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  1. Yes i did consider barrel wear as a consequence. But if the situation called for immediate infantry suppression and arty was unavailable or limited. I can see the logic in training crews for the eventuality.
  2. I found this video interesting. I can not vouch for its accuracy. But can see it benefits. I have no access to my gaming machine But i wonder whats the maximum range of say a heat round fired from a leo-2 or M1 abrams would be in game. Mite be fun to create a scenario where you bombard say a small town form beyond visual range you could use a F/O or UAV to spot and range for you
  3. The Return Of The T-80.

    Still looking for more reliable info Nate. But i reckon the T-80 got a bad rep after the whole Chechnya debacle From what i can make out the upgrade will address most of what was wrong with the previous variants of the T-80. And will give the Russian army a decent tank that's still under fifty tons with a decent armour package. Its a very fast tank and with a decent fire control system including a thermal camera and the ability to fire ATGM. IMO,It could still pose a potent threat on the modern battlefield
  4. The Return Of The T-80.

    It looks like the russians have decided to upgrade a number of there stored T-80's It will be designated T-80-BVM, Same gas turbine engine as the original, but with improvements in fuel consumption. Also, installed "Relikt" ERA, PNM Sosna-U gunner sight (as in the T-90, T-72B3), upgrades of various other systems.
  5. Talking to some of my older army buddies. The rank and file guys preferred the old one piece shells As they made quite a bit on the side from the spent brass casing from some of the older generation arty shells.
  6. British Army finally selects Boxer for MIV

    Whats the best way to sell a german built MIV to the British. Paint a union jack on it. LoL
  7. We love screenshots

    Very cool.
  8. Tactical FPS

    just found this video Your fighting as a British soldier or a Zulu No idea how it plays but,( In with the bayonet boys ) https://steamcdn-a.akamaihd.net/steam/apps/256687001/movie480.webm?t=1497306850
  9. Tactical FPS

    My favourite will always be Ghost recon from back in the day. (not the newer versions) It had some limitations, But it had a large community and the mods were incredibly well done some were better then the developers eferts. Have not played a FPS in years, but i have to say i like the look of War of Rights, mite buy it and go kill me some dam yankees up the south, (yee har.)
  10. T-84 Modernized version

    I agree with some of what your saying. Fielding T-55/62 or cheaper chinese types of that generation would be suicide for the crews on a modern battlefield. against a well equipped opponent, As Iraqi tankers found out. Some of the reports i read from Iraqi tank crews state they could not even see the tanks that engaged them. Never mind respond. But in saying that i was amazed to see T-62 tanks still used by Russian forces in the brief conflict with Georgia. Older tanks can still be effective in certain circumstances also they can be used as direct artillery. If you have thousands of them in reserve, And millions of rounds stored and don't hold the lives of your troops as a priority It makes financial sense. the Russians are notoriously mean with there most sophisticated weapons in the chechen conflict they were issuing dumb bombs to there attack aircraft. Even though they had missiles that could have completed there mission with out endangering the air crews. On the other hand you had the USAF sending B2 stealth bombers at the cost of millions per mission to bomb goat herders if you can believe the media report at the time.
  11. T-84 Modernized version

    The T-90MS - T-14 and even the latest version of the T-72 B3/4 are all thermal equipped. I really would think it would be a waste of money to equip older versions of the T-72 such as the M/M1 there fire controls stabilization armour etc. Are all antiquated and would cost a lot to upgrade
  12. Land 400 Phase 2 - and the winner is .....

    I wonder are the sneaky peaky days of recon being replaced by larger type recon vehicles that rely on sensors and drones.
  13. WWII Tank recoveres. What a collection

    Thanks for posting
  14. Land 400 Phase 2 - and the winner is .....

    the pic shows just how bulky the boxer is.
  15. ArmA

    It certainly looks good.