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  1. I reckon there would need to be at-least four newbies And two experienced players. Unfortunately my work schedule does not give me time to play much SB anymore. I miss it a lot if somebody wants to take up the mantle i would be happy to promote it on other forums i frequent.
  2. +1 I learned more in MP in a relatively sort period of time, then i did playing SP for years. I always thought a MP session for complete Newbies hosted by experienced players If the numbers could be found.( Mite be a good idea)
  3. Video Thread

    My type of used vehicle lot.
  4. New WW2 Tank "sim" for end 2018

    Looks good i like the ground effects as well.
  5. M2A2-M3A2 Bradley

    Excellent work Wardog. As much as i like the default skins in SB They tend to look like the tanks/AF-V's are ready for an inspection. How many tanks look clean when there in the field ripping through the mud.
  6. True. But there is not a tank on the market that does not have a weakness somewhere on its platform.
  7. Another video showing some good footage of the EMBT. I wonder would they sell me one on a installment plan kidding aside. I know in the scheme of things looks don't mean shit its capability's that mater But its a mean looking Tank.
  8. 32 BRAVO

    Welcome. You have countless hours of game play ahead Personally i have been playing for ten years plus and have never gotten bored with the game play.
  9. I Would speculate. Its about Germany's strict export policy for military products. Back in the early 1990 there was a prototype tank built mating a CR-1 hull with a leo-2 hull. No buyers were found. i think it was targeted at the middle eastern market.
  10. Wish they would fit a leclerc turret with a CR-2 hull. And German L/55 gun.or even the 140mm.
  11. Possibly of general interest.

    Thanks for posting.
  12. Strong Europe Tank Challenge 2018

    I have no doubts, to the professionalism and commitment of UK team. But i am wondering is it the fire control drills Used. Or is it the tanks fire control system and the two piece ammo thats slowing engagement times. The CR-2 does not score well in competitions although it has proven its self in combat conditions. From what i have read NATO trained forces place a very high emphasis acquiring targets quickly engagement times.
  13. Strong Europe Tank Challenge 2018

    Not a very impressive score from the Queens Royal Hussars team I am hoping its the tank limitations and not the training.
  14. We love videos

    I half expected this guy to show up. LoL.