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  1. Wouldn't I love to see that
  2. Ok, Thanks Guys !
  3. Is there a way to simulate an airdrop ? Define an area and have a say a battalion slowly appear within it's boundaries in somewhat random locations/ times. Would love to have proper parachute drops - and beach landings - and Air to surface missile strikes and for my missing Leo 2A6 crewman to appear Love this sim - just so much to add !
  4. I would like all the waypoints to stay the way they are just at the slowest setting as default and for a slower setting to be added. I find even speed 1 fast for creeping forward. Reverse/Retreat for example - If you set a waypoint on the map screen your tank defaults to Max speed and by the time you switch to 3d view from map view your tank has moved quite a distance. I know there is a set speed option - just an extra step.
  5. I think this may have been discussed before but I would like a slower vehicle speed than the slowest we have now so we can creep forward and would be nice if this were the default. Especially for the retreat waypoint. Others may not want this so just throwing it out there.
  6. Wonder if it would be an idea for the Devs to post a vehicle wishlist/poll which we could vote for ? Say 3ish votes each. That way they could limit the list to vehicles that they have info for or want to do even. Anything on the list would not be a commitment, just an easier way for feedback instead of sorting through 200+ pages of requests. I realise that most vehicles that make it into the game fall into the "Military Contract" orders category. People could still post requests outside of the poll but anything within the poll might have a better chance of being realised.
  7. i'm afraid I'm not very good at that
  8. Too bad we couldn't give something else up to the classroom version instead of log reports. Pretty tough to control a formation and send it forward not knowing if they have any ammunition left. Makes everything guesswork pretty much. Jumping to each unit is not practical.
  9. Perfect - Thanks !
  10. Or what they call an M2002. If we had the Chinese YW531 we would also have the NK VTT 323 APC Would still need something like ZBL-09 for China for more modern stuff.
  11. Ya, Latest Chinese MBT's look more like a Leopard than a T series to me.
  12. Strange, Only one I can find is a height map Uijongbu Corridor. No matter. I could google all the individual file names to try and find find the country locations but its not that important. I'll just pick one Thanks
  13. Is there a map that covers a part of the DMZ in Korea ?
  14. Technically yes, but I know of no true Chinese MBT. We can use the T series but they have their own indigenous equipment. Same with APC's. North Korea, we have T-62, BTR-50 etc. but nothing specific to NK. We do have the uniforms Just gives the sim more flavour to use country specific equipment. I'm talking as OPFOR of course.