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Found 5 results

  1. Bad Dog

    M1A2 In Standard 3 colour camo and all Green woodland 2048 dds files as per stock. The platoon No 23 on rear will appear, but seems random also attachment at front, don't know why a real mystery, ie in a platoon of 4 1 or 2 may show correctly others seemed mixed with or without rear No and front attachment, guess will be fixed in next update, either way she's good to go. Regards Wardog
  2. M1A2 SEP round/ammuntion storage count

    I was under the impression that the M1A2SEP as well as all the other M1A1 store only 6 rounds in the hull. Why is it that in the SB version that there are 18 rounds stored in the turret and 24 rounds stored in the hull ? Is this a bug ?
  3. Request for Abrams related manuals

    Does anybody have links to FM/TM's relating to the M1 Abrams, preferably the M1A2 SEP? I found FM 3-20.12 Tank Gunnery on Scribd but couldn't download it, if anyone has that please link it too.
  4. Turret Mantlets

    After the Leclerc mantlet 'debacle' I have grown somewhat suspicious of the mantlets of the tanks such as the Leopard 2A4, Challenger 2 and Abrams series of tanks. This thread is there to discuss the situation with the mantlets , their dimensions ,geometry, thickness and potential protection that they offer.
  5. Saitek X-52 M1 Palm Switch

    I have a Saitek X-52 joystick which has a pinkie switch located near the base at the front: A while back I was going mad trying to program the stick's software to make the pinkie switch behave more like the M1 gunner's palm switch. IOW, I wanted the pinkie switch to be required to be pressed for the stick to work. And if I let go of it, I wanted that to zero the lead. I just couldn't figure it out. Well, a few days ago it hit me. Why not just change the control options in Steel Beasts to "control handle"? :c: And that did it. Now the pinkie switch operates the same way the M1's palm switch does. (At least as I understand it.) Some might say it's a minor difference, but to me it's pretty neat. I don't know if there are a lot of joysticks out there with similar buttons, but I thought I'd just throw this out there. Note: The pinkie switch is mapped through the stick's software to emulate the keyboard's "P" key.