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  1. Prefer this one...
  2. cool. This is going to take some playing with.
  3. hows that done then?
  4. the point on shared ammunition and gun development costs though is extremely valid...
  5. What sort of controls have mission designers used for creating realistic civilian pattern of life (PoL). This is something we struggle with at work (using a different system) but interested to know what people have done within SB.
  6. I am sure ITEC will be good value. Find the Brits and do some hard selling. SB is being talked about in some circles for levels of training...
  7. Wow, this seems to have gone off track somewhat...
  8. Well has to happen at some point and now seems right...
  9. Would have to have a deep conversation with Mrs CharlieB to discuss moving to the other side of the World. We have another Australian visit to CATT UK on the 8th of May...
  10. its the top rollers on the WISNET AEV. Not easy to notice...
  11. ive used peek through. Works okay but it can be a pain in the a**e to get the scaling right. The see through tool that locks the scaling would make like sooo much easier!
  12. Could do with going to do some Job hunting. Leaving the British Army in 11 months time and am keen to stay in this area. Sadly I have an exercise on and therefore cant get to rotterdam. Have fun!
  13. SSnake, All makes perfectly good sense. I knew that there would be a level of sensibility applied. Many thanks for the answer.
  14. Don't know if this is a feature or a bug... I certainly had not noticed before. Whilst playing the mission linked below (a great small mission btw from Abraxas), I noticed that you have to go into each vehicle to get them to replenish stocks in the ready round rack. why don't they do this automatically rather than waiting to be told? It is somewhat mental to have 17 rounds of fin in the hull and not attempt to use them... whilst not a drama to move a pair into depth and tell them to reload, this is a crew commander responsibility rather than a Tp leader task to tell his subordinates to restow... I assume that there is a good reason?
    Cracking little mission. Rewards good drills and good planning. Delay is all about depth and the use of Arty. Management of ammo status is critical!!!