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  1. Steel Beasts: Content Wish List

    The fundamental problem with such upgrades is, you can't really fix the underlying problem of high vulnerability of these vehicles. The BMP-2 packs a punch, yes, and I guess you just got to work with what you have, and adding Barracuda to make it stand out less in the thermal spectrum can't hurt either. But you have a vehicle with a glass chin, no matter what you do, unless you take away its mobility.
  2. I Took the Plunge

    It's 365 days after first use.
  3. Problem with License

    So, you had it working, and now it stopped working? Please contact me by email (Ssnake at eSimGames .com)
  4. I Took the Plunge

    Thank you for your support.
  5. Steel Beasts: Content Wish List

    For single player mode, I think the upper practical limit for a single person is the tactical level of a company team, possibly just parts of it. You could create bigger scenarios of course, but I think that pretty much every player will then be effectively overwhelmed and therefore play each individual platoon worse than he could with undivided attention. So, from a design point of view I think that your decision that regular PE players will probably not miss the absence of event filtering is still valid. I may have forgotten about previous cases, but I honestly don't remember a PE customer requesting an event filter for the AAR in the last 15 years; even if there were previous cases, I bet they were less than a handful.
  6. Steel Beasts: Content Wish List

    Yeah, you're right. The filter function isn't in SB Pro PE, because SB Pro PE was never intended for these huge battles that you seem to be playing. Which you can only play because we decided to hand our server versions without the eight player limit. So, I'm sorry, no filter functions for you.
  7. Steel Beasts: Content Wish List

    You can apply filters in the AAR, to only show events of a company, or just one platoon. (It's in the menu bar while you are in the AAR).
  8. Steel beasts on Windows 10

    I should point out that dropping some DLL from some source on the internet is a serious assault on your own computer security. DLLs aren't just any file. They are almost the same as program executables, except that they need to be called by other program executables, and they run within the security context of the calling program. That means, if you run the tanksim.exe "as administrator", the DLL will have admin privileges as well! Anyone can program a DLL and call it D3DRM.dll; a really good programmer might even enable the same functions as the MS version, just add/hide some extra functionality on top of it. So, for the sake of IT security I feel compelled to warn about this dangerous practice, and strongly advise against it.
  9. Leo 2A4 in Syria

    Yeah, me: No way. I'd favor a low tech solution - don't put ammo there as long as you're not facing massed armored assaults. The benefit is that it costs you nothing and is immediately available.
  10. Nation camo codes

    You move moutains one stone at a time. Takes a while, though.
  11. We love photos

    No, they're nice and smooth on the inside.
  12. Video Thread

    When Bollywood meets Death Metal. Note however that you're not the target audience.
  13. We love photos

    "Composite barrels", sigh. Well, Twitter.
  14. Most of the T-64 was learned from pages of the user manual that Russians used on the shitter, ca. 1983 or so. Some "liaison" officer 'salvaged' them on one of his patrols through Eastern Germany. One manual was once stolen out of a motor pool, the same officer then lost his life trying to repeat that stunt with a T-80 a few years later (1987?). By 1986 the T-64B was recognized as the biggest threat of the Russian tank inventory; the T-80 was still a somewhat mythical beast, the T-72 was (mistakenly) thought of a low-cost T-64 model when in fact it simply was a competing design conforming to the same tactical requirements (just like M1 and Leo 2 can be considered fraternal twins).
  15. Ammunition & Missile Effective Ranges?

    Uh, when you create an infantry missile unit, select the proper weapon, then go to the Set Ammunition dialog, I just checked and the range is there; I don't think we changed the UI between version 4.023 (which I assume that you're using) and the version that I just fired up to verify. Now, admittedly this is the range that we set for any given missile or round. For ATGMs I don't remember a single case where this wouldn't be identical with the nominal range that we can find in open sources; in some cases we add a few dozen meters if we positively know that the missile will continue to coast after the guidance wire rips (others are programmed to dive immediately, which is what we assume by default). For gun ammunition the case is a bit more complicated, as the range that we set is also the limit beyond which computer-controlled units will stop using that ammo. Obviously, for a 120mm APFSDS round like the DM33 with a danger zone exceeding 120km, we only set whatever we deem reasonable to strike a decent balance between range and effective use/not wasting ammo by premature firing. Sometimes this is justified by the tracer burnout range, or because the ammo is so slow/has such a steep trajectory that even minor range errors will result in a miss. So, for unguided rounds the range in Steel Beasts is the limit for tactical employment by computer-controlled units, not necessarily the ballistic limit. As far as the credibility of our sources is concerned, this is the sequence that we try to follow whenever we add a new round's parameters Use a firing table Ask the customer Check Jane's Weapons - Ammunition 2016/17 Check Jane's Ammunition Handbook 2009 Check the internet for multiple sources Check Wikipedia, at least the English and the German version of a page Occasionally we solicit advice from certain experts who, however, do not want to be named in public because they can't control the quality of our work and don't want to see their scientific reputation lend potentially undeserved credibility to Steel Beasts. We have to respect that. If everything fails we go by plausibility and interpolation.