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  1. I lost my Doggle.

    I'm willing to look into an old case to the extent that I can still find old emails. Please contact me directly by email. I may need until next week, currently traveling.
  2. Bad Dog

    Seems like it's mostly this issue, so PM is best.
  3. Steelbeasts pro not starting

    I don't think it's necessary to roll back Windows updates, at least not before the tentative patch was applied and tested.
  4. Suspected Bug - L30 gun HESH drift direction

    Just as a heads-up, we're still on it, seems to affect ANY munition with drift. We seem to have found the point in the code where it's happening. As to why that change was made, we're still analyzing (...based on the assumption that the responsible programmer didn't want to troll all of us).
  5. M1A1/M1A2 SEPV2 Unity Mirror bug

    Okay, that's enough info for the moment to turn this into bug report #6384.
  6. M1A1/M1A2 SEPV2 Unity Mirror bug

    ...and it doesn't, in Steel Beasts?
  7. Do tanks have laser warning receivers?

    In the CV90/35-NL you may activate the "DAS" from the commander's position (center bottom, near the thermal monitor). Depending on the settings being lased will trigger an audio warning with a direction, with 30° accuracy (e.g. "Laser range finder, ten o'clock!"), or even rotate the turret automatically into the direction of the threat (and pop smoke).
  8. Password protection

    Documentation... everybody hates it, everybody needs it.
  9. Password protection

    If nothing helps, send your scenarios to me.
  10. Brazilian Portuguese Localization

    Got it. Reply is on the way.
  11. We love videos

    Da Fuq?
  12. Discord?

    There's the Calendar on this site. See the menu bar at the top.
  13. why Leopard barrel elevates after shooting?

    ..only in the M1; in the Leopard, as soon as the breech block closes the signal is given to the stabilization system to move the gun back to fefault (=firing) position; once that the loader presses the button to arm the gun (...and the gun has arrived in its correct position), the gunner's trigger is hot again.
  14. Brazilian Portuguese Localization

    Send your work to us. We'll need you to sign a work assignment agreement (so we acquire the right to use your work), but after that then, yes, we can incorporate it in the installer and future versions of SB Pro will come with a Portuguese localization, and your name in the credits. Voices, again, we'll be happy to support you. Contact me by email. I can send you an Excel sheet with all the lines to record, for all the different voices. Once that we received your recordings (and signed agreements from all the voice actors involved) we'll process the files to apply a radio noise filter, for example, and build the MRF when everything is completed. Again, we'd then include that in all future Steel Beasts versions.
  15. why Leopard barrel elevates after shooting?

    "Down" actually, from the loader's point of view (if the outer half of the barrel goes up, the other half inside the turret moves down, of course). So you don't have to lift the heavy cartridge so much.