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  1. When I google this comes up as a training round? to be honest I don't know, we have our swedish names for the rounds and I have no clue what the are called by SAAB.
  2. So last night hit of with 2 ½ student with good results. What was voiced afterwards was a request to learn more on the usage of the CV90 family, 9040 in particular so that is something we hopefully can fix, we have after all a serving 9040 gunner and former 9035 driver in Kanium so shouldn't be impossible, but I will leave that to Nike to sort out /KT
  3. Well it's not totally insane. In the Swedish army (the longest user of the Carl G?) We basicly have 4 rounds for it, HE, HEAT, SMK and ILLUMINATION and what we load up is mostly mission specific, or more precisly threat specific (Even if we have a default loadout as well that I dont remember in my head). And we are quite happy to fire HE on infantry, trucks and buildings with infantry in it,(with airburst function on the HE as well) use SMOKE to screen of enemies or our self and ILLUMINATION to... well illuminate (guess this round is getting more and more obsolete with NVGs...) So I am one of those who want to specify in SB what the Carl G are carrying and also be able to force the AI what round to use against what (for example a building with troops in it). I guess different countries have different SOP's but to Swedish army the carl G ist not only a AT-weapon but a multi-purpouse weapon. /KT
  4. You are welcome, painful missions are the most memorable missions (well actually, thank the opfor who did a good jobb on us).
  5. "Set Owner - Computer if" Right now we have Player, Computer and player if to govern when players can (or can not) control a unit. what I would like is the ability to take a unit back from human control to AI control. Right now I can use a "destroy if" but it feels wrong in the scenario to destroy something just because the player shouldnt have control of it anymore, a "computer if" would be much nicer solution. /KT
  6. Nice. But it looks like the height map have some cleaning up to do (thinking off the small bridge at the strv122 3 o clock who has a hill in it etc). However I like the stuff like bus stops, road end poles and all that, get a Swedish feeling over it /KT
  7. 1. CV9040B - because I love mech Inf and it is a excellent IFV that packs a punch and easy to use. 2. Marder 1A3 - because.. FINALLY PLAYABLE! as old PBV302 gunner I feel really comfortable with how to shoot with the marders FCS and I love its armor, what I dont like is its slow speed sometimes... 3. Wisent AEV - Well I AM a combat engineer, how can I not love it?
  8. They are talking about the map annotations, as it is right now the text the mission editor writes into the scenario can not be changed anyway by the player, so no changes there. Also: Happy B-day! /KT
  9. You have to use "refresh Annotations" in the mission editor to get them to pop up. I do not know why it is this way but I would guess its to make it possible to get a clean fresh map and decide if you want to load the annotations. /KT
  10. And here is a link for what you guys are talking about: https://www.esimgames.com/?p=2146 /KT
  11. That you already have in SB playable.
  12. "From Russia with love" - Someone about to hava bad day. Nice capture!