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  1. Sorry could not resist. LoL A fix Bayonet and charge command.
  2. A Ukrainian version of the BMP-t built on a T-64 Hull
  3. Valhalla awaits. LoL
  4. Nice looking skin. Appreciate the work and time you guys put in creating these skins.
  5. There seems to be an interesting development in the military sim market DCS have just released a third party radio and navigation module.
  6. With the new designs the Russians are starting to field such as the T-15 i don't think the BMP-T Will be purchased in large numbers, IMO its a stop gap solution and probably cheaper then the new heavy IFVs the russian will be fielding.I believe a couple of BMP-t's were sent to Syria for evaluation.
  7. Its not a APC or a IFV guys, its a dedicated support vehicle the concept was conceived after the Russian army's disastrous experience in Grozny. Where there troops were pinned down by snipers and machine gun teams there BMP IFVs were cannon fodder for the RPG/ATGM teams. The only way they could advance was to blitz a grid with arty and use ZSU-Auto cannons with there high elevation to suppress there teams. So the concept was to design a heavy support vehicle with considerable fire power it does not have dismounts
  8. T-55/T-62/ BMP-2 Who needs fancy thermal sights ballistic computers, Hardcore Sim tankers just fire on the move with rudimentary stabilisation crap sights and a bottle of vodka But we do tend to die a lot. Lol
  9. Thanks for the pics Damien Its a fine looking tank, but based on available information how do you think the new variant would compare with western designs. Have the engineers working on the project overcome some of the basic issues/design flaws off the original T-72 gun stabilization depression ammo storage etc. If you have any specs on the new design that are in English could you please post them.
  10. Cant say I have had any major disagreements with the moderators over on Sim HQ. I did get a warning once but in fairness I deserved it. I got in to a heated exchange of posts with a guy who was slagging off SB Esim and are community. More fool me or bothering with the Idiot. Anyway back on topic I still believe there are many on this site with a lot to offer a fledgling armour developer
  11. Why don't we help the guys from Si89 Studios with constructive ideas There's a lot off expertise on this forum when it comes to armour I don't think there will be a conflict of interests if we discuss it on this forum but its probably best if any contributors join Sim HQ And discuss it there
  12. Found this on Sim HQ. Hello everyone!I am here to share with you about the game we are creating. We are friends indie dev team (we named Si89 Studios), developing in this moment (for 4 months so far) a simulation game called Baptism By Fire, and I am here because it is very hard to find people interested in good ideas (at least we think this game will be a good idea ). So I will explain some ideas of the game here, for the right understanding about what is this, and I need your feedback if its a good idea, if we need to change or improve something etc. We really need your ideas and support.1 - The game is called Baptism By Fire and is under development for 4 months, we are using Unity engine for several reasons. 2 - The game will be made with almost full simulation features.3 - The game will be a WW2 combat simulator, including tanks, infantry, air force, artillery, submarines etc, but we will start in this pre alpha with the armor part, that we are going to call "Steel".4 - For resuming, the idea of the game is make something similar to Forgotten Hope 2 when it comes to variety of vehicles and kinds of maps, but not arcade like FH2. The difference with our maps is the size... now, in the tests, I am working with a 5km x 5km map, but the idea is bigger maps.5 - It will be something similar to T34 vs Tiger when it comes to armored vehicle and battle distances, and the interior will be something like what is presented in the Red Orchestra 2 interiors of the tanks. The tanks will be made with positions, and military hierarchy6 - It will be something similar to IL2 Sturmovik 1946 when it comes to aircrafts. 7 - It will be something like Operation Flashpoint : Dragon Rising 2 when it comes to FPS, but the damage will be as realist as possible to have a good gameplay and realism balance, but the realism will be the priority.8 - The military hierarchy will be funcional in the war mode, but in the arena mode will be different.The game is in very beginning, and for start from a good start, we are here to collect opinions and support, because we will need to test the game and we will need to recruit some of your for testing sometimes.Here is the last video which shows some tests, we are working in the multiplayer system now. Almost everything is different now from the video:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OCROL844xqkThank you in advance and feel free to give your opinion
  13. About 3k. For a none playable model if memory serves me correctly. there was a post about how much it costs a while back But i don't think money would be the issue with esim more. About time and accurate data.