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  1. Beauty and the beast Which is which is a mater of interpretation . LoL
  2. Didn't the Iranians and Jordanians fit better engines the Rolls-Royce CV12 engine producing 1200 BHP That would have given the chieftain decent mobility.
  3. I set up a very basic mission chieftains v T-72A's I positioned the chieftains in a forest with the intention of using the trees and foliage as camouflage. But the T-72's were able to spot and engage them at relatively long range had the T-72s been thermal equipped i could understand this. So i jumped in to a couple of the T-72s to see if i could spot the chieftains Using the commanders and gunners sights. i was unable to see the chieftains Admittedly my eyesight is not the best and my monitor is relatively small So i suppose the question i am asking is does, trees and foliage have any effect on the AI commander/spotting targets. Now we have more older generation AFVs and hopefully get some more in the future it would be a great feature to be able to apply camouflage to your AFV relative to the terrain your mission is set in. I know the leo-2DKA5 in game has some thermal defeating covering it would be a good feature to be able to apply the various types available. the Russians developed a product of there own For the T-90. pic below.
  4. Starting a thread about RC Tanks planes and helicopters. A 1:16 Scale RC tank can range from 5k to a couple of hundred euro. they great thing is you can buy a cheap one then upgrade it. The sound effects there fitting now are impressive take the T-90 in the below video. (I going to get one in the next couple of months ) fully intend to upgrade it with more all metal parts Gun barrel etc. You can purchase it for around 260 euro and upgrade it with metal tracks and running Gear for about a hundred euro more.
  5. The video shows Wichita tankmans builds the guy builds them to 1/3 scale and they fire shot gun blanks. https://www.youtube.com/user/WichitaTankman Its a shame armortek is in difficulties I always promised my self I would get one when I retire
  6. Now that's what I call RC models
  7. Interestingly the chieftain engine was notoriously unreliable The engine was not powerful enough for the weight seemingly the Tank ended up ten tens heavier then originally envisaged
  8. I have always found it interesting the role the Israelis' played in the chieftain design. They gathered a wealth of information from knocked out tanks and passed the info to the UK government. With the intention of sharing data. And working on a joint design.
  9. Read this story about a guy who must have saved for years to buy his own AFV. http://www.irishexaminer.com/ireland/tank-man-shane-is-donegals-scorpion-king-442687.html Have meet a couple of AFV owners. If you had the room to store it and the money to buy one would you. They require constant maintenance and cost a small fortune to run But hell yer i would buy one. A BMP would be cool
  10. More prototype AFVs The Black eagle would be good maybe even the MBT-70.
  11. To each his own. But i am pretty happy with what we have got at the moment seems to be running well Of course any update is welcome especially if it has additional vehicles.
  12. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder'. LoL
  13. Just a bit of fun. Most would vote for there nation's Tank or judge by its capabilities. But i ask you vote just on appearance alone. To many tanks built to list them all so i am going for post war only. there's only twenty choices if your choice is not on the list just post it on the thread. Ok can not get the poll to work. So i will just list them. M-48 M-60 M1 M1A1-HA M1A2-SEP Leo-1 Leo-2 AMX-30 Leclerc Centurion Chieftain CR-1 CR-2 T-54/55 T-62 T-64 T-72 T-80B T-80U T-90 T14 Ariete. Merkava. Type-96 type 98 Type-3000
  14. Iranian domestically-manufactured Aqareb wheeled battle tank Looks like its from WW1 The mighty Aqareb can take on western design. LoL http://presstv.ir/Detail/2015/04/15/406392/Iran-unveils-new-military-equipment
  15. CR-1 Merkava 2/3 GAZ jeep OT-64 T-80A/BV
  16. Seen this and had to add it to my list. LoL
  17. I remember reading somewhere its hard to shape the materials used in modern armour That's why modern tanks tend to be box slab shaped easier to manufacture.
  18. My IFV choices are. Based on appearance only. CV-90 Warrior BMP-1
  19. Also sales volume plays a part. If your selling thousands of copies you can well afford to reduce the cost of the finished product. Cover your development costs and still make a profit. Unfortunately SB is a niche product. Also some potential new customers who think SB is over priced do not realise there buying ten years of upgrades.
  20. To pick one is difficult so i will list my favourite three. Chieftain T-72B Merkava
  21. I dont get what your referring to. I was simply pointing out I had the pleasure of sitting in the tiger. for a tank geek like me It was like a trekkie meeting captain kirk , LoL
  22. It made short work of the Decepticons, LoL I do agree with you sending stealth bombers to attack goat farmers in Afghanistan. Was bloody ridiculous. The A-10 and AC-130 were made for the job.
  23. A plug for bovington Tank museum by none other then James May. I had the pleasure of being allowed to sit in the drivers seat of tiger tank 131 on a trip to bovington.
  24. Interestingly the UK arms company Marconi Electronic Systems built a (SPAAG). The turret can be fitted to many different types of hull. It was called the marksman but was never bought by the MOD. the only customer was Finland Just another example of the MOD Not buying the equipment they actually needed to busy spending billions then cancelling the projects Or like some of Nimrods they ordered building them then scrapping them before they were ever used. Originally the turrets were on T-55 hulls but the Finns wanted the system to be able to keep up with there armoured formations so have been placed on Leo-2 hulls Since there were only seven built in total, not much point looking for there addition in SB. Lol