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Found 1 result

  1. Kanium Sunday 19th FEB "Rhyfel Hounds of Hell vKanium" BY Rhyfel and suggested and modded for Kanium by Apocalypse31 When: Sunday 19th FEB 1900 UTC Where: Kanium TS ( teamspeak3.i3d.net:10077 ) World Clock: World Clock 1) SITUATION: a) Enemy: Gordonian forces have set a reconnaissance regiment to guard along the river. The guard is to provide time for the armor battalion conducting a mobile defense vicinity PL Patriots to maneuver on PL Raiders. Expect T-80 tanks, BMP2s, and Infantry armed with RPG-29s. b) A/3-67AR: A company is staged in AA Apache, augmented with a mobility platoon from E/3-67AR and an Avenger section from 1-44ADA c) Attachments: 1. E/3-67AR: x2 wolverines, x3 M2A2 w/ MICLICs 2. 1/1/G/1-44ADA: x2 Avengers 2) MISSION: Alpha Company 3-67AR attacks to seize OBJ STONE in order to allow follow on forces to destroy the Gordonian armor battalion. On order, pass forward B/3-67AR through OBJ Stone. 3) EXECUTION: Intent: Alpha company will breach and clear the river crossings along PL Raiders then proceed to OBJ Stone and establish a hasty defense, prepared to pass follow on forces. Key Tasks: 1. Breach PL Raiders 2. Clear any enemy obstacles and created a lane to OBJ Stone 3. Prevent enemy influence on breach site 4. Destroy enemy reconnaissance regiment 5. Pass B/3-67AR a) Concept of Operation: Alpha company will breach or bridge phase line Raiders, then clear the route to OBJ Stone. Alpha Company will then attack to seize OBJ Stone and establish a hasty defense to pass Bravo Company. i) Fires: a) x2 priority targets b) x1 battery of 155mm Paladins in support, HE and SMK c) Tasks to Combat Support Units: 1. E/3-67AR: provide mobility support: breach or bridge PL Raiders. BN has identified two possible bridge sites in addition to the bridge along PL Raiders. 2. 1/1/G/1-44ADA: Protect breach or bridge site from Gordonian BDE Close Combat Attack Aircraft (CCA). x2 sorties of Mi-24 Hind Ds. d) Priority Intelligence Requirements: 1. Most Dangerous Course of Action: BN forward deploys BN reserve of T-90 tanks to prevent penetration of PL Raiders. Gordonian BDE Commander reinforces units on PL Raiders with x2 sorties of Mi-24s to support the BN CATK on PL Raiders. 2. Most Probable Course of Action: Reconnaissance regiment screens in order to facilitate the Armor BN CATK on PL Raiders while friendly forces are attempting to breach 5) COMMAND AND SIGNALS: Coy Net: CO: 6 XO: 5 FO: 8 1st PLT: 1 2nd PLT: 2 3rd PLT: 3 "4" PLT Mech INF: 4 "7" PLT ENG: 7 "9" Sec AA: 9 1. Hound Mike will alert Alpha Company when OBJ Stone is seized and when Bravo company is moving for forward passage of lines to attack. Requires at least 1x friendly vehicles for at least 2 minutes in OBJ STONE. 2. Map updates are for BLUFOR units only, you must battle track. Fighting the recon Crossing the Bridge Endgame