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  1. ETA on terrain patch?

    Sigh. I'm always talking about calendar years.
  2. Hello

    Thank you for your kind words, Balders.
  3. We love photos

    Despite its shortcomings and the negation of a lot of advantages of a tank in an urban environment, it's still the most survivable combat vehicle type. Whether tankers like it or not, they will be sent into cities, so better be prepared for it.
  4. Spawn zones are used for entirely different purposes. You want to use a "Spawn, if..." condition (a unit propety), possibly combined with a "jump to end, if..." condition for routes leading to your desired random starting locations. IF both your Spawn and Jump condition are exclusively based on a random variable, they will be evaluated before the Planning Phase, so the player will already see the units in their starting locations. This is desirable especially for multiplayer sessions (because you can pick only units that have already been spawned).
  5. I expect no trouble at all, as far as the license is concerned.
  6. Esimgames download page down

    It's up again.
  7. Esimgames download page down

    I think it's a temporary thing. Please excuse the inconvenience.
  8. Steelbeasts pro not starting

    Well, the issue is not necessarily limited to a specific sound card/software. It may be a combination of that and the driver version or whatever. The point here is that if you search for "Sonic Studio" combined with a search phase like "does not start", you'll find a number of hits unrelated to SB Pro, so it's happening with other games as well. This suggests a broader issue, and the fact that Steel Beasts can't even start its own logging process before it gets stopped is a clear indication that the source of trouble is outside of the application level. We can't really help here. If we find out something we will let you know of course, but there's so many combinations of hardware, drivers, 3rd party software, and occasionally not-quite-so-precise standards that sometimes I think it's a miracle that anything works in the PC world, at all.
  9. ULAN systems

    It's an entirely different thing to shoot a rifle "manually" or to shoot from a computerized, stabilized platform. It's also a question of how big your target is. When hunting, you want to hit comparatively small places for the ideal kill (rather than just injuring the animal whch might then run away and die a few days later). With (comparatively slow) rifle bullets atmospheric conditions play a much bigger role. Ammo temperature definitely has an effect on muzzle velocity, and with it, on everything else (unless you have specially designed temperature-insensitive propellant). The point is, if you have eliminated all other sources of error (=precise range measurement, stabilized platform, accurate input of ammo temperature, correct input of crosswind), at typical IFV engagement ranges (under 2,000m) on typical IFV targets (other IFVs, trucks), air density plays second fiddle to all other parameters. The time of flight is short, the target size is measured in square meters/several mil diameter; even in the most extreme cases of error (like altitude is set to sea level but fired at 1,500m above sea level) I don't think that the deviation will exceed half a mil or so (I'd need to look it up in the firing tables).
  10. Suspected Bug - L30 gun HESH drift direction [Fixed]

    It's dead, Jim. That is, with the next upgrade.
  11. SB Pro PE Maps/Scenarios question.

    Will the scenario load? Yes. Will it play the same? No. SB1/SB Gold doesn't know bridges. Instead, either "land bridges" were edited into the terrain, or people relied on the rule that water was only an obstacle if a water tile was surrounded by other water tiles. So a "two pixel" wide river - 25m across - was entirely possible to drive through. To the extent that an old scenario relies on these mechanisms to play as intended, the underlying map may need to be changed, and/or routes across water bodies must be altered. Before and after version 2.6, infantry dismounting changed. Before 2.6 it was automatic (but increasingly unreliable with rules, exceptions, exceptions to the exceptions, and exceptions to those). With 2.6 and later, dismounting needed to be scripted. Therefore, to the extent that a legacy scenario expects infantry to dismount in some situations, routes now need to be edited accordingly. Ammo performance and armor protection levels of vehicles have changed over time. We have never made an attempt to maintain a certain "balance"; in fact, I don't care about balance in mission design at all. Other people however do, so if the scenario requires a certain balance in order to be enjoyable, maybe the ammo selection needs to be reconsidered. Needless to say, this is increasingly difficult the older a scenario gets as in some versions, I think, we didn't even display the ammo performance at a certain standard range, let along the armor protection of selected vehicles. If you can live with these points (in most cases, I guess most people can), nothing will stop you from playing it again.
  12. ULAN systems

    Yeah, so which flight simulation is out there that is both study sim and survey sim? Which of the flight simulators has the capability to show a lot of life on the ground other than mission targets and selected scripted SAM sights? Which flight simulator combines all this? I mean, just open the Mission Editor, rightclick, select New Unit... and then go systematically through all the categories. Every unit listed in black text has its own unique fire control system and behavior. How, do you think can a team of Volcano, six programmers, and four artists possibly implement full switchology for all of this, and maintain it for two decades, and keep the price of the software fixed at $125.- - we're not charging for vehicles, sceneries, maps, airports, decals, or whatever other means of revenue generation flight sim developers may be accustomed to. Plus, flight sims still have an audience that is at least ten times bigger than that for Steel Beasts. I'm not saying that what we're doing is inherently better than what you get from flight sims. But all factors considered, as a simulation enthusiast consumer you won't get a better deal than with Steel Beasts. You get study sim fidelity with selected combat vehicles, pretty high up there fidelity with many others, still basic and still somewhat accurate replication of the most basic ones like BTR, BRDM, T-55, ... At the same time we're a commercial enterprise, not a charity or a crazy billionaire's extravaganza. If eSim Games can't operate at a profit, it'll be curtains for the company and the product. About 5% of the annual turnover is coming from the Personal Edition which generates about 98% of the technical support cases, and consumes about 20% of our development capacity. Again, in relation to what you pay you get far more in return. My impression is that you do not attempt to understand what others have been trying to hint here, and that you're cherrypicking your comparisons. If you want to compare apples with apples, I dare you to present me a single case where you get comparable or better fidelity with more than four major combat systems in addition, about 60 other simulated systems in "pretty high fidelity" everything at $125.- or less direct contact with the developers supported by the developer for 20 years There are flight sims that are superior in selected aspects, but I know no case that combines everything into one package like we do. In the light of this, I sleep very well at the thought that we haven't spent the effort to work on obscure ballistic computer settings for which the customer - in this case the Austrian Army - felt no desire to pay for their development because they saw no discernible training value in it.
  13. Steel Beasts: Content Wish List

    ...operating under conditions of largely no canopy air dominance (if not supremacy)
  14. Error Log, what next? How do you actually fix it?

    Well, it's under investigation.
  15. NATO Reticle explained?

    The superelevation markers, if any, will conform to the ammo loadout. If you would compare a screenshot of, say, the auxiliary sight of a Leopard 2A5 loaded with DM23 and DM12 with that of a Leo 2A5 loaded with DM53 and the Swedish HE round you would notice the differences.