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  1. http://www.tanks-encyclopedia.com/ Have used this site a couple of times found a few inaccuracies but on the whole a good site.
  2. No worries. It would be interesting to see how much it would improve the T-72 firing accuracy while on the move issues. The T-72 has a lot of upgrades available but they all have the same issues with gun depression and stabilisation.
  3. +1 Was thinking of asking for this again But would probably require an immense amount of work on esims behalf
  4. Cools pics. Is the German WW1 tank a mock up i was under the impression none survived after the war.
  5. Can you link the article please.
  6. Welcome to the community. Hopefully one day Esim will model the Ariete tank for the Italian community.
  7. Now that some tank models have crew members modelled Can we have a new option for commanders The kick the gunner for missing button. In soviet tanks it can be a punch. LoL
  8. I would agree the M1 is starting to show its age a little. But realistically so is the Leo-2 CR-2 etc Upgraded variants have kept them still superior to any eastern designs though The T-14 and type 99s are still a unknown entity and it will be a long time before there be fielded in large numbers. IMO, build a Nato tank and share the massive development costs
  9. Esim have just taken me for a mug. Get it. LoL Well they will tomorrow cant decide which one I want. I will sleep on it.
  10. The big question is who was commanding the marder. And playing chicken with the dismounts lifes. I would have dismounted my milaan team to hunt the target in the tree line and withdrew my Ride four against one is not good odds. LoL Nice video though.
  11. Thanks for posting lads.
  12. The Cannon may be very accurate but unfortunately the ammunition used by the CR-2 has not kep up with smoothbore ammunition development. The current AP round may have trouble with the frontal armour of the newer T types and would certainly have trouble penetrating modern western designs The UK MOD are idiots they very penny wise and very pound stupid. had they fitted a smooth bore in the first place the CR-2 would have been a far more effective platform. And could have stayed in service far longer. They could have bought or shared the development costs for German and US 120mm ammo designs.
  13. Hi lavictoireestlavie (I am assuming a simulator was built for the leclerc.) Do you have any video footage or pics of the simulator used to train Leclerc crews.
  14. Here's what i think a soviet logo would have looked like.
  15. No i did not have a VIP pass. On the day i went to visit the museum the tiger was not on display it had been used the day before and was in for a maintenance check. I asked the museum staff if i could see it and i had had travelled all the way from Ireland to view the tiger. They took me to the maintenance yard i could and believe my luck when they invited me to sit inside the beast You could mail them in advance of your visit and request the same privilege.