MB 240GD

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The Mercedes-Benz 240GD in Steel Beasts Professional

MB 240GD: Light Tactical Truck


Armour Protection:
Frontal Turret Armour: N/A
Cab Armour: N/A.

Combat Mass: 1.75 tonnes
Length: 4.66m
Width: 1.76m
Height: 2.10m
Engine Power: 72hp 2.4 liter I4 diesel
Top Speed: ~110kph


The Mercedes-Benz 240GD is the military version of the retail G-Wagen class of vehicles. It is in use by various military forces under several model designations and variations. The vehicle modeled in Steel Beasts Professional is unarmed but may be optionally equipped with a tarpaulin covering the crew and rear compartment.

(Note: Beginning with version 4.156, this vehicle was combined with the MB 240GD CO/XO. To use it in that role, it should either be created as a "CO" or "XO" vehicle.)

Thermal Signature

MB 240GD TIS image, front-right w/o tarp MB 240GD TIS image, rear-left w/o tarp
MB 240GD TIS image, front-right w/tarp MB 240GD TIS image, rear-left w/tarp