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  1. Ran a quick scenario and the time for all priority targets is about 40 seconds. on board or off. On board assets will start firing within 20 seconds, but then time of flight is added so I assume the same goes for off board assets.
  2. Note that from a practical perspective there is no difference between the T-64B and T-80A/B beyond the T-80's greater speed and somewhat better hull armor.
  3. History of US Tanks.

    I don't know if the internal composition changed between the M1A1HA and M1A2, but both the front and back plates (along with the turret roof [slightly]) were thickened on the M1A2 with the turret clocking in about 1.4 tonnes heavier.
  4. Nation camo codes

    Actually, I started to add the uniforms, but then it becomes a matter of depth; how far to go? Do we include all available uniform and vehicle patterns including seasonal variations, or just the basics?
  5. Nation camo codes

    There is a page in the wiki, but it wasn't linked to the main page. Fixed now.
  6. Ammunition & Missile Effective Ranges?

    Everyone here can edit the wiki, but you will have to PM Sean or one of the other admins to get login credentials.
  7. Ammunition & Missile Effective Ranges?

    Well, everything in the SB wiki is taken directly from the sim...so there's some credibility there...but do what you will.
  8. Ammunition & Missile Effective Ranges?

    Umm...you could always check the wiki.
  9. Is FM-15 still the USA Armor manual in use?

    FM 17-15 has been superseded by FM 3-20.15 (now ATP 3-20.15). Personally, I feel the new versions are inferior, but that's just personal preference.
  10. Wiki Down

  11. Rolling Chunder

    In my experience, it's typically gunners that suffer the most as they are often looking in a different direction to the vehicle's direction of travel. On the rare occasions when I'd get queasy in the gunner's hole, just pulling away from the sight and looking in the direction of travel (whether you could see anything or not) generally solved the issue.
  12. Your best/favorite SB mission

    That's easy: Border Patrol. I've reworked that mission more than a dozen times with different vehicles and force mixes; even updated the map to more closely match the actual terrain. Even knowing the mission inside and out, every trigger and possibility, it still proves a challenge to win.
  13. Steel Beasts: Content Wish List

    A gentle reminder Ssnake: although mentioned in the release notes as having new models, the rejuvenated AT-7, AT-13, and AT-14 have yet to make it into the Personal Edition.
  14. Digital vs analogue FCS

    I knew someone might mention that, but I didn't feel like delving into minutia (or editing my comment) merely to sharpen a point.
  15. Digital vs analogue FCS

    The FCS of the M1 to M1A1HC is a 16bit digital system (and the Leo 2A4's is similar) while the M60A3 used a hybrid system with a solid-state fire control computer. The last true analog FCS (i.e. mechanical) in U.S. service was the M60A1.