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Found 10 results

  1. until
  2. until
  3. Version 1.0.0


    Originally played as a Kanium COOP mission Mission by Apocalypse Situation The 1st Battalion (Mechanized Infantry) of the 111th BTG is established in a hasty defense around the city of Stadthagen. In our sector, a Company of Mechanized Infantry defends hill 96 and Objective Bull, a small suburb of Stadthagen. Enemy Assessment by War Fighting Function: Maneuver - The enemy we are facing is a motorized infantry Company consisting of BMP-2's, and dismounted infantry with AK74 rifles, RPG-7's, and PK Machine Guns. Additionally, we the enemy is reinforced with a tank platoon (T72) from the battalion reserve. Intelligence - The 111th has deployed their reconnaissance units; platoons of BDRM2 and dismounted scouts Logistics - The 111th can sustain themselves independently for up to 72 hours, and is currently 100% on unit basic load ammunition Fires - The 111th has two batteries of 4x 120mm mortar tubes (8 total) Protection - The Company we are facing has been in a defensive posture for approximtely 48 hours, but has not recieved engineer support from their parent battlion. Expect obstacles to consist of hastly strung wire and surface laid mines. Mission Command - We anticipate the enemy company commander to locate himself within the defenses of OBJ BULL. If he is killed, there is a high percentage that remaining troops will flee or surrender. Friendly Forces Our parent Battalion will conduct an attack on Stadthagen, and your Company is first in the order of attack. Our Battalion is conducting a penetration attack and your Company must seize Objective Bull to open the gates into Stadthagen. Mission Your mission is to attack to seize OBJ BULL so that follow on forces can conduct an attack into Stadthagen. Execution Player-driven Fires You have a Mortar Platoon (4x tubes) and a BN fire support officer attached to your company for this operation. Support Organic Resupply Organic Medical Support All repairs will be conducted post-operation, during reconsolodation.
  4. until
    Kanium Sunday 25th sep mission kanium sunday 25th sep mission 1800 UTC
  5. Version 1.2.0


    About This File V.1.2 WHO: Danish Arm SQN with Mech support vs AI RED Enemy in defence. Size: 2x tnk, 1x mech (+1 tnk in reserve) vs COY size mix (+) in defense Gamestyle: COOP medium vs AI RED Units: Leopard 1A5, M113A1, HMMVW TOW, T64, BMP2, NOTE: 1) Kanium 17/07/16 Game
  6. Version 1.2


    Small COOP/SP mission with 1 Platoon (4/ea) M2A2 in an Afghanistan setting. Your Platoon has been tasked with establishing the outer cordon for a Special Operations raid on a high value target. Nothing to worry about - you've done this before.
  7. Version 1.0.0


    DK forces attack to seize a Bridge - what could go wrong? Can be played as a Single Player Mission or COOP: Up to 17 Players (1 per vehicle) SITUATION Enemy: Within the past 48 hours the 111th Brigade Tactical Group (BTG) attacked south across the Diamond River. The 1st Battalion of the 111th suffered few casualties but the speed of their operation quickly over-extended their lines of supply and communication. The 1st Battalion is currently postured in a hasty defense along the Diamond River, preparing for future operations with the rest of the BTG reconsolodates. The first Battalion consists of 3 Companies of T64Bs and BMP2s. They have at least one Company defending the Diamond Bridge, along Highway 7, with two Companies further north. The 1-111 BTG does not have any air capability but the has six tubes of 152mm artillery available, as well as 1x reserve Company from the 111th BTG. Friendly: A Joint Coalition Task Force is forming quickly to the south, and is preparing to attack north. MISSION D Co. attacks to seize OBJ EAGLE to pass friendly forces across the Diamond River. EXECUTION 1. Attack and seize OBJ Eagle 2. Establish a Hasty Defense in vicinity of Diamond Bridge 3. Pass friendly forces to OBJ HAWK and FALCON Fires 3x Tubes of 120mm and a Forward Observer have been allocated to your Company for this operation.
  8. Version 1.0.0


    Operation Henchman Supports up to 18 players in COOP (1/vehicle) Task Organization D6 (CO, M1A2) D5 (XO, M1A2) D7 (M113 Ambulance) 1/D (M1A2) 2/D (M1A2) 3/D (M1A2) 4/A (M2A2) 1/E (M113, ENG) 2/E (Bridge TM) 2x Supply Trucks Direct Support 4x M1064A3 120mm Situation The 111th Brigade Tactical Group is defending in sector, with one enemy battalion (1/111th) established in a stronghold defense within the city of Al Shakir and another battalion (2/111) established in a defense in depth to the east of the city. The 111th BTG are equipped with T-90S tanks and BMP-2 IFVs as well as dismounted infantry with AT-3 ATGM and RPG-27s. The 111th has no ability to conduct any air sorties, but still maintains a 6-gun battery of 152mm artillery (offscreen). Additionally, the 111th has one Battalion (3/111) in reserve and may employ a counter attack force at any time - our S2 estimates that they will most likely employ a counter attack if Al Shakir is isolated. Additionally, there is an insurgent force controlling a canal crossing to the east of Al Shakir. Our S2 assesses their force to be composed of several rifle squads with AK47s and RPG-7s. Mission Your Company Team (D CO) must conduct a flank attack to isolate Al Shakir, to allow friendly forces to conduct a clearance of Al Shakir. Execution 1. Conduct an aggressive flank attack on Al Shakir to isolate the city and prevent further reinforcement and logistical support to the 1/111th. 2. Be prepared to conduct a breach of an obstacle belt, vicinity 11 Northing (engineers attached) and a canal crossing to avoid an insurgent stronghold (bridge team attached). 3. Be prepared to conduct a defense against enemy counter attacks once you have established a blocking position to the south of Al Shakir 4. Once you have established a blocking position, friendly forces will begin their assault on Al Shakir. Fires Battalion has allocated 4x 120mm mortars (offscreen) in support of this operation. Smoke and HE are available. Game Rules 1. Please stay within the boundaries - there are no real enemy forces in Al Shakir (for performance purposes) and you will get nothing out of the scenario if you cheat 2. The blocking position will be 'set' one minute after friendly forces occupy the area around the bridge. 3. You will be notified when you win, and the game will end shortly after. 4. Have fun, report any issues on the forums. Thanks A31 Image Credit: Revell model
  9. We will, on Sunday 10th of July 1800 UTC, host a joint ops game with DOW and Kanium and anyone else who wants to join in. Kanium will host the first session, DOW the second and so on. If this turns out like we both hope, this could happen on a monthly basis. First mission will be a BTN size mission with 2 tank COYs and 1 MECH COYs. Game is open to everyone. The two VUs will run a tank COY each with free room for everyone that wants to give it a shot also. Included in mission is both recon, engineer and support units. It will be hosted in 4.0 unless issues should arise. If it does then I will update this thread and so on. When: Sunday July 10th 1800 UTC World Clock Where: Kanium TS for this one. Plz if you are planning to join make sure game has been tested and TS tried before getting there. What are we doing: BTN size attack COOP mission with OPFOR players. Play time is at least two hours but you can join for duration you can play. Manning list and more info will be posted during the weekend.
  10. In a single player mission or Coop, can an OPFOR CGF UAV call for fires?