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  1. Error code 3

    Sorry the AAR seems to be corrupt. I'll investigate a bit further and see if it can be salvaged..
  2. I'm not an ulan master by a long shot, but IIRC, as long as the fire control computer is turned on and undamaged you simply use the 'zero' aiming mark.. lay in on target, and fire (in this case the FCS will adjust the head mirror so that whatever way the range was entered the aiming mark will indicate the hit spot [at the correct range]). However, if you turn OFF The ballistic computer, at least on the GNRs side, you should hear a little 'clunk' sound which shows the FCS disconnecting from the head mirror, which (should) go into its default position.. FROM THIS POINT ON the etched superelevations on the sight should be used (if you look through the TIS is should actually also display a changed reticle, called NOTFS)
  3. ULAN systems

    These entries are all either fake or read only (at least in the non-classroom version). Clicking +/- does nothing, JUST does nothing If you cycle until you get to the GRAUSWAHL item (which means 'device selection'), you can press the EING ('ENTER') button to enter into a little submenu, which lets you turn certain subsystems on/off (you can cycle through these subsystems by clicking the toggle switch again) by pressing EING again. I think the only subsystem that you can turn off is the laser. If you cycle all values until you are at the GRAUSWAHL item again, you can leave the menu by pressing the EING button again That's it, AFAIK
  4. Ulan bugs

    Knock out the AI GNR and see if it works then.. thing is, our AI gunner most likely switches these values immediately back to values he can work with, so you dont' see any change as the TC
  5. Error code 3

    That's not related to the actual error.. is there anything else? Could you upload the AAR?
  6. Wind correction not working on CV90-35 DK-NL

    Can you please give any more information what's not working? IIRC on the -DK variant met properties cannot even be entered, an in the -NL it is only the TC who can change these settings via the MFP..
  7. 4.023 - Bridges in Map Editor

    Hm that seems to work fine for me.. that is, they rotate (as they should; there has not been a - deliberate - change here)
  8. 4.019

    I think I once had that with my anti-virus program causing it..
  9. 4.019

    Uncanny valley for landscape perhaps?
  10. Steel Beasts: Content Wish List

    I am wondering if this should be a feature of the 'camouflage' selection of a specific party (so something that's an intrinsic feature rather than an explicit setting). Or mabye a combination of 'camouflage' and 'mission date' (so, just to throw out some ideas, a 1970s 'US camo' unit would not have individual radios, while one featured in '2010' scenario would have it..)
  11. IMDb Steel Beasts (2000) video game entry

    Oh wow.. that page says volcano man won two primetime emmys..
  12. ERCWS-M Documentation

    (I guess you suspected this already) - nope.
  13. 4.010 - M1A2 CITV scan

    Hmm I guess the game quickly moves you out of the TC spot, then back in again.. resetting the CITV to default values in the process..
  14. Municipal power lines with wires

    Hm, just how many of these lines did you add before you began encountering problems?
  15. Video Thread

    Are forest fires not a huge problem when doing live-firing exercises in these environments? Or do they happen anyway (or maybe not at all and it just looks quite dry to me)?
  16. Crash loading an "in-progress save" scenario [FIXED]

    Everytime someone contributes something to this topic my heart skips a beat..
  17. Seems the heightmap that is missing is called Nam2-625.hgt (which is not part of our normal distribution). It might be a renamed 'Nam2.hgt' (which IS being shipped by us) but that's just a guess..
  18. Odd bug in v4 with scenario briefing text

    Thanks for the report
  19. The problem is that there are a number of multi-vehicle units composed of vehicles that are not supposed to be in multi-vehicle units, which the scenario loading code cannot handle (yet). In the scenario in the first post this would be a unit composed of a VW Passat, a Toyota and two UAZ trucks (and possibly others since the loading was aborted after encountering the first such unit). So the (annoying, I know) short-term fix (until the next update comes around) would be to go back to 3.028 and either split up these units into single-vehicle formations or change their type. 'Dangerous' unit types where this problem will manifest itself are all civilian vehicles (cars, trucks, motorbikes - you might remember that back then you were only allowed to create single-unit formations (but with the 'set unit type' it was possible to circumvent that)) and ambulance vehicles - basically everything where the 'maximum formation size' (in the 'new unit' dialog in the mission editor) was set to 1. I'm pretty sure this is a vehicle-only problem.
  20. HMG 0.50 cal iron sights block specter 3.4X sight.

    I thought it was supposed to work that way hmm
  21. Mission Editor Hang [FIXED]

    Thanks that one should be fixed. It indeed only happens with scenarios created in 4.00x
  22. Yes it is. Please don't use these items (61/62/63)
  23. 4.0 Bug reports

    Thanks for the report, we may have a fix for this already
  24. T-72, spelling mistakes

    Thanks! BTW I think anything but red text would be better since JPEG compression just seems to hate red text on any background color (as we found out trying to improve our own screenshots feature)