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  1. Yep. Much of it still applies.
  2. T72-M not firing really

    Sue, email it to my forum name here (@eSimGames.com)
  3. You're not the only one, and it's high among our priorities. Unfortunately, it's one of the things that are "easy to imagine but hard to do".
  4. T72-M not firing really

    Can you please send me that scenario file.
  5. Steel Beasts: Content Wish List

    Of course, "map to ground" only works in feature-rich landscapes combined with detailed maps. If one is missing (or both) and you don't have GPS (could have happened before, say, 1990/91), exact compass work and dead reckoning are the only navigation options left. But in that case calling for fire would be futile, I guess.
  6. Resolution issue

    In all cases that I can remember, switching to a different driver version eventually solved the issue. You don't have a second graphics card that you're not mentioning here, do you? I mean, the Core i5-7600K comes with an integrated intel graphics chipset 630, so if your computer was accidentally configured to use the intel chipset, this might be the source of trouble. Alternatively, if this isn't the case then you may want to try out if the error still comes up if you change the preferred graphics processor for the application to the other graphics card. On my notebook, I have an entry in the executable's context menu. I don't on my desktop machine. I found some internet discussions that suggest that this would be set in the NVidia control panel, so you may want to try that. Unfortunately I don't seem to have this installed on my machine, so my ability to provide detailed guidance ends here. If the problem persists, please start Steel Beasts in debug mode and send us the corresponding DebugLog files (one for each attempt where you get the error message, both with the GTX1070 and the intel 630 chipset, ideally).
  7. Can my laptop handle SB Pro?

    There's little risk involved trying it out with a one-month license.
  8. 4.023 FASCAM FUBAR?

    .... hm - huh!? Yeah, sorry. I agree that this deserves our attention. At this point I can but ask you to upload the AAR and log files where I can retrieve them, I'll then put it into the bugtracker database.
  9. We love screenshots

    This has been proposed as a general change however (since 2010), in report #1551.
  10. We love screenshots

    Which vehicle?
  11. import files from professional edition to SB PE

    Yeah... 3.323 is more advanced in some features as is 4.028. Can't relly help you with that, only that eventually the Personal Edition will catch up with the next upgrade.
  12. Out of curiosity: Did you read at the Release Notes on the Downloads page?
  13. PLN files exist at least since version 2 actually, but with version 3 we made some attempts to make them a bit more flexible and reliable, which probably prevented their use in prior versions.
  14. 1) If we're in need of more testers, we'll either start a public beta, or ask for volunteers here in the forum. What we REALLY need are testers that will test everything, methodically, and who are prepared to test the same thing over and over. It is not a very glamorous job (but a necessary one). 2) Tanks and trees. There's lots to find by using this forum's search function. That being said, - no, you can't shoot the main gun to remove trees - direction of movement doesn't matter in SB when it comes to collisions with trees. What's relevant is your speed: Low speed - very low risk (but never zero) Medium speed - "medium" risk (read that as "pretty high") High speed - very high risk of crew injury and other damages (note that the damages that will occur in Steel Beasts are an abstraction, but the danger especially for head injury of exposed crew members (including fatal ones) is quite real in real life)
  15. Dark parts of textures inverted

    Thanks... I guess everybody developed a blind spot about this one. This is now registered as bug #6057.
  16. Newbie editor help request!

    The best way to end a scenario depends on what you're trying to do. Some people like "last man standing" type scenarios. That's certainly a "game" thing, but equally valid. If you're after some tactical set piece, maybe gaining control over a region is the condition which, if true for 10 minutes (or 20, or 60) you want to use as the condition to end the scenario. Or you end the scenario if a certain unit has been destroyed, like that enemy general with his guard of RPG wielding grannies (YES, you can set the looks of an infantry squad like that, if you want). Or you leave it to the player do decide when (and if) he has "won". In summary, there is no clear answer. I think the best end conditions are aligned with what the mission briefing says that your objectives are (plus unnamed "negative conditions" that determine when the player in in an irrecoverable tactical situation) - unless the mission briefing is deliberately misleading (e.g. to simulate imperfect intelligence); hint: If you want to suprise the player with an ambush, don't mention the ambush as a victory condition in the briefing, and don't name the scenario "Ambush_01.sce".
  17. 1) It can work against human players, not so much against computer-controlled enemy. We're not necessarily cheating here, their lines of sight get blocked by trees too. But "not enough", there's always gaps between trees, and we don't have the computing power to our disposal (Steel Beasts is a real-time application, after all) to calculate how much of yourself is actually exposed and whether that's sufficient for detection and identification, or a valid firing solution. If there is a line of sight, chances are you'll get detected, period. What computer-controlled units completely ignore are ground clutter elements. Unfortunately the freedom to adjust sizes of artwork in the theme editor also means that some people are trying to shoehorn the ground clutter into a role for which it wasn't designed. So, cranking up the ground clutter slider will make things look prettier for you, but only make it harder for yourself to detect enemy while possibly remaining well visible to computer-controlled units. 2) There's the option in the mission editor to set the status of vehicles to "impotent". They will shoot you, but not cause damage. 3) Yes, absolutely. 3a) Not with the current sound engine. 3b) Not at the moment. 3c) Thanks for the compliment. Getting shot at is supposed to be scary.
  18. Should AP-FSDS be effective over 2 km????

    No. In practice this affects only a small area (typically 1...2 projectile caliber radii ... of the ACTUAL caliber (the HEAT jet, or the unsaboted KE penetrator)), so we're neglecting that. It's just not worth the performance implications.
  19. 911: a threat to SB-PE and your computer?

    This is mostly a threat to co-hosted web servers with sensitive information. It isn't very easy to pull off these hacks in the first place, certainly not something that you can fall victim to (as far as I know) in some surf-by javascript attack.
  20. 1) Yes, but in that case you're better off with a handful of dedicated artillery pieces. The Bundeswehr, for example, brough (just) 2 armored howitzers into the theater, effectively covering an area of 50km around Mazar-e-Sharif to deliver weather-independent, short response time precision fire support for the troops. They didn't have to move around, keeping maintenance and operating costs at a minimum. This is particularly important when you consider the fact that the effective fuel price that you had to pay for a gallon in some remote valleys, according to US sources, was approaching 3,000.- USD; that includes the cost of transportation over long-winded, RPG infested mountain passes and the compensation for the very brave (or very desperate) Pakistani truck drivers. 2) That's "mostly true". May I defer you to some interesting reading, here.
  21. Should AP-FSDS be effective over 2 km????

    Understand that the damage model in Steel Beasts is energy, and chance based. A single incident/observation cannot tell us whether it was incredible luck on the crew's side, or a fluke in the armor model. Either is possible. (If it happens more than once, it's increasingly likely that it isn't luck.)
  22. HELP re codemeter

    In that case I suggest to uninstall both through the Windows Start Menu | Settings | Apps , and then to reinstall (only) the lastest from the source listed above.