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  1. Steel Beasts: Content Wish List

    I was just reading about the upgraded Finnish BMP-2 equipped with thermals for the gunner /commander. Also there looking to replace the 30mm cannon. I was thinking it would make for an interesting addition to SB, Also coupled with the T-72B3 from what i have been reading the Russians won't be fielding the T-14 In numbers anytime soon. they are buying some additional T90M's But the T72B3 will be there most numerous tank for quite awhile. Even a none playable version of the T-72B3 would be great.
  2. I Took the Plunge

    Welcome back. Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war.
  3. Leo 2A4 in Syria

    +1 Active and passive systems are the future for AFV,s
  4. We love videos

    Very enjoyable to watch Seems like a very complex mission. The C/O had his hands full thats for sure. Kudos good communication and team work.
  5. Spintires Tank mods.

    Just to clarify it was never my intention to compare Spintires with SB. There two very different sims. My intention to highlight a terrain type i would like to see in SB in the future If the boffins ever figure out how resolve the issues Ssnake highlighted. I Guessed it would take some serious computing power to generate A terrain engine like spintires with a lot of AFVs Arty Etc but did not realise just how mamoth a task it would be. May be i will start a similar thread in about ten years time. LoL
  6. Superbowl 2018 riot

    Hope the cops use facial recognition And those thugs get a nice 6-am wake up call And a long sentence.
  7. Spintires Tank mods.

    I fully realise were a long way away from such terrain in SB. But i am intrigued by whats possible. But i also realise that substantial amounts of time and money would need to be invested
  8. Spintires Tank mods.

    This video is fun to watch. The BTR seems to handle the terrain well. The reason i would like to see a engine like Spintires it would add to the fidelity of SB In the real world an army on the move does not always have the luxury of using main roads
  9. Spintires Tank mods.

    General mud has won more battles then any other commander. Spintires is not a tank sim nor will it ever be. But the terrain model is very realistic IMO. Deep sticky mud rivers that have to be forged I have no interest in spintires as a sim but i can only imagine terrain like that implemented in SB
  10. Spintires Tank mods.

    Man, i would love to see terrain like this implemented in SB one day But you would probably need a supercomputer to run it.
  11. DCS 2.5 Released

    I would like to participate with other like minded players in some sort of joint air ground VU. I did contact the Grim reapers VU (DCS VU) reference same. they did show some interest. If enough people show interest i will make further contact with them.
  12. DCS 2.5 Released

    Indeed JTAC capability is the main reason I purchased CA. I did once get the opportunity to play a combined arms mission with a competent VU, using Gunships and precision strikes. While I and a couple of others ran the armoured and mech infantry units. It was complex but fun. it added a element (IMO) missing in SB currently. A real game changer I could only imagine how much more challenging something like red tide or the first clash campaigns would have been If they incorporated CAS. But I do understand that its not possible using the PE version map size lack of radar etc.
  13. DCS 2.5 Released

    Very informative thanks for posting.
  14. Please comment

    I for one would like to see sheep added in the next update. LoL
  15. DCS 2.5 Released

    Just viewed this. It does look good i have to admit. The water effects look good especially the wave effects impressed me. And tunnels, I would love recreate that scene form kelly's heroes where they ambush defensive position via a train tunnel. LoL