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Found 86 results

  1. Sunday 16th of April "The Swarm" By Swordsmandk, Short and Sweet & Major Duck When: Sunday 16th of April 1800 UTC Where: Kanium TS ( teamspeak3.i3d.net:10077 ) World Clock: World Clock 1800 UTC Briefing: (Change from oral orders, if any) NO CHANGE Copy No ______1__ of _______1__ Copies Issuing Headquarters: 36 PZ BDE Place of Issue (may be in code) Date-Time Group of Signature Message Reference No. SnS/SDK/MD 36 PZ BDE FRAGO REVOLVING DOOR002/36/APR17 References: A. OP REVOLVING DOOR OPORD 003; B. Threat Integration Overlay (attached) Time Zone used throughout the Order: A Task organization: No Change 1. SITUATION. a. Enemy Forces. 1. Terrain and weather; Obstacles: No Change. 2. Weather: +2-+4c during early morning with partial clear skies. Later temp expected to rise +14c with some cloud. Sensor impact assessment low with non-sensor visibility around 2 km. 3. Effects on friendly: No Change 4. Effects on enemy: No Change 5. Avenues of Approach: AA1 R431 into HEIDMUHLEN. AA2 centre into NAI 12/2. 6. Vital Ground: Hill 6/7/8. 7. Key terrain: High Ground hill 16/18 8. Situation Enemy Forces. (see threat integration overlay) 9. Composition & strength: 20 GCAA: 1 x MRD, 2 X MRD, 3 X MRD, 15 TKD, 4 LT MR DIV, SSM BDE, ARTY BDE MBRL BDE, AD BDE, AD REGT, AT, REGT, RECON BDE, CBT AVIATION BDE, ENGR BDE, 41 AIR ASSLT BDE, ASSLT RIVER X BDE, 10. 2 MRD: 21 MRB (32% CE NON COMBAT EFFECTIVE), 22 MRB (82%CE), 23, MRB (79%CE) 24 TB (74%CE), ARTY REGT (81%CE), ADD REGT (?) SEP AT BN, RECCE BN, ENGR REGT, EW COY, each manoeuver unit comprises similar to 21 MRB (a) 22 MRB (2nd Echelon Forces); RECCE PLT: 6 X BMP2, 3 X BRM 1K, 4 X BRDM-2 (72% CE) A COY:14 X BMP-2, 4 X T-72B 85% CE) B COY:14 X BMP-2 4 X T72B (86% CE) C COY:14X BMP-2, 4 X T-72B (88% CE) D COY:13 X T-72B, 14 X BMP-2 (89%CE) MORTAR BTY:8 X 82MM (89% CE) ENGR COY:3 X MTLB, 2 X MTU-72, 3 X GMZ, 3 X UMZ, 1 X IMR, 1 X BAT, 1 X PJM (76%CE) ARTY BN:24 X 2S1, 8 X IV12 (MTLB?) 1 X PRP-4 (90% CE) AT BTY:12 X MT-12 OR MTLB AT-5, 4 X BRDM-2 6 X PSNR (BTR/BRM (92% CE) AD BN:6 X 2S6 OR SA-13, 3 X BTR 60 PU, 2 X PPRU, 2 X BRDM-2U (89% CE) GREN LCHR PLT 6 X AGS 17 (79% CE) 11. Situation. 20 Guards Combined Arms Army (20 GCAA) advance (Adv) to achieve immediate objective of securing LUBECK is faltering. 3 MRD attack along motorway was stopped 36 hours ago and although 1 MRD forces continued the attack, they have as yet not broken through NATO defences. 2 MRD in our joint operational area (JOA) has also been forced to conduct an Echelon change and 22 MRB is now assessed as the Adv Guard BN facing KGW, has finished REPLEN and are about to press home ATTACK along AA1. 22 MRB recce screen assessed as along 38 Northing. 12. Integration overlay. See assessed AA for 22 MRB attack. Follow on Forces (FoF) comprise 2 x CA BNS-lead elements 20km south of BARK rapidly advancing north. ETA in strength & operational in 36 PZ BDE JOA within next 10 hours. 41 AIR ASSLT BDE continue to hold bark in defensive strong point. 21 MRB non operational. 22 MRB task org assessed as 4 x CA Coy strength groupings; 3 x MECH, 1 X TK WITH BN CS & CSS AND BN & DIV RECCE AND ENGR Support. 2 MRD assessed as 60% combat effective (CE). 22 MRB assessed as 82% CE. 13. Capabilities (a) Manouevre: No change. (b) Fire Support (FS). CAS available. (c) Intelligence. Recce screen likely task by-pass east into 36 PZ BDE depth to provide over watch on bridge x point. Recce screen provide trigger for option for CA ATTACK on attack on AA2 if AA1 falters. (d) Mobility, counter-mobility, survivability. No Change (e) Air Defence (AD). Cover C2 nodes, Engr assets and BN ARTY GROUP (BNAG). MANPADS SA-7/14 ZSU 23-4. (f) Combat Service Support (CSS). Insufficient for sustained engagement past 48 hour. Russian rear areas have suffered significant damage by NATO forces and supply is believed to be a major problem. Currently REPLEN actions finished. Bde Admin Area likely to be IVO NAI 9 and within bark where ASP located. (g) C2. 2 MRD Fwd C2 likely BARK. 22 BN Fwd likely NAI 14/15 – MAIN C2 BARK. 14. MLCOA. 2 MRD secure x points along LATENDORPH KANAL, clear east to Motorway 21 IOT defeat NATO forces west of LUBECK. 22 MRB now having conducted Echelon change will immediately continue ATTACK along AA1 and secure x point on LATENDORPH KANAL within next 6 Hours IOT isolate NATO forces south of kanal. Success in this mission is now vital for 20 GCAA; with supplies now limited and supply flow unlikely to become better, 2 MRD needs to quickly SECURE the crossing points to provide an opening in the NATO defensive line in which to EXPLOIT. (a) Extended purpose: facilitate 2 MRD isolation of NATO forces south of LATENDORPH KANAL. (b) Key Tasks; (i) Rapidly SECURE X points on LATENDORPH KANAL; (ii) REPLEN FoF; (ii) BPT conduct DiV Echelon change south of LATENDORPH; (iii) BPT to defeat EN Counter Attack (CA) in AO. (c) Endstate; x point OBJ secured; 36 PZ BDE isolated south of kanal, lead coy in DEFENCE on northern bank of kanal; BN REPLEN conducted IOT continue Adv east. (d) 22 MRB Likely CONOPS. 5 phase operation. P1. Recce bypass NATO forces to provide overwatch of IMM & SUB OBJs. CLEAR to hills Centre along AA1 3, 5, 7. & OCCUPY. ATTACK north AA1 seize hill 6/7/5 first tactical bound. P3. Continue ATTACK north on possibly two axis +Flank Protection to secure IMM OBJs – Second tactical bound. AA2 supporting axis but may become ME if DEFENCE on AA1 sufficient. P4. Asslt to secure SUB OBJ – third tactical bound. P5. Replenishment & POL with FOF. (e) Decisive Op (DO). Rapidly attack on AA1 with sufficient combat power to seize hills prior to final Assault on Bridge. (f) Shaping Ops: No Change (g) MDCOA: Early arrival of lead elements of 15 TKD Fwd BN. Immediate attack with 2 x coy+ on AA1 & AA2 to penetrate KGW defensive positions. This is dangerous because a quick attack along two Axis with sufficient combat power to overwhelm KGW will allow 20 GCAA to achieve its objective in sufficient time to enable Russian forces to quickly exploit the gap in NATO defenses with dangerous numbers in favor of a successful breakthrough into NATO REAR. b. FRIENDLY FORCES 1. Situation. 2multinationa XXX is being reinforced with REFORGER units from the US. Lead US BDE now operational and moving towards LUBECK. Lead elements IVO LATENDORPH KANAL next 6 hours. 2. Attachments and Detachments. US Air Force is supporting 2ATAF and has destroyed Russian supply depots and Airfields in significant numbers. 36 PZ BDE has received reinforcement of 1 x Flight of AH1 Multi-Role Ac. These will remain under OPCOM BDE. 2XXX Engineer assets have also reinforced 36 PZ BDE and have laid FASCAM Mine Field (marked on map) in support of Effects Area TIGER. BDE Recce remains TACON to respective BGs BG CO cannot change its mission or tasks but remain responsible for coordination of movement of provision of AD . Approval for new missions should be sought through BDE. 3. 36 PZ BDE Commander’s Evaluation. Operational situation in 36 PZ BDE AO is to NATO’s advantage, although the next 6 hours will be critical. Time is against 2 MRD and thus, they are likely to increase risk to achieve their mission. Tempo and combat power are likely to be the key factors in the Enemy Attack Plan. AA1 remains probably the best option for a rapid advance by the ADV GD BN. I sense if we BLOCK here, 2 MRD will quickly switch to AA2 with the majority of his combat power and attempt to rapidly ENVELOP our defences from the west. I judge that he does not yet have sufficient combat power to successfully attack on both Axis as 15 TKDIV are not yet in a position to support the ATTACK. Destruction of 22 MRB will require a halt to the 2 MRD offensive operations and an operational pause will likely ensue. 2. MISSION a. 36 PZ BDE Mission. Hold x points on LATENDORPH KANAL for 6 hours ITO DISRUPT 2 MRD ADV on LUBECK. b. 36 PZ BDE Comd’s Intent Statement. 1. Extended purpose: facilitate 2 mult-inational xxx DEFEAT of Russian forces IVO LUBECK. 2. Key tasks; a. HOLD x points LATENDORPH KANAL for 6 hours(me); b. DEFEAT 2 MRD ADV GD BN CA south of kanal; d; POL 2 xxx reinforcing forces. 3. Endstate; key x points held 6 hours; KGW defensive positions south of kanal held 6 hours; 36 PZ BDE sustained & ready for further operations within 12 hours, 2 XXX reinforcing units sustained and fit for offensive operations. 3. EXECUTION a. 36 PZ BDE Comd Intent. We will accomplish this by reinforcement of south & north of kanal to support aggressive Manouevre DEFENCE south of kanal. Decisive to this operation is the destruction of 2 MRD offensive momentum as this will slow the advance, cause an operational pause and provide further opportunity for reinforcement. 1. CONOPS. No change with exception of additional FASCAM laid south of Kanal in support of KGW Defensive operations. 2. Critical to the Operation therefore is the DEFEAT of 22 MRB attack. 3. Decisive Operation (DO): DISRUPT 2 MRD offensive momentum IOT impose delay 24 hours. 4. Shaping Ops: BDE Recce to identify FOF Main Bodies & EN force strengths on both AAA. Subsequently to act as Flank Protection along AA2 & Eastern Boundary with 2/126 Jager BN. Engr BN establish obstacle belt in spt of 1/126 Jager Coy Defence. CSS BN ASP & fuel supply established south bank of kanal & 2/126 /Jager BN re-supplied. Engr Coy support to KGW for preparation of depth defensive positions north of PL GUSTAV. Engr bridge demolition prepared. 2/126 Jager Coy reinforced with additional MOBILE A units. 5. Sustaining Ops: Establish fuel & ASP sufficient for 12 hours combat and REPLEN of 2xxx reinforcing units. 6. Tactical Risk is assumed by limited use of combat power south of river IOT preserve forces for CA ATTACK once sufficient available. This will be mitigated by provision of aviation Spt & CS Spt to KGW & 2/126 Jager BN and pre-prepared obstacles along AA1 north of PL KARL for KGW to form a BLOCK here, while enabling sufficient forces to conduct a mobile defense To DEFEAT an EN ATTACK in numbers on AA2, should this be required. b. Tasks/Missions to Manoeuvre Units. No Change except; 1. KGW a. MISSION. KGW IS TO DEFEAT 22 MRB MAIN ATTACK IOT ALLOW FURTHER NATO REINFORCEMENT OF 36 PZ BDE. b. Key tasks. BLOCK 22 MRB ATTACK on AA1 north OF PL KARL; DEFEAT any 22 MRB ATTACK on AA2; BPT conduct POL with US Forces; c. Endstate. 22 MRB no longer able to conduct offensive operations; KGW in blocking position north PL GUSTAV prepared for future operations. c. Tasks/Missions to Combat Support Units. No Change d. Coordinating Instructions. No Change. 4. ADMINISTRATION/LOGISTICS. No Change. a. Support Concept. No Change b. Materiel and Services. No Change. c. Medical Evacuation and Hospitalization. No Change. d. Personnel. No Change e. Civil-Military Cooperation. No Change 5. COMMAND AND SIGNAL. No Change. a. Command, Control, and Communications. No Change b. Command. No Change ACKNOWLEDGE: NAME Klenke Ralph RANK Brigadier General OFFICIAL: (Authentication) ANNEXES: Threat integration. DISTRIBUTION: List D --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 21 KGW MISSION (THIS IS YOUR MISSION). TASK ORG. KAMPFGRUPPE WÖLF: 1x ARM RECON Coy (- 311 RECON BN 70%) 1 x TK Coy (LEO 2a4 361 PZ BN (85%) 1 x Mech Coy (MARDER361st PZ BTN (80%) 2x Bty M109 from 369th PZ ARTY BTN (90%) 1 x Ah1 AT FLT (2 X ac) (100%) 126 JÄGER BTN (reserve)(60%) (not on map but eastern flank security) CSS BN (-) 360th supply Coy (89%) 1 X ARM ENG COY (360th) with SKORPION minelayers (not on map but working on defensive measures behind PL GUSTAV (70%) b. Tasks/Missions to Manoeuvre Units. No Change except; 1. KGW a. MISSION. KGW IS TO DEFEAT 22 MRB ATTACK IOT ALLOW FURTHER NATO REINFORCEMENT OF 36 PZ BDE. b. Key tasks. BLOCK 22 MRB ATTACK on AA1 north OF PL KARL; DEFEAT any 22 MRB ATTACK on AA2; BPT conduct POL with US Forces; c. Endstate. 22 MRB no longer able to conduct offensive operations; KGW in blocking position north PL KARL prepared for future operations AA1 AA2
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  4. Sunday 2nd of April "MEKTSTOS SHIELD Combined Arms Attack" By Abaddon When: Sunday 2nd of April 1800 UTC Where: Kanium TS ( teamspeak3.i3d.net:10077 ) World Clock: World Clock Situation a) Enemy Enemy 116. Mechanized Rifle Regiment has established defense around the city of Hämeenlinna. One of the 116s Battalions is covering towards HW10 with three Mechanized Infantry Companies. UAV recce has identified two of the companies along HW10 and one of the companies more to the north in the area of Hätilä mountain. Enemy units consist of BMP-3s and T-90 MBTs. The supporting units are expected to be positioned between Hätilä mountain and Hämeenlinna. The enemy has had 48 hours to prepare the defenses so expect minefields and other kinds of obstacles to cover the enemy strongholds. b) Friendly Mechanized Battle Group (MEKTSTOS) SHIELD has reached the Area of Operations after a 40 km march from Lahti and is setting up for the attack to defeat the enemy covering force. First unit pair (Tank Coy+MechInf Coy) is ready but the other pair is still refueling after the march. Also only parts of the BGs indirect fire units are ready to support the attack: One battery of SPG (6x122mm, 28 HE 9 SM) and two platoons of mortars (6x120mm, 49 HE 20 SM. The BGs ATGM platoon is covering the attacks left flank from S15. c) Terrain Mostly heavily forrested areas with lots of small dtiches and swamps. Only a few roads which are easy to block with obstacles. Movement outside of the roads is extremely slow. Objective area more open sand plains with many dirt roads. Thick clouds and light rain, visibility 2000m. H=0800 AM local time. Mission MEKTSTOS SHIELD will attack towards Hätilä mountain to seize OBJ SILVER and GOLD in order to enable further friendly attacks towards Hämeenlinna.
  5. Sunday 26th of March "Operation Tomahawk Resolve" By Apocalypse31 When: Sunday 26th of March 1800 UTC Where: Kanium TS ( teamspeak3.i3d.net:10077 ) World Clock: World Clock OPS Daylight saving Change so 1800 UTC OPS TASK FORCE TOMAHAWK 2-23 INFANTRY (STRYKER) OPORD 24-01 OPERATION TOMAHAWK RESOLVE1. SITUATIONa. General Situation.A foreign armed, anti-government militia has seized the territory around the village of Luba. Recent reports indicate that they have total control over the local population, and are committing acts of genocide in support of a campaign to ethnically cleanse the region.Simultaneously, the 40th BTG (who is supporting the militia) has postured forces along our western border and is ready to attack to seize the provincial capital of Okyo. The enemy believes that this province is theirs, and they see their attack as "Gods will", and a way to "take back the ground that God gave them".Task Force Tomahawk, a United States Stryker Rifle Battalion, reinforced with a Danish Tank Company has been deployed to the province to bring stability to the area and defeat elements of the 40th BTG, should they attack across the international boundary.Host nation security forces have been defeated in the province, but still maintain a limited presence at security checkpoints in the AO. They uniform consits of a dark camouflage with red berets. Their forces are demoralized and have taken high casualties, but their total annihilation was avoided and they are still a significant factor in this fight.b. Enemyi - El'Kaim Militia (EKM). EKM is an illegally armed militia group, that is supported by foreign forces to destabilize the country. They are armed with small arms and RPGs, but also have access to recoiless rifles, IEDs, mines, and mortars. EKM currently controls the area around Luba and will fight to retain their control.ii - 40 BTG. The 40th BTG is a subordinate of the 4th Division and is staged near the border, preparing for a cross-border attack. They are equipped with T-72M1 tanks, BMP-2's, and also have access to limited Mi-8 sorties to support their movement. We anticipate that the 40th will launch their attack across the border once we commit forces to clear the area around Luba. The BTG strength is unknown, but we know from recent Human Intelligence reporting that they are somewhere around 50% strength.2. MISSION2-23 IN attacks to clear Luba from EKM fighters, to bring stability to the region. On order, 2-23 IN defends the border area against 40 BTG attacks.3. EXECUTIONa. Purpose. The purpose of this operation is to bring stability to the province by eliminating the threat of illegal militia groups and external aggression.b. Key Tasks1. Clear Luba of EKM2. Block the 40th BTG from capturing OKYO3. Do not cross the International Borderc. End Statei. Terrain. Luba seized and Okyo is retained.ii. Friendly: Friendly forces have seized OBJ ADAMS and are postured for future operationsii. Enemy: EKM have been cleared from Luba and the 40th BTG has been defeated, unable to seize Okyo.iii. Civilian: No disruption to the civilian way of life.d. FiresBN Mortar Platoon (4x 120mm tubes)Direct Support Artillery (2x 155mm Howitzers)A Co. Mortars (2x 120mm tubes)Notes-The Fire Support Vehicles have a Mini UAV-The 2x Stryker Rifle Platoons are equipped with LMGs/Javelins - this is so that they are playable.- Do not cross the international boundary - that's gamey and your vehicles will die (penalty zone)
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  7. Sunday 19th of March "Disruption" By Swordsmandk, Short and Sweet & Major Duck When: Sunday 19th of March 1900 UTC Where: Kanium TS ( teamspeak3.i3d.net:10077 ) World Clock: World Clock Designer notes: Made by: Major Duck, Swordsmandk, Short and Sweet COY Size mini campaign with OPFOR control. Every 14 days on the Sunday starting March 5th 2017. Damage, fuel and ammunition expenditure will be transferred to nxt mission. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TASK ORG. Kampfgruppe Wölf: (See ORBAT BELOW) 1x COY Leopard 2A4 from 361st PZ BTN (75%) 1x COY Marders from 361st PZ BTN (80%) 2x BTY M109 from 369th PZ ART BTN 2 X AH1 AT FLT (4 AC) 1x ARM RECON COY (-) 126th Jäger BTN (Reserve)(60%) (Not on map but Eastern flank security) CSS units 360th Supply COY ARM ENG COY from 360th with Skorpion minelayers (Not on map but working on defensive measures behind PL GUSTAV KGW MISSION. KGW IS TO DELAY 21 MRB MAIN ATTACK FOR 10 HOURS IN ORDER TO ALLOW FURTHER NATO REINFORCEMENT OF 36 PZ BDE. KEY TASKS for KGW 2. AGGRESSIVELY DISRUPT 21 MRB ATTACK ON AA2 FOR 2 HOURS; DESTROY 1 COMBINED ARMS COMPANY FROM 21 MRB COMBAT POWER; ON ORDERS BE PREPARED TO BLOCK 21 MRB ATTACK NORTH OF PL GUSTAV. ENDSTATE 21 MRB ATTACK DELAYED FOR 10 HOURS; KGW IN BLOCKING POSITION NORTH PL GUSTAV PREPARED FOR FUTURE OPERATIONS. Map The Sovjet have taken the high ground in the back ! Recon fotos of the highgrounds, small village, hill and woods excellent ambush terrain !
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  9. Sunday 5th of Marts "Kampfgruppe Wolf "Recce battle" By Swordsmandk, Short and Sweet & Major Duck When: Sunday 5th of Marts 1900 UTC Where: Kanium TS ( teamspeak3.i3d.net:10077 ) World Clock: World Clock (Yes! This is an actual kanium member a very fresh LT back in 2009) Designer notes: Made by: Major Duck, Swordsmandk, Short and Sweet COY Size mini campaign with OPFOR control. Every 14 days on the Sunday starting March 5th 2017. Damage, fuel and ammunition expenditure will be transferred to nxt mission. Mission Time: 0415Z24101987 Briefing Excerpts of the battalion commander's orders for 36 PZ BDE SITUATION Terrain. Lakendorf Kanal is a major obstacle and cannot be crossed by Russain Armd/Mech Forces without the aid of bridging equipment or extant bridge crossing points. South of the Kanal large forested areas of high ground channel movement & maneuver is further restricted by boggt areas throughout. 2 key mobility corridors exist which could be used by Russian Forces; R431 & L2661, both run north-south. The two major towns within the AO are Heidemühlen north of the Kanal and BARK in the southern area of the AO (GR 7031). A river north of the town provides the second major obstacle for Russian forces to advance - three bridges are currently still intact in the vicinity of (IVO) GR 7134 that can be used by Armd Forces. Weather. +2-+4C during early morning with clear sky’s. Later temp expected to rise to +14C with some cloud. Sensor impact assessment LOW with non sensor visibility around 2KM. Enemy: ORBAT; Recce BMP2/BRDM2, C2 MTLB/BMP2, Combat Force; T72B & BMP2, Combat Support, Arty 2S1 (122mm), Engr Br. MT-55AT, AT-4b SPIGOT. Situation. Recent success of 20 Guards Combined Arms Army (20 GCAA) have put pressure on NATO's defensive line. 20 GCAA are continuing their attack west; 3 MRD to our west is fixing 3 US CAV DIV, while 2nd Motor Rifle Division (MRD), assessed as 76% combat effective, is attacking east to take vital bridges across Lakendorf canal. The Division’s 41 Air Assault Bde has landed in the vicinity of (IVO) of the town of BARK and is currently positioned in defensive positions in and around the town. 2 MRD leading Bn elements ( 22nd Tank Bn (22 TB) and 21st Motor Rifle Bn (21 MRB)) are currently moving north, although their advance has slowed and are currently, approximately 25 km from the bridges. Reporting indicates that replenishment activity is taking place south of BARK, probably indicating that the leading Bns are readying for the assault to seize the bridges. 2 MRD will have task organized 21 MRB & 22 TB and it is likely we may face a Mech heavy Bn+ supported by at least a Tk Coy. We believe most of the MRD is committed to the drive on the canal; they are already probing aggressively to force a gap. Divisional Recce is currently reported nearing 38 Easting - line from NAI 22, 21, 20, 19 - see attached graphic. CoA. Enemy most likely course of action (MLCOA) is to for 2 MRD to advance rapidly to SEIZE the bridge crossings in the next 5 hours. He will achieve this by quickly pushing his Advance Guard Bn (ADV GD BN), assessed as 21 MRB supported by 22 TB, currently positioned in the vicinity (IVO) of BARK, north-east along the Axis of Road 431 with a subsidiary axis east or west of the highway. Decisive to 2 MRD is to SEIZE the bridges and then SECURE the town of Heidemühlen, which once secured, will DENY NATO forces west of the town a safe withdrawal route. 2 MRD will likely use three or four axis of advance and reinforce success on the appropriate axis. We can therefore expect to see an alternate axis of advance, which we will need to identify quickly so we can counter it. The ADV GD BN is likely to advance from line of march with Divisional & Bn Recce elements along with the Combat Recce Patrols (CRP) being used to identify the NATO Main Defensive Area (MDA). Where Recce elements find a way through our own Recce screen, 2 MRD will quickly push combat Main Body elements through the gap to advance to the bridges. Indirect FIRES will be used as a priority to neutralize NATO defensive positions, mainly on the main axis of advance. The current air parity situation means that although possible, major enemy CAS is unlikely in the short term, unless the air situation changes. 2 MRD desired endstate is to have secured the bridges with his first echelon forces of 21 MRB within the next 12 hours. Russian logistic lines are stretched and preservation of combat power is critical to enable 2 MRD follow on actions without loss of momentum. Friendly Forces (own). NATO is currently hard pressed to hold the 20 GCAA advance, but SACEUR has provided reinforcements in our sector in the form of 1 CAV DIV and an IT Armd Bde. However, it will take some time for the units to be operational. We (36th Panzer Brigade) are currently on the defensive. Defense of the city of Heidemühlen and Lakendorph is a high priority. 360th PZG BN has secured the town and the western approach. The prepared defences should be completed in the next 6 hours. The town must be held to allow NATO forces west of Heidemühlen to withdraw. With all our units currently engaged, Kampfgruppe Wölf has been formed from reserve units to counter the enemy's possible flank maneuver from south-west. If the enemy is allowed to close on Heidemühlen we will be forced to pull back the Brigade to the east side of the river, resulting in the loss of a crossing point and axis for withdrawal for NATO forces west of the town. Kampfgruppe Wölf: (See ORBAT BELOW) 2x COY Leopard 2A4 from 361st PZ BTN (75%) 2x COY Marders from 361st PZ BTN (60%) 1x BTY M109 from 369th PZ ART BTN 1x ARM RECON COY (-) 126th Jäger BTN (Reserve)(60% strength) CSS units 360th Supply COY ARM ENG COY from 360th with Skorpion minelayers 36 PZ BDE MISSION: 36 PZ BDE is to DEFEND the bridges across Lakendorf canal to prevent 2 MRD occupation. BPT to DELAY lead elements of 2 MRD for 12 hours IOT enable NATO Follow on Forces to conduct a successful Counter Attack. EXECUTION 36 PZ Bde Concept of Operations. Intent. Identify 2 MRD attack plan within the next 2 hours, lead Bn elements are likely to have finished replenishment and begin moving north in five hours. Facilitate Kampfgruppe Wolfe mission to ID 2 MRD axis of advance, strengths and current locations. BPT conduct HASTY MOBILE DEFENCE north of PL Gustav IOT DELAY advance of 2 MRD for 6 hours. Decisive to my mission is the preservation of my combat power. My concern is that 2 MRD will begin their advance before we are ready, putting the defence of Heidemühlen at risk and by association, the NATO forces west of the town. I may have to DELAY his advance with my own forces until reinforcements arrive. You therefore have the following CONSTRAINTS Conserve your combat power - do not fall below 90% Do NOT become decisively engaged with enemy Main Body; You are to advance no further than PL Heinrich. 2 MRD lead elements will seek to engage your Recce IOT entice a meeting engagement and FIX us to an area of their choosing, where he will seek to DESTROY our combat power. The Recce battle between PL Heinrich & Gustav is the decisive action of the Campaign as it sets the conditions for a successful Counter Attack by our, or Russian Follow on Forces (FoF). SoM. Intelligence suggests that NAI 22, 23 are vital ground for the enemy.. Presence of enemy recce in NAI 20 & 19 could also indicate a second AA, however, this would have to be confirmed by identification of the main body of the Bns (Coy size units). Kampfgruppe Wölf MISSION (YOUR MISSION) Kampfgruppe Wölf is to rapidly scout south to identify 2 MRD axis of advance, current strengths and coy positions IOT prepare NATO follow on forces to conduct a decisive counter attack. On orders, Kampfgruppe Wölf is to move north of PL Gustav & BPT conduct a HASTY DEFENCE against 2 MRD Advance Guard Bn’s likely attack. Tasks. Kampfgruppe Wölf (KGW). (Charlie COY - Recon COY) Report location of 2 MRD Recce, Bridging Equipment and C2 vehicles; Report assessment of main axis and alternate axis immediately to Bn once identified; KG Main Body will move to BP KGW A & B and establish refuel and resupply point. ETA for rest of KGW is approximately 1H-1H30M. Bde will provide logistic resupply point north of PL Gustav IVO NAI 1/2 - location TBC. Once mission achieved or decisively engaged, on orders or NLT H+90, extract north of PL Gustav. KGW A COY and B COY will conduct a HASTY DEFENCE against Advance Guard Bn likely attack along AA1 (R431). Supporting Units. Bde Engineer Coy & AD Plt has been assigned and you are currently priority FIRES for the BDE. Assigned 6 dedicated Arty Fire Spt Missions. Local AIR PARITY situation means NO dedicated CAS currently available. AH Sqn on call if situation changes. High Payoff Targets (HPT) are: En Recce (BRDM-2 Bn Recce & pair BMP-2 indicate possible Div Recce), Combat Recce patrol (CRP) grouping consisting of (1 x TK, 3 x BMP, 1 x MTLB, 1 x BRDM2-AT), Engr Bridging equipment, 10 x Tks (Coy Gp). END STATE.. Identification within 2 hours of the 2 MRD attack plan with less than 10% casualties to main combat forces. KG prepared for future operations in AOR; availability of logistic resupply north of PL Gustav in sufficient quantities to enable HASTY DEFENCE. MDA obstacle belt operational. 3) EXECUTION: Up to you... 5) COMMAND AND SIGNALS: [Call signs, etc.] --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ORBAT: KG Wölf, BTN(-) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- KG Wölf BTN (-) sized Wölf /A (COMBAT COY) 1x CO 1x XO 2x4 Leopard 2A4 (+4x Leopard 2A4 if all slots are filled) 2x3 Marder PLT (+3 Marder if all slots are filled) 1x FO 1x CSS Wölf/B (COMBAT COY) 1x CO 1x XO 2x4 Leopard 2A4 (+4x Leopard 2A4 if all slots are filled) 2x3 Marder PLT (+3x Marder if all slots are filled) 1x FO 1x CSS Wölf /C (RECCE COY) 1x CO 1A5, 1x XO LUCHS 8x LUCHS 6x LEO1A5 1x Recovery and security element Wölf /S (CSS) CSS 1x MEDIC 1x REP 1x RECOVERY 2x SUPPLY Wölf /J (Jäger BTN(-) reserve AI)(60%) Map Route 431: Route 2661: More of R2661:
  10. Kanium Sunday 26th FEB "Wietzendorf" By Kingtiger When: Sunday 26th FEB 1900 UTC Where: Kanium TS ( teamspeak3.i3d.net:10077 ) World Clock: World Clock WIETZENDORF 1989.04.10 04.00AM 1) SITUATION: a) Area of Operations 1) Terrain: Forested area with open fields around it, small hills and small lakes crossing the area with a small river going NORTH to SOUTH and cuts through the AO with a mix of different bridges spanning from 10t bridges to 110t bridges. 2) Weather: Around +8 to +9C during the morning with heavy clouds and light rain, later during the morning the temperature are expected to rise to around +15C and clouds cracking up to medium cloud and some sun. LOS are estimated to be around 2km and improving when the rain stops. b) Enemy: Enemy composition has so far been T-72 and BMP-2 with BRDM in recon and Anti-tank role. This mean its vehicles without TIS but with ATGM’s can reach for as long a they can see. Most likely COA is that they are resting and refueling in WIETZENDORF and will attack West as soon as they are ready. Most dangerous COA is that the enemy initiates the attack West before we manage to destroy them. c) Own: Our Brigade has been in heavy contacted this week and has been withdrawn to Division reserve to recover and regain strength for further operations. Our battalion's losses has been fairly light with only 15-20% losses and therefore we have the priority tasking of Division reserve. A small KampfGruppe (Combat team) has been pulled together for this mission but did not have time to fuel and bomb up so we are lacking on both ammo, fuel, food and water, which logistics will have to fix to us later on. The infantry battalion (On map Juliet and Kilo COY with Lima COY eliminated around WIETZENDORF) have sealed of NORTH and SOUTH of WIETZENDORF and will take over the frontline once WIETZENDORF are taken. Right now Juliett COY are holding SUROIDE area and blocking to the EAST and SOUTH where they have destroyed a BRDM in the minefield. They have put out a hasty minefield on the road leading to WIETZENDORF and marked it with mine warning signs on friendly side of it. Kilo COY down to 2 platoons are holding south of WIETZENDORF around MARBOSTEL and have not been in any contact last 12 hours. Friendly (AI) recon (R2) are positioned to observe roads leading EAST of WIETZENDORF and have not spotted anything since they arrived 6 hours ago. Both companies have been under sporadic artillery fire so the enemy know their location. TOE Kampfgruppe: HQ: CO,XO and 1 FO (leo2A4) 3 x 3 Tank platoons (Leo2a4) 1 CSS platoon of 1 ARV and 1 MED 2 x 3 Mech Platoons (Marder 1A3) 2 x 2 Recon troops (Luchs 2A2) 1 x 4 CSS Platoon (2 Ammo and 2 MED trucks) 2 x 3 155 Battery with HE, SMK and ICM (off map) 2) MISSION: Attack to destroy enemy forces in WIETZENDORF. 3) EXECUTION: Concept of the Operation: Attack along ROUTE BERLIN to destroy enemy forces in WIETZENDORF. Thereafter, defend REDDINGEN until Infantry forces can relieve you in place. Commanders intent: Purpose. The purpose of this operation is to destroy the enemy capability to attack further WEST and to close the gap in the frontline EAST of WIETZENDORF. Key tasks: 1) Attack along ROUTE BERLIN 2) Destroy enemy forces in WIETZENDORF 3) Establish defensive positions around REDDINGEN, oriented East 4) BPT conduct a relief of defensive positions with follow-on forces End state Terrain: REDDINGEN is defended by friendly forces Enemy: Enemy forces in WIETZENDORF are destroyed Friendly: Task Force has sustained no more than 50% losses, and is ready for follow-on operations 4) SUSTAINMENT: a) Medical Tank Company have 1 APC ambulance, after that the Kampfgruppe have 2 ambulance trucks, and if worse come to worse we can move to J COY's aid station. EPOW are handled per SOP. b) Logistics Kampfgruppe never had time to refuel/restock ammo so 2 ammo trucks from Battalion CSS has been attached to bomb up when there is time for it. Fuel is not available at this time and will be brought up when its available together with food and water. The tank Coy have done a cross loading between tanks so all tanks average 20 APFSDS and 6 HEAT at the moment. 5) COMMAND AND SIGNALS: Per Kanium SOP: CO = 66 XO = 65 P = Indirect fire/FO A1,A2 etc. In platoon A11 Plt leader, A12 wingman, A14 Plt Sgt. A = Tanks B = Mech R = Recon H = Logistics 6) SCENARIO DETAILS: a) Priority TRP: there are 5 of them that can be moved during planning phase, once game started it's to late. Author: Kingtiger Version: 0.1 Date: 2017.01.16 Map South end of town: Northern end of Town:
  11. Kanium Sunday 19th FEB "Rhyfel Hounds of Hell vKanium" BY Rhyfel and suggested and modded for Kanium by Apocalypse31 When: Sunday 19th FEB 1900 UTC Where: Kanium TS ( teamspeak3.i3d.net:10077 ) World Clock: World Clock 1) SITUATION: a) Enemy: Gordonian forces have set a reconnaissance regiment to guard along the river. The guard is to provide time for the armor battalion conducting a mobile defense vicinity PL Patriots to maneuver on PL Raiders. Expect T-80 tanks, BMP2s, and Infantry armed with RPG-29s. b) A/3-67AR: A company is staged in AA Apache, augmented with a mobility platoon from E/3-67AR and an Avenger section from 1-44ADA c) Attachments: 1. E/3-67AR: x2 wolverines, x3 M2A2 w/ MICLICs 2. 1/1/G/1-44ADA: x2 Avengers 2) MISSION: Alpha Company 3-67AR attacks to seize OBJ STONE in order to allow follow on forces to destroy the Gordonian armor battalion. On order, pass forward B/3-67AR through OBJ Stone. 3) EXECUTION: Intent: Alpha company will breach and clear the river crossings along PL Raiders then proceed to OBJ Stone and establish a hasty defense, prepared to pass follow on forces. Key Tasks: 1. Breach PL Raiders 2. Clear any enemy obstacles and created a lane to OBJ Stone 3. Prevent enemy influence on breach site 4. Destroy enemy reconnaissance regiment 5. Pass B/3-67AR a) Concept of Operation: Alpha company will breach or bridge phase line Raiders, then clear the route to OBJ Stone. Alpha Company will then attack to seize OBJ Stone and establish a hasty defense to pass Bravo Company. i) Fires: a) x2 priority targets b) x1 battery of 155mm Paladins in support, HE and SMK c) Tasks to Combat Support Units: 1. E/3-67AR: provide mobility support: breach or bridge PL Raiders. BN has identified two possible bridge sites in addition to the bridge along PL Raiders. 2. 1/1/G/1-44ADA: Protect breach or bridge site from Gordonian BDE Close Combat Attack Aircraft (CCA). x2 sorties of Mi-24 Hind Ds. d) Priority Intelligence Requirements: 1. Most Dangerous Course of Action: BN forward deploys BN reserve of T-90 tanks to prevent penetration of PL Raiders. Gordonian BDE Commander reinforces units on PL Raiders with x2 sorties of Mi-24s to support the BN CATK on PL Raiders. 2. Most Probable Course of Action: Reconnaissance regiment screens in order to facilitate the Armor BN CATK on PL Raiders while friendly forces are attempting to breach 5) COMMAND AND SIGNALS: Coy Net: CO: 6 XO: 5 FO: 8 1st PLT: 1 2nd PLT: 2 3rd PLT: 3 "4" PLT Mech INF: 4 "7" PLT ENG: 7 "9" Sec AA: 9 1. Hound Mike will alert Alpha Company when OBJ Stone is seized and when Bravo company is moving for forward passage of lines to attack. Requires at least 1x friendly vehicles for at least 2 minutes in OBJ STONE. 2. Map updates are for BLUFOR units only, you must battle track. Fighting the recon Crossing the Bridge Endgame
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  15. Kanium Sunday 12th FEB When: Sunday 12th FEB 1900 UTC Where: Kanium TS ( teamspeak3.i3d.net:10077 ) World Clock: World Clock Excerpts of the battalion commander's orders for... Counter Attack at Pihlajasaari Kanium COY size counterattack Map Updates: OWN ONLY NOTE: Blue areas are swampy terrain and penalty zone 30 seconds. DO NOT GO THERE! 1) SITUATION: a) Enemy: The ENY has been attacking along Road 369 towards west for the last 24 hours against our 5th MEKBAT. They have taken heavy casualties in their effort. We estimate that they are below 60% strenght and have been stopped at Kääpälä. ENY forces consist of Leopard 1 and 2, Marders and recon units. 1st PzG BTN is the lead element in the flanking manouver identified moving South-South West along H16 in an effort to bypass the Swamps and attack the MEKBAT flank. ENY managed to put PLT(+) sized MECH and RECON forces across the river at Pihlajasaari bridge before it got damaged in an airstrike. ENY engineers are trying to repair it to bring heavy units across. UAV have identified Bibers moving towards the crossing ETA approx 15-20mins. ENY recon forces not already across the river will possibly try and find crossing and flanking positions further to the east of Pihlajasaari bridge but due to very wet terrain this can prove difficult. ENY COA appears to be a direct attack from the crossing directly north into 5.MEKBAT flanks with Recon providing flank security. It does not appear that our COY has been sighted yet. We believe they have few units left to act as reserve. All ENY units appears commited to the push west. b) Own: You are A COY(+), 4th MEKBAT. 5th MEKBAT is holding to our north. You have been rushed in from your staging area and need to ressuply before able to counter the flanking manouver. India PLT is has been reassigned to your COY after providing flank security for 5th MEKBAT. They are positioned north of Pihlalasaari near Route 369 rdy to provide additional defense of the city. Rest of the 4.MEKBAT is still on the move and is expected to arrive in 1½ - 2 hours, hopefully in time to exploit our counter attack. Foxtrot units are pressed hard at the crossing but some PLTs have manage to setup defense inside and to the west of Pihlajasaari. We hope that rest of the COY is able to hold long enough and then move north to provide additional units for the defense of Pihlajasaari. c) Attachments and detachments: - P66 and P1(1xBTY 2S1) and P2 (1 PLT M106) is standing by to support you. Our attached FO is Foxtrot 8 - CSS units are travelling with rest of the BTN so you only have COY CSS. - Romeo PLT to secure flanks - Lima units are local national guards units used as blocking and guard 2) MISSION: A COY+India 1 PLT is to defeat ENY flanking attack at Pihlajasaari and take back crossing for follow on forces to press the attack. 3) EXECUTION: Concept: Move India PLT quickly and provide additional defense of Pihlajasaari. Attack east with rest of A COY, eliminating any ENY recon found, and destroy what is left of ENY PzG BTN when they attack north from Pihlajasaari bridge. When ENY heavy units is detroyed secure crossing south of Pihlajasaari for follow on forces counter attack. Key Tasks: 1. Move India PLT ASAP to help defend Pihlajasaari along with what is left of Foxtrot COY. (You will be given what remains of Foxtrot COY when India is ready in Pihlajasaari) 2. Defeat Counterattack 3. Retake Pihlajasaari 4. Secure Crossing south of Pihlajasaari 5. Use Romeo to protect crossings on your flank Fires 6x Guns (122mm, Direct Support) 4x Tubes (120mm, Battalion Organic) 5) COMMAND AND SIGNALS: Succession of Command: A-66 B-66 A1-2-3-4 Map: Perfekt Spike and Tank Country Where we will first see the bad guys when they cross the open and lay a bridge More perfekt spike and Tank ground:
  16. Kanium Sunday 22nd JAN "4. MEKTSTOS Part 2" BY Swordsmandk When: Sunday 22nd JAN 1900 UTC Where: Kanium / UK armor TS ( teamspeak3.i3d.net:10077 ) World Clock: World Clock Situation a. Enemy Enemy Mechanized Infantry Brigade (MECHINFBDE) has been attacking along HW6 for the last 48 hours as part of an overall invasion of Finland. The lead elements are currently in heavy fighting with Finnish Defence Forces (FDF) defending Battle Groups (BG) EAST of Kouvola city. One of the BDEs Tactical Groups (BTG) is currently resupplying its fighting units around Utti Airfield. The BTGs SPG and MLRS batteries are also in position around the airfield supporting the troops attacking Kouvola. It is estimated that the BDE has suffered about 15% of casualties. Enemy units covering the BDEs northern flank have been defeated by FDF attacks and have been scattered along north of the river. The BDE has alerted its mobile reserve (atleast one Tank Battalion with reinforcements) to counter the threat of attacking FDF units and deny them crossing of the river. An separate BTG size force has also been attacking north of the river towards WEST IOT to pinn FDF forces in the area. b. Friendly MEKTSTOS (MECHBG) KARHU is spearheading the Finnish Army main attack towards Utti airfield IOT block HW6 and deny enemy advance along it towards Kouvola. After phase 1 of the operation the Finnish forces now control the area NORTH of the river. The BG is preparing for the second phase of the attack to cross the river and advance to HW6. Both Mechanized Infantry Companies (C Coy and D Coy) of the BG have suffered moderate casualties but have been reinforced by other FDF troops in the area. Their ammo situation is red. They have established defensive positions along the northern edge of the river and are preparing to support the crossing operation. Rearming of these companies is currently being done by the BG Supply Coy (estimation of at least 1h remaining). A Tank Company is being rearmed and repaired after the heavy fighting in the first phase of the attack and is currently behind D Coy in the WEST. B Tank Company is low on ammo and fuel. They are acting as the BG reserve NORTH of C Coy and are preparing to move to the BG supply depot for refueling and rearming. Other BG assets have been deployed in the area and are currently being tasked in enabling and supporting the coming crossing operation. Combat Engineer Coy is preparing its bridge layers to support the crossing operation in two directions. Kilo Coy from 13th BTN is defending KARHUs left flank north of the river. They have reported having contact with enemy mechanized forces EAST of them. Other FDF forces in the area are involved in heavy fighting around the whole Kouvola area. Getting to HW6 is essential for easing the pressure on these troops! Civilians are fleeing north to try getting out of the area so make sure its the enemy before you open up on them. KARHU Mission Attack to HW6 at H+1 IOT deny further enemy attacks along HW6. Tasks Rearm and refuel C Coy and B Coy Conduct an crossing operation over the river Attack to HW6 , take object Gold and silver and setup blocking position on HW6 Deny enemy usage of HW6 The whole area Object Gold and the bridge crossing area The bridge we need to cross Starting pos for Charlie Coy Starting pos for Brovo Coy Both objectives
  17. Kanium Sunday 29nd JAN "Counter attack at Franningen" BY Swordsmandk When: Sunday 29nd JAN 1900 UTC Where: Kanium / UK armor TS ( teamspeak3.i3d.net:10077 ) World Clock: World Clock Brief will follow Village of Franningen Village of Sjøby
  18. Kanium Sunday 8th JAN "5ID mission1" BY Swordsmandk When: Sunday 8th JAN 1900 UTC Where: Kanium / UK armor TS ( teamspeak3.i3d.net:10077 ) World Clock: World Clock Happy New Year 2017, Fellow players Greet all your loved ones this special day with our best wishes. A fresh new year is once again upon us. It’s the time to be thankful for the blessings of the past year and to take stock of all our achievements. At the same time, New Year 2017 is a brand new year to start afresh, to start strong, and yet another chance to do everything we want to do this year. The amazing thing with chances is how we get them every year. So, set positive goals and resolutions. Hang them where you can see them every hour of the new year. And be excited for what you can achieve this 2017. In the meantime, enjoy the fireworks, the loud and boisterous family dinners, and the quiet intimate meal with your loved one. And don’t forget! Play with everyone. So from us who identify us as Kanium Happy New year as we start a new and our second season. SITUATION: a) Enemy: 3rd Shock army is leading the attack near Hannover. We are at day 2 and NATO is being pushed hard. 40th Motor Rifle Regiment is spearheading the attack south of Hannover. Their opposition has fallen back in the city of Hannover to the north but 40th is continuing the attack south of the river, Linden Kanal. The riffle regiment is about 80% strenght. Estimates indicates 3 MTR BTNs, 1 TNK BTN in the attack. They consist of BMP1 and T64 with support units. The regiment is attacking in multiphase attack with main effort to the north. The TNK BTN is in reserve ready to exploit any gap or reinforce if attack stalls. b) Own: 5th Infantry Division as part of the recent "Reforger75" are already in Germany and has been brought forward to support the British and German units defend Hannover. You BG is nearly 100% and has not seen combat yet. You are part of 1st BDE, 1st BTN and has been assigned the area from Harenberg to Groß Munzel. With the rivers Möseecke and Linden as left and right limitation. Bravo COY (tnk) is at your disposal and 2x PLTs of Echo COY (mech) likewise. The british has withdrawn thought Hannover to our north so expect no friendly units from the east. You will have minefield at you disposal and prepared positions. To our south the rest of the BTN is dug in defensively. Charlie COy will cover the Lente - Norden corridor and will provide flank security. c) Attachments and detachments: - CO-A and FO 1-2A (CO-A will be leading defense in the Harenberg to Gross Munzel while XO will lead defense south of us. - Bravo COY (1xCO, 1xXO, 3x5 M60A3 PLT) - Echo COY (-) (1x M2A2 PLT with Dragons, 1xM113 PLT with Dragons) - 7A and 8A (morter Sec, Supply Sec) - 4A (Recce Section 2x M2A3) 2) MISSION: 1) Defend from Harenberg to Gross Munzel 2) Withdraw under fire if neccesary 3) Do not allow any PACT troops past PL Boston. If need be withdraw past PL Boston (withdraw zone for blue!)(if you move west of PL units will be destroyed indicating withdrawl from combat area) 4) Recce only deployment between PL New York and PL Washington Map Harenberg Doteberg Outskirts of Hannover Almhorst Kirchwehren Woods southeast off Kirchwehren (Northern forest) Lathwehren Highgrounds north of Lathwehren
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  20. Kanium Sunday 18th DEC "Royal Canadians 1966" BY Swordsmandk When: Sunday 18th DEC 1900 UTC Where: Kanium / UK armor TS ( teamspeak3.i3d.net:10077 ) World Clock: World Clock This will be the last Kanium Sunday game of 2016 so all of you have a nice xmas and a Happy new year 1) SITUATION: a) Enemy: We have been under heavy attack since the WARSAW PACT attacked the Berlin Brigade 2 days ago. The 66th MTR has been attacking our BG in the Celle area. They manage to take the airport area north west of Lachendorp. They attack on Lachendorf has been halted for now while the MTR is regrouping. We estimated mix units from both an ARM and MECH BTN. Units consist off T55 and BTR60 with support. ENY ATGM units have been spotted but not expected in greater numbers. b) Own: The 4 Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group is heavily engaged. We are assigned to the british sector north of Hannover. The Royal Canadian BG is preparing a counter attack to take back and deny use of Celle Airport to the ENY. Reinforcements have arrived and our TNK SQN is at full strength ready for the attack. 1st INF COY is ready to support the attack and retake cities of Alvern and Bostel. Both vital for the final attack on the Airport. 2nd COY has secured Gockenholz in front of you and 3rd COY is holding Lachendorph with british units. c) Attachments and detachments: [Any attachments and/or detachments to or from PLT and Co. are listed here] - 4th SQN at full strength - 1st COY at full strength - 1 BTY of towed 105mm (1 full load each) is standing by to support you. 2) MISSION: Its BG CO intend to counter attack and take back Alvern and Bostel in preparation for follow on attack on Celle Airport. 1) Advance and take Alvern with 4th SQN in support of 1st COY 2) Advance and take Bostel 3) Destroy any ENY encountered but do not cross PLQuebec Village of Alvern aka First objective The Village of Bostel aka second obective
  21. Sunday 4th DEC "Counter Attack on Anttila - The Empire Strikes Back" mission by Swordsmandk When: Sunday 4th DEC 1900 UTC Where: Kanium / UK armor TS ( teamspeak3.i3d.net:10077 ) World Clock: world clock Continuation from last Sunday. The Empire Strikes Back. British mix COY vs reinforced remains of German BG. UK in attack
  22. Kanium Sunday 11th DEC "Battle of the beasts" BY Assasin8 When: Sunday 11th DEC 1900 UTC Where: Kanium / UK armor TS ( teamspeak3.i3d.net:10077 ) World Clock: World Clock 1. Situation Several weeks ago, elements of the the 1st Battalion of the 111th BTG is attacked across the international boundary and seized three critical border towns. Since then they have established themselves in a deliberate defense in depth with one company each defending objectives FALLUJAH, BASRA, and RAMADI, with a Company in reserve, as well as a Battalion Headquarters located at objective MOSUL. Additionally, 24 horus ago a convoy carrying a CIA agent was ambushed and is being held for interrogation within objective FALLUJAH. Enemy overview by warfighting functions: Maneuver: The 111th BTG is equipped with T-72B tanks and BMP2 IFVs. Each company has a composition of 2 tank and 1 infantry platoon. Intelligence: Light reconassaince forces, mostly dismounted along avenues of approach Logistics: The 111th has been resupply within the past 24 hours and is at full combat load. Additionally, we have detected the presense of an enemy fuel point at OBJ BASRA Fires: The 111th has three organic mortar batteries with six tubes each, and may call upon them at any time Protection: The 111th has organic engineers that have established vehicle fighting positions at each objective, with the addition of protective obstacle belts and minefields Mission Command: The battalion headquarters for the 1st Battalion, 111th BTG is located in vicnity of OBJ MOSUL. 2. Mission Seize objectives BASRA, FALLUJAH, RAMADI, and MOSUL to restore the international boundary and defeat the 111th BTG. 3. Execution Orders given by the commanding officer Key Tasks: 1 - Seize OBJs BASRA, FALLUJAH, RAMADI, MOSUL 1a - Destoy the enemy BN HQ at OBJ MOSUL 2 - Destroy the enemy fuel depot at OBJ BASRA 3 - Enable the extraction of the CIA agent at OBJ FALLUJAH Fires Offmap Support - BN Mortars (4 tubes)
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  25. Kanium Sunday 27th NOV "Attack on Anttila" mission by Swordsmandk When: Sunday 27th NOV 1900 UTC Where: Kanium / UK armor TS ( teamspeak3.i3d.net:10077 ) World Clock: World Clock 1) SITUATION: a) Enemy: ENY has attacked and siezed city of ANTTILA. ENY is suspected to be part of a MECH BTN attacking in our AOR. Expect MECH COY (-) elements with tank and artillery support. It is expected ENY will defend ANTTILA and other strategic objectives in our AOR b) Own: OWN TNK BTN is conducting counter attack in area of ANTTILA. Your BG is attacking NORTH-EAST with TANK COY (+) and artillery support. RECON units have crossed river north of you and no ENY has been encountered up until PL NOVEMBER. c) Attachments and detachments: - A COY (1x Co,1x XO, 3x Tnk, 1x Mech) - P66 with 1x Morter PLT + 1 BTY M109(AI)(one load only)(no icm) in support - CSS elements 2) MISSION: It is BTN CO intent to attack and retake city of ANTTILA (OBJ GOLD). When ANTTILA is secured continue attack NORTH-EAST and take OBJ SILVER AND BRONZE. a) ATTACK NORTH-EAST and retake ANTTILA (OBJ GOLD) b) SECURE Näkkimistö (OBJ SILVER) c) SECURE Mietunaho(OBJ BRONZE) d) DESTROY ENY encountered 3) EXECUTION: UP TO YOU ANTTILA (OBJ GOLD) Näkkimistö (OBJ SILVER) Mietunaho(OBJ BRONZE)