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  1. This was basically the reply I got from Gib and a few others (Ssnake included) back when I brought this up back in...2008 or so.
  2. One thing I'd like to see is a playable Fennek using the FIST-V's optics and LRF to simulate the vehicle's true capabilities, since I'm sure the Dutch don't want that spread around.
  3. Well, they are Marines...as long as there's sand...
  4. In the end, it all comes down to METT-TC, particularly the enemy's actions in that continuum; weather only plays a real role in terrain trafficability and the availability of air support. As for Desert Storm, well a movement to contact is a movement to contact; as long as you can cross the terrain, you move till make contact with the enemy (being mindful that movements to contact are terrain and not enemy driven), so that's what we did.
  5. "Cyclone fencing" is the generic term for chain link fencing...something I'd be very interested in seeing in SB one day.
  6. Strange that there doesn't appear to be an impact point; nothing on the turret or hull glacis, all the skirts seem intact, and the sponson boxes are fine...perhaps an engine hit?
  7. I was under the impression that both the TC's TPKU-2B and TNK-1 (IR capable) were being modeled, but I guess I was wrong. Oh well, need to clean something up...
  8. Is anyone else having trouble getting the night vision on the BRDM-2's TNK-1 to work. It turns "on" in night scenarios (the reticle changes and illuminates), but there's no green NV effect and targets aren't visible.
  9. That's what I went with for the wiki. If it's wrong, hopefully someone will correct it.
  10. Just as the title says. I know that PMV is Pansret Mandskabsvogn (APC) but what word is the "O", and what does it stand for?
  11. Fixed.
  12. I think you mean Rooikat; the Rooivalk is a scout/attack helicopter.
  13. The best place to look is on the wiki: Main Page>Technical Database>Vehicle Information>Infantry>Missile Teams.
  14. AFAIK the values represent penetration at the muzzle. For tungsten sabot rounds, subtract around 30mm to get the average penetration at 2000m.
  15. The values depict the estimated line of of sight thickness of the armor at that point equivalent to a plate of Rolled Homogeneous Armor of the same dimension. Compare to the Ammunition Data to get an idea of what will penetrate what. As for ammo location, on most vehicles without compartmentalized storage ammo will be located below the turret ring and generally behind the front glacis to the driver's left or right. And lastly, there is Captain Colossus' Particle Mod for the current particle system, but what I think you're looking for isn't available.