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  1. Wargames

    This one could be interesting: https://www.wargamer.com/articles/team-of-international-scholars-open-a-new-wargames-studio-play-of-battle/
  2. We love videos

    It says all 100 M1's were lost without achieving any kills. 60 of them were killed by arty.
  3. We love videos

    LOL - what a setup! The M1 did very well. That guy claims they made 99 kills out of 100, while only suffering 17 losses, including 3 friendly fire kills. Those poor French really got slaughtered.
  4. New WW2 Armour simulation.

    LOL - I second that. And too bad that it's only going to be multiplayer. Unfortunately more and more games are going down that road.
  5. Best music for PRE-combat ?

    How about this one? Ride of the Valkyries I love the smell of diesel fume in the morning...
  6. DCS 2.5 Released

    Talking about VBS, is anyone here playing it and how much does it cost? Just curious.
  7. Spintires Tank mods.

    The curse of modern PC gaming! But seriously, IMHO there's a lot to like about present SB - not to mention the upcoming new terrain engine. I also agree with Ssnake that when it comes to the question of which feature to emphasize, eye candy or realism (rendering of entire battle groups, large maps etc.), I would go for realism any time. Just my two cent.
  8. Tanker Books/Novels

    Here are two recommendations from my side about WW2 tank warfare on the Eastern Front: Book 1 Book 2
  9. Almost 10 years since...

    Thanks guys!
  10. Hello everybody! I hope every one is doing fine. As the title of this post suggests, it's almost 10 (!!) years since I last visited here and played SB. Probably sounds quite shocking to some, and reflecting on it, I myself find it hard to believe. Well, life sometimes has some funny turns in the offfer. Anyway, so here I am again - wiser (supposed to, but I'm afraid not ) and older (that I certainly am). I don't know if anybody around here remembers me, but looking through some of the posts the last few days I recognizied quite a few members from the past, which brought back fond memories of the "good 'ol days" (brushing tears away). Well, a few weeks ago I suddenly feld the urge to reinstall SB and I was hooked from the get go. It took me only a couple of weeks to realize I just gotta get the latest SB installment, so I took the jump from SB 2.3 to SB 4. And boy, what a jump that was!! I'm really impressed with how far SB has improved. And I'm also very glad to see the continous dedication by both Esim Games and this community. Please keep up the great work! I've already seen the latest promo video of the new terrain engine over at Esim Games. I don't want to start a new discussion about this. From my side I'd like to say only one word - WOW!! Well, it's certainly good to be home again! Happy hunting to all of you.
  11. Ambush Leopard 2A4 2007

  12. Jaguars Sound Pack 2.0

    Version 1.0


    Modified maingun sound plus some new effects
  13. Version 1.0


    Complete skin package with the modified skin plus the roof & track files
  14. Jaguars Sound Pack 1.0

    Version 1.0


    New engine/rumble sounds for the Leo and all IFVs as well as new maingun sound for the Leo
  15. Version 1.1


    German woodland version CV9040C. NOTE: Version 1.1 does NOT include the track and roof files. The link to v1.0 is listed below.