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  1. We love photos

    In all fairness, your question is very specific. There were T-80s in Soviet units in East Germany in the 1980s, so much is safe to say. There were T-80BVs, as documented by BRIXMIS. To RULE OUT that there may also have been T-80Us (which is the core of your question) is an entirely different caliber of question.
  2. Steel Beasts: Content Wish List

    If recent SyFy productions are to be believed, nature grows bigger sharks in response.
  3. multi monitor or exporting views

    Needless to say, a second instance will cost you some frame rate. Not too much if it's the map view, but still.
  4. ETA on terrain patch?

    Thanks, but no thanks.
  5. which joystick?

    It's a matter of taste, not necessity.
  6. ETA on terrain patch?

    The patch idea was floated in the immediate aftermath of the 2016 release when "we thought"(TM) that we could fix things quickly. Once that this window of opportunity (WOO) closed this no longer was a practical idea. At some point you have too many code branches and must consolidate them. Which means to conflate the pure engine update (that you promised to deliver, for free) with all the feature updates that you've been working on after said WOO closed. So, I'm 100% guilty of being overly excited in April 2016 when I shouldn't have mentioned the new terrain, and blurting it out in public. I said it before, I'll repeat it now: I'm really, really sorry about this. The temptation is strong to list all the other things we've been working on in the past two years, but the only way to learn from 2016 is to not tell you about it until after we're certain to have a viable new product, and that will be decided upon some time in January, February 2019.
  7. Ulan FCS question

    I think that's a bug.
  8. ETA on terrain patch?

    Thank you very much for your kind words. I can but hope that we do them justice.
  9. Steel Beasts: Content Wish List

    Yeah. That's been the main hold-up (...and the fact that our army customers constantly seem to have higher priorities elsewhere).
  10. Steel Beasts: Content Wish List

    Ground surveillance.
  11. We love photos

    Yeah, those warnings, primarily because it's not https secured, are somewhat unfounded scaremongering by Google.
  12. We love photos

    www.tank-net.com - not entirely "gone", no longer entirely it's former self.
  13. ETA on terrain patch?

    The final decision hasn't been made yet, so I'll refrain from going into detail until we know for certain what we're going to release, and when. At that point, following eSim traditions, there will be a near-full disclosure of new features (leaving a few extras for you to discover after purchase).
  14. ETA on terrain patch?

    I'm pretty certain about "similar requirements", yes. Most of the "costs" of the new engine are already in 4.0 (that's why you have a lower frame rate than in 3.0); one of the activities we invested in was to make 4.1 perform with higher frame rates.
  15. ETA on terrain patch?

    I can certainly relate to the disappointment. At the same time I have to look at the practicalities of a rollout. The best compromise that I can offer is that the next upgrade will be reduced in price, and will contain a lot more than just the new terrain engine. We did a bit more in the last two years than to redesign the file handling.