years, and the customers still want their version to be supported in that time. In fact, most would probably continue to ask for feature additions (which in turn would make the secon unit's job even harder).
  6. The biggest advantage of mortar fire support is that they are quickly and readily available against dynamic targets. Shifting the mortar fire support to the planning phase would negate this advantage. Of coruse you would argue that it's still better than nothing (=the current solution), but I'd rather do it right, even if that means waiting longer for a feature improvement.
  7. 37 fps with an i7-4770K at 3.5GHz Since we're not supposed to look at the 3D scene: 62 fps with an i7-4770K at 3.5 GHz.
  8. Ideally, run SB Pro PE in "debug mode" (see the "troubleshooting subdirectory in the Windows Start Menu | eSim Games). The normal debug log files don't cover much. Also, please zip the CrashDunmp files that Windows probably generated (the link to find them is also in the troubleshooting folder), and upload them here. One of the programmers will have a look at the files and can probably tell you if it's a graphics card driver issue, or something that must be fixed on our end.
  9. Well, it's an attempt to individualize the looks of vehicles. If you don't like it, I suppose we can disable it, at least in future classoom versions for you.
  10. SB Pro does not differentiate between different states of "incapacitated", and I see no reason to change that.
  11. Please follow my advice on contacting me in this other thread.
  12. Contact me by email if you can't solve the issue (my username at, well, eSimGames.com ... easy enough) Yes, I'll read, and write in German The CodeMeter USB stick will work in a virtual machine, time-based licenses do not Can't say if activation requires a "real" machine. If that was the case, there are two options - install (just) the latest CodeMeter runtime software on some other computer, then activate your license ticket from there; once activated, the license is stored in the CM stick and can be plugged into any other machine try the offline activation method (I'll provide more guidance by email, if necessary) If you ordered a new SB Pro PE license from OkaySoft, they should have sent you a license ticket leading to a full 4.0 license; it may be that the blurb about upgrading is something that they slip into every letter that they send out, who knows. If you contact me by email, please plug in the CM stick and run the program "CmDUST" to gather diagnostic information. After a few moments the program will open a Windows Explorer window containing a new file named "CmDust-Result.log". I will need that, also the license ticket number/full URL
  13. If in doubt, install DirectX 9 again. The link is listed in the Release Notes, on one of the first two pages.