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  1. Yeah, me either !
  2. Here is the Uijongbu Corridor map so far.
  3. I'm hoping it will end up being a PLA vehicle skin pack, but right now there is only a couple of vehicles near completion besides the BRDMs. ChiCom PLZ 05 Mog
  4. ROKA 20 Mech units consolidate to pursue retreating DPRK/PLA units. After being defeated by a composite brigade from the combined forces of the US 2 Inf Div and the ROK 20 Mech Div, PLA recon units screen the remnants of the 116 Mech Inf Div as they retreat.
  5. This is a known bug. I do not know if it has been fixed yet. Mog
  6. Im in the loaders hatch.
  7. You could edit the scenario and change the enemy engagement range to 2500-3000 meters.
  8. Could you send me a copy, please ?
  9. I say get rid of the draft. The intent of TGIF has gotten lost when there has to be a draft just because someone feels that new guys are getting valuable units (modern tanks) killed and putting their side at a disadvantage. If a player does or does not want to play with a certain player or group of players they shouldn't be forced to play on a team they don't want to be on. If a player wants to use the equipment on side "A" but gets drafted onto side "B", what are they to do? according to the post on the draft quoted above, the answer is to get the hell out of the session and they will proceed without them. (see above) How is this an event designed to bring the community together? Just my thoughts on the subject, Mog
  10. You cannot do certain things as quickly in the 3D world as you can in the real thing. A hotkey should simulate those types of functions.
  11. And he was doing so well ...
  12. Great Job Guys !
  13. This should be a sticky. We shouldn't "eat our young" around here.