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  1. Interestingly the UK arms company Marconi Electronic Systems built a (SPAAG). The turret can be fitted to many different types of hull. It was called the marksman but was never bought by the MOD. the only customer was Finland Just another example of the MOD Not buying the equipment they actually needed to busy spending billions then cancelling the projects Or like some of Nimrods they ordered building them then scrapping them before they were ever used. Originally the turrets were on T-55 hulls but the Finns wanted the system to be able to keep up with there armoured formations so have been placed on Leo-2 hulls Since there were only seven built in total, not much point looking for there addition in SB. Lol
  2. The most expensive scale model tank I ever viewed was a gold plated CR-1 (I would say it was about 1/16 scale) built for the Shah of Iran by Vickers I think after he placed an order for the CR-1 It was on display at bovington tank museum. funny I haven't seen it in yeas my guess It was melted down.
  3. A more realistic option for most of us. http://www.tankzone.co.uk/cart/henglong.htm Or even http://www.instructables.com/id/Replica-T80-Battle-Tank/
  4. I want one. Two things I enjoy precision engineering and tanks I would say it would not be cheap though.
  5. But it would add to the realism. LoL
  6. Form what i have read blowpipe had a bad track record the Afghans did not score a single kill against the soviets This was attributed to poor training. But by all accounts it did not perform well in the falklands conflict against low flying aircraft either. And UK special forces were issued stingers.
  7. I can think of a few additional voice commands i would like to see added To be taken with a grain of salt. LoL Lets get the fxxk out of here. /all crew. who's turn is it to make the tea/ coffee for the europeans and yanks /commander. shot that fuxxker/commander I want a transfer/Loader/gunner/driver. You drop one in the tank i am going to kick your ass /all crew Tanks Tanks direct front/ All crew reverse reverse.
  8. Just finished reviewing AAR Seems like quite a battle really pissed i had to miss it. Good work to all those involved its events like this that Keep SB on the radar.
  9. Just did some research in to how effective manpads are. Read some conflicting views but it seems the singer was quite effective the British blow pipe not so much so. The soviet manpads seem to be effective against there own planes helos, they have had some success against western airframes and have some kills credited to them.
  10. Its well above my pay grade. But i could never understand why Nato forces did not have more ADA type assets. I realise the assumption was that Nato air force assets were superior and air dominance would be attained quickly. But look at the Yom Kippur war. As a example the Israelis got one hell of a surprise with the amount and effectiveness of the soviet supplied Sams.
  11. Looking good speckfire
  12. Well the president elect is cosying up to putin maybe the right honourable Theresa may should. LoL With out turning this thread political, chancellor merkel telling the Uk government what it can ant cant do in relation to brexit does not help relations and UK public opinion.
  13. I wonder if the whole Brexit debacle will play a part in the decision. There's a lot at stake, trade wise between the two nations. And to be honest is buying second hand older generation tanks the best option. Unless there up to A7 standard. only speculation on my part but I was under the impression the CR-2 had thicker and better armour then the leo-2 No argument about the fire control system the leo-2 wins hands down also the smoothbore on the leo is superior. mobility wise the leo has a stronger engine with more horse power. But I have been told the suspension system on the CR-2 is pretty decent.
  14. LoL. I still do depending on the Era 1950/60/70s IMO, the soviets would have overwhelmed Nato forces by sheer numbers As they did in WW2 against the Wehrmacht and other Axis forces But when smart munitions and advancements in Tank fire controls etc. started to be introduced in the 80's the soviets lost there advantage.
  15. I suppose the theory is two regiments of modern capable tanks is worth more then three or four regiments of less capable tanks. Watched a very interesting interview on the BBC news last night by a recently retired senior British army general. He was being very diplomatic but he stated clearly the British army needs to modernism some of its conventional equipment quickly. Well worth a viewing http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p04mns63 Its a shame he did not make his case more aggressively when he was a serving senior officer. I suppose its career suicide to rock the boat like most large organisations The out spoken very rarely progress.