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Found 1 result

  1. Kanium Sunday 22nd JAN "4. MEKTSTOS Part 2" BY Swordsmandk When: Sunday 22nd JAN 1900 UTC Where: Kanium / UK armor TS ( teamspeak3.i3d.net:10077 ) World Clock: World Clock Situation a. Enemy Enemy Mechanized Infantry Brigade (MECHINFBDE) has been attacking along HW6 for the last 48 hours as part of an overall invasion of Finland. The lead elements are currently in heavy fighting with Finnish Defence Forces (FDF) defending Battle Groups (BG) EAST of Kouvola city. One of the BDEs Tactical Groups (BTG) is currently resupplying its fighting units around Utti Airfield. The BTGs SPG and MLRS batteries are also in position around the airfield supporting the troops attacking Kouvola. It is estimated that the BDE has suffered about 15% of casualties. Enemy units covering the BDEs northern flank have been defeated by FDF attacks and have been scattered along north of the river. The BDE has alerted its mobile reserve (atleast one Tank Battalion with reinforcements) to counter the threat of attacking FDF units and deny them crossing of the river. An separate BTG size force has also been attacking north of the river towards WEST IOT to pinn FDF forces in the area. b. Friendly MEKTSTOS (MECHBG) KARHU is spearheading the Finnish Army main attack towards Utti airfield IOT block HW6 and deny enemy advance along it towards Kouvola. After phase 1 of the operation the Finnish forces now control the area NORTH of the river. The BG is preparing for the second phase of the attack to cross the river and advance to HW6. Both Mechanized Infantry Companies (C Coy and D Coy) of the BG have suffered moderate casualties but have been reinforced by other FDF troops in the area. Their ammo situation is red. They have established defensive positions along the northern edge of the river and are preparing to support the crossing operation. Rearming of these companies is currently being done by the BG Supply Coy (estimation of at least 1h remaining). A Tank Company is being rearmed and repaired after the heavy fighting in the first phase of the attack and is currently behind D Coy in the WEST. B Tank Company is low on ammo and fuel. They are acting as the BG reserve NORTH of C Coy and are preparing to move to the BG supply depot for refueling and rearming. Other BG assets have been deployed in the area and are currently being tasked in enabling and supporting the coming crossing operation. Combat Engineer Coy is preparing its bridge layers to support the crossing operation in two directions. Kilo Coy from 13th BTN is defending KARHUs left flank north of the river. They have reported having contact with enemy mechanized forces EAST of them. Other FDF forces in the area are involved in heavy fighting around the whole Kouvola area. Getting to HW6 is essential for easing the pressure on these troops! Civilians are fleeing north to try getting out of the area so make sure its the enemy before you open up on them. KARHU Mission Attack to HW6 at H+1 IOT deny further enemy attacks along HW6. Tasks Rearm and refuel C Coy and B Coy Conduct an crossing operation over the river Attack to HW6 , take object Gold and silver and setup blocking position on HW6 Deny enemy usage of HW6 The whole area Object Gold and the bridge crossing area The bridge we need to cross Starting pos for Charlie Coy Starting pos for Brovo Coy Both objectives