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  1. Transparent grass do not work in thermal for infantry

    This isnt glass blocking the view but Grass?
  2. I did not film this time, knowing I had a unit that would be sitting and doing nothing most of the game I never bothered record it /KT
  3. Infantry can see through grass in daylight mode, but when going to thermal it is blocked. See pictures for illustration. I am looking at the exact same location, just switching between day vs thermal. /KT
  4. Is there any game implications of doing well in Tank Range

    If nothing have changed it will default to the HOSTS score percentage.
  5. We love videos

    @Volcano There are three dismounts bugs that I am aware off: 1.The one you describe, where they sometimes sit and wait to mount, with door open, and seemingly no troops are left to mount 2. Cancelled Mounting/dismounting. Where while a team mounts/dismounts you by accident yerks the vehicle back/forward/left/right and the mounting/dismounting hangs with 1 or 2 soldiers in the vehicle and 1-2 outside. I havent found a permanent way around this, sometimes dismount/mounting works, sometimes they refuse, sometimes you have to kill the personel outside the vehicle. 3. You mount your troops, drive 100m and the vehicle forcefully stops. you can force it to move 100m more again but then it stops again. All troops are on board so its not missing anyone. Solution is to stop and dismount all personel and remount them, that solves the problem. Tragic common to all 3 of them is that they happen just about every time we play online but I havent managed to reproduce them offline in a test scenario.
  6. Infantry teams do not reload small arms fire in vehicles

    Sweet! (not that its a bug, but that you are looking into it...)
  7. Infantry teams do not reload small arms fire in vehicles

    Considering how weak the infantry is in SB currently where they can expand ridiciolus amounts of ammo for a hit, limiting the ammo like that intentionally is worse then giving them allot of ammo. It practicly mean that in longer scenarios where infantry are in contact allot they become useless half-way through a scenario as they are out of ammo...
  8. When infantry have "ready" ammo given to them in scenarios (So it says 210/300 in upper right corner for example) the infantry only reload 1 round when out of ammo. So instead of filling upp 210 new rounds from the 400 spare it just fills up 1, so it becomes 1/399 in this example. And after it has shoot of that round it will load 1 more. So in an engagement where the initial ammo is out it takes down the rate of fire allot. To recreate this put the infantry team on suppresion and see how they start loading 1 round at time after they emptied their initial ammo load. Inf team reload from ready rack 1 bug .sce
  9. As title says, Infantry team does not reload Small arms calibre in vehicles, ATGM and RPG works fine. How to replicate: put the infantry teams on suppresion untill they are 50% down or 0%, them mount them up and dismount them. They will not have refilled any small arms fire. I have tried leaving them for 30mins without any change. SMA bug test.sce
  10. Steel Beasts: Content Wish List

    No I wasnt actually. When I try it I just get a blank printout? Still think to be able to toogle between the ammo types like the infantry team was a tank or IFV is smoother then printing a report and read through midgame. /KT
  11. Steel Beasts: Content Wish List

    Another infantry REQ: The ability to toogle the ammo status in the upper right corner with the Insert/delete/home keys to see how much ammo the infantry team has of different weapons. As it is right now if the Infantry team have 5.56 selected you can not see how man RPG rounds the team have left, until they want to shoot one and toogles to it, and then you cant see how many 5.56 rounds you. Plus there is no way to see how many 40mm grenades you have of HE and SMK.
  12. We love videos

    Video from 29th Decembers huge and long scenario. 6 hours recorded video compressed to 1 hour 43 minutes. I have added recordings of the AAR to keep people informed about where we are and what happened. Basicly you follow me and Deekay fighting in two Marder 1A3 as Echo platoon, Lions dedicated left flank cover through some intensive and relaxing periods during these 6 hours. Enjoy!
  13. Steel Beasts: Content Wish List

    REQ: Add more RPG slots in a infantry team. Right now a squad can only have 1 kind of RPG. for example M136 AT-4 or RPG-7. But now when the Carl Gustav have a mix of HE, HEAT and HEDP it would be nice if there was more then 1 slot so a ammo screen could be: RPG Slot1: CG HEAT x 2 RPG Slot2: CG HE x2 RPG Slot2: RPG-7 x 0 7.62 x 250 Etc. Add a Smoke round for the Carl G and a selector what ammo to shoot where and I will be halfway to an virtual infantry-orgasm Merry Christmas! /KT
  14. Ad-hoc/Impromptu SB sessions

    That must be some setting, I do not get any emails about it and I have closed down the push-notifications on my cellphone.