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  1. No problem Gibsonm Grenny please cancel my request. good luck with the event
  2. Can you post the event over on the sim HQ forum please Grenny. For some reason i cant log in over there.
  3. Haven't noticed the bug But remember if the Tank firing is hit or losses its track because of terrain obstructions the missile will miss, Also crew experience can make a big difference to the gunners accuracy.
  4. I tend not to take the wish list to seriously i have asked for stuff i know will never materialise For me its just a bit of fun. but i still think zombies are needed look what they did for Arma. Better still zombie sheep with fifty cals attached. LoL But seriously i wonder if the existence of the wish list plays any part in decision process Esim use when planning additional content in there updates I like to think it does a lot of the new contend i wished for materialised like the playable BMP T-55 M-60 etc Companies tend to plan a couple of years in advance. Esim seem to work in planned increments slowly but surly improving the Sim with an eye to the limitations of the old engine. I know very little about the technical side of how to build a simulation as complex as a armour sim. But i have often wondered should they just scrap the old engine and buy an existing engine and transfer of all there content over No easy task i should imagine. but it would help secure the sims future
  5. Purely hypothetical and not possible currently. probably never But If all the major milsim companies involved SB. DCS. Arma used the same engine and coding could you imagine the possibilities.
  6. You could build the mission in such away that the Tanks come in waves and once a tank is destroyed the unit will vanish from the map Freeing up the map that's how i do it.
  7. If you are trying to replicate WW-2 Tank warfare playable Tanks. I would recommend the leo-1A5 for the panther the Leo-2 for the tiger 1 Disable the thermals ballistic computer use the lowest rated Ammo,. If you want to replicate a tank destroyer use the AMX-13 disable the turret drive, For the allies i would use the AS1 as a sherman E8, the T-55 as the T35/85 you could use the PT-76 as a SU-85. I cant help with your other issue but i agree with Gibsonm you may have to many unit on the map you will need a very high spec machine to run that many units. You have more options if your opfor does not need to be playable.
  8. The UK did something similar it was called the MK7, A vickers turret leo-2 hull and a choice of a British french or German 120mm main gun could be fitted. It was refused by the MOD offered for export but no takers.
  9. Some more prototypes. The T-90MS. black eagle. come to mind The CR-1 fulcan 1/2 The Osorio main battle. AMX-40 etc. Not sure if there's enough information to make even none playable versions But the T-90MS would make for a tough opponent
  10. I was thinking more of the auto cannon. The 40mm on the Ajax and upgraded warrior should give it a lot more punch then the 30 mm on the ulan which will be needed to take on the next gen IFV's like the Puma Should they be modelled in the next big upgrade. The Ajax has a crew of 3 and 4 dismounts the warrior 3/7. the ulan has 3/8 dismounts. The Ulan is about 4/5 tons heavier then the current warrior the Ajax is about 38 tons about six tons heavier the ulan not sure what the upgraded warrior will Be but it has the ability to fit Various armour levels for different operational types.
  11. I was wondering if Esim took the turret of the Ulan and put it on the Warrior hull in game Would it be technically possible to do this I know a lot of the component parts used on the Ulan IFV were used for the warrior improvement program with the exception of the 40mm gun of course It would make for a credible Improved warrior for the next update.?
  12. It was a welcome addition. Really does add something to a mission if you can deploy weapons systems and platforms that were actually used in the period the mission took place Hopefully a BO-105.Gazelle and a lynxs in the next major update.
  13. One of my favourite armour series from back in the late ninety's Twelve eposides showing tank development pre to post war. eposides 12 is interesting showing M1A1 crews Training in simulators I would say there's a few guys on this site spent some time in them. LoL