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  1. ...at least for the moment. We are gradually moving closer to offering more flexibility here but for the moment you're limited to what Tony described.
  2. Yes, known, and will be fixed with the next update (or patch).
  3. Ideally, zip it all up and send it by email to me.
  4. I don't doubt that you had your reasons, but then it would make sense to open a separate thread about it. Programmers might read this thread at some point and if there are too many different issues discussed at the same time this can become confusing (and therefore delay a solution).
  5. Let's concentrate on gathering actual facts.
  6. There should be crashdump files that we'd be interested in, and of course the map and scenario itself. ... assuming that this is SB Pro PE 4.0 you're talking about. With 3.0 crashes could occur if the 32 bit process was simply running out of memory due to an overly complex map (which is why we switched over to 64 bit, among other reasons).
  7. Cosmetics aside, rendering the side skirts transparent doesn't mean that they will be ignored when calculating impact, and the resulting damages (or damage reduction, in this case).
  8. There's always "a chance". To materialize as an actual opportunity however we need to have the free time for developers (or a contract with a user of these vehicles) and access to one such vehicle, or access to suitably detailed documentation (manuals, photos, videos). I'm not going to ring the doorbell of the US Army unless I can see a gap in our internal development plan, and even when I do they still need to agree to a photo session with a foreign national in their motorpool (I once got chased by the military police in Ft. Knox, fortunately we could clear up that misunderstanding). As long as we don't have US units as customers the US Army may be reluctant to grant unconditional access. So, it doesn't just depend on eSim, is all I'm saying.
  9. In any case we're not going to model different body shapes as player avatars, and there will be simplifications that we deem the best possible compromise to reflect real-life procedures and capabilities. For the Leo 2, this is right out, therefore we don't have it in SB. For the M1, it sometimes works, so we enabled it. If you don't like that, don't override while you're unbuttoned. Shooting is going to be pointless anyway wirthout the primary sight extension.
  10. The legacy HE model is somewhat capricious on occasion. We'll replace it with the next major release (after the New Terrain update). The LRF thing - interesting bug, that. Thanks for your observation.
  11. Exactly. Tall people may have longer arms, but they also have longer legs and taller spines. Maintaining a firm grip on the commander's control handle requires some twisting of the right hand's wrist and to bend the whole body sideways - nothing that you can do for a prolonged time. Just dropping into your seat and then going for the target from the turret front position (if you put the Peri into ZÜ mode first, or index position 12 in the 2A5 (and later) TIM) is less painful and just as fast.
  12. You don't have to miss on your first shot, but most people will when trying to shoot a moving target from a moving Leopard in KH mode, assuming that the range isn't dangerously close and you want to shoot within ten seconds on a fleeting target. Usually the gunner is in a far better position to engage, that's what you have him for. Ar far as your request for the vision blocks are concerned, look no further than to the Leopardo 2E where you have the option to look at a target, pull a wire on the vision block (the hotkey for this may be Shift + Arrow up (or down, I don't remember)), and the peri will rotate to that direction (you can then override the gunner as usual, from there). In principle that could be used as an override signal also for the turret itself, but apparently the Spanish Army didn't opt for this (probably for a variety of reasons, including safety considerations). To me this suggests that most others don't consider this approach of approximative override to be a great timesaver, and I agree with them. If your override isn't spot on, you might just as well forget about it as the gunner tries to identify whatever it was that you saw (unless there's a clear thermal signature). If you have to look through a sight extension to search for your target yourself you could just as well use your own peri before yanking the gunner off from his current activity.
  13. The specific problem of the Intel Management Engine is definitely not a problem with AMD machines. But the question is whether AMD has implemented something similar, but not disclosed it yet. Or there may be other security implications. The problem is, how much can you trust ... the operating system? (most people think about that level when discussing security vulnerabilities) ... the hardware? (think of router chips with a remote backdoor functionality, for example) ... any software that you haven't written/verified yourself? ... the compiler, with which you convert your verified source into binary code? You have to draw the line somewhere. How precious are your secrets, and how easily can they be obtained by those who want to harm you. Not putting secrets on a computer is a great way to protect yourself against hackers, but then you have to write them down where a burglar (or a police raid) can get them. Writing down your porn collection in binary into a notebook ... well, I don't know, this may be some fetish thing for a really tiny minority, and I'm not saying that they are perverts, but for most it's probably not a very appealing option. The next best option is not to have a porn collection at all, but then again, that's kinda missing the point. So people store their smut on computers and hope for the best.
  14. ...the NATO mil, with is 6400 units per full circle. The Soviet/Russian/Finnish mil is 6300 per full circle (!). The mathematical millirad(ians) from which these approximations are derived is 2xPix1000 = 6283.185307.... (an irrational number). So, the Russian mil approximation is 99.733% of the angular size of a millirad, NATO mils are 98.174%. A 3.50m wide tank hull at exactly 1000m range would actually be 3.565 NATO mil wide ... but in practice you have far greater errors in other parts when trying to calculate range estimations, so the easier divisibility of 6400 by four (and many multiples of four) is a good compromise.