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  1. looks like i'm late to pick up on this one...
  2. It was a case of depth and circulating the tanks to allow them to re-stow. really good Tp level mission. M1A2 has a massive advantage with that thermal sight though. I suspect this would be much harder with Leo 2s Are the en randomised in their avenues / axis of approach if played again?
  3. That was a cracking mission and they nearly got me - lost 50% and was down to last rounds!!!
  4. Dont seem to be able to load the mission up. Log states that it "Could not load height map Hannover_Germany_rough_825vu.hgt". Where might I find this to fix?
  5. Just Wow!!!
  6. PL got it and thanks. Have to say that I am trying to work out the mechanics of defensive ops over a 40km frontage. This would have to be a very complex mobile defense with c/attacks on specific areas of vital ground and key terrain - unless this should be for the MR bde as opposed to a BnTG... More research required.
  7. PL, That's very helpful. Links not working here. Any chance you can email a copy to charles.bagshaw138 (at) mod.uk or FdArmy-Trg-CATTUK-Armd-SO2(at)mod.uk Thanks
  8. This is probably a good starter for 10. was trying to keep to open source.
  9. you can fire coax in low mag. CR2 gunnery is simples...
  10. Guys, Does anyone have any decent (upto date) links for the structures of the Russian Tank and Motor Rifle Bdes? Is the structure still Division Regiment Bde or have they dropped the Regiment level? I am looking for this for scenario design based on units from the Western Military District. Any help greatly appreciated. Equally trying to get my head around the Battalion Tactical Group. I am assuming this based on 3 - 4 subunits with support arms Taskorganised... Cheers
  11. Roger out. It seemed to work well with simply giving the vehicle a Assault order to a way point without a tactical action. Dismount troops order was attached to the way-point and a further Assault order to the LOE. This led to the Warrior advancing to the WP, dismounting troops and then continuing to assault with the troops leading. If under fire they would get on their belt-buckles, but if not they would happily advance with the WR in close support. Works fine, completely AI scriptable albeit I had the Pl split down to individual vehs from the start...
  12. Having advanced from the FUP with the IFVs (Warrior) in this case and dismounted the troops, what order should I use in the scripting to get them to close with the position both with vehicles and dismounts. I cannot script the dismounts at the start of the mission as they are in their wagons. I seem to recall that the scout order allowed this sort of behaviour but not in contact... The other scenario that I would want to do would be for the dismounts to close whilst the IFV supressed without moving. Any thoughts / solutions gratefully received...
  13. Its getting there but there is still some work to do with the houses etc.