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Found 73 results

  1. Kanium Sunday 19th FEB "Rhyfel Hounds of Hell vKanium" BY Rhyfel and suggested and modded for Kanium by Apocalypse31 When: Sunday 19th FEB 1900 UTC Where: Kanium TS ( teamspeak3.i3d.net:10077 ) World Clock: World Clock 1) SITUATION: a) Enemy: Gordonian forces have set a reconnaissance regiment to guard along the river. The guard is to provide time for the armor battalion conducting a mobile defense vicinity PL Patriots to maneuver on PL Raiders. Expect T-80 tanks, BMP2s, and Infantry armed with RPG-29s. b) A/3-67AR: A company is staged in AA Apache, augmented with a mobility platoon from E/3-67AR and an Avenger section from 1-44ADA c) Attachments: 1. E/3-67AR: x2 wolverines, x3 M2A2 w/ MICLICs 2. 1/1/G/1-44ADA: x2 Avengers 2) MISSION: Alpha Company 3-67AR attacks to seize OBJ STONE in order to allow follow on forces to destroy the Gordonian armor battalion. On order, pass forward B/3-67AR through OBJ Stone. 3) EXECUTION: Intent: Alpha company will breach and clear the river crossings along PL Raiders then proceed to OBJ Stone and establish a hasty defense, prepared to pass follow on forces. Key Tasks: 1. Breach PL Raiders 2. Clear any enemy obstacles and created a lane to OBJ Stone 3. Prevent enemy influence on breach site 4. Destroy enemy reconnaissance regiment 5. Pass B/3-67AR a) Concept of Operation: Alpha company will breach or bridge phase line Raiders, then clear the route to OBJ Stone. Alpha Company will then attack to seize OBJ Stone and establish a hasty defense to pass Bravo Company. i) Fires: a) x2 priority targets b) x1 battery of 155mm Paladins in support, HE and SMK c) Tasks to Combat Support Units: 1. E/3-67AR: provide mobility support: breach or bridge PL Raiders. BN has identified two possible bridge sites in addition to the bridge along PL Raiders. 2. 1/1/G/1-44ADA: Protect breach or bridge site from Gordonian BDE Close Combat Attack Aircraft (CCA). x2 sorties of Mi-24 Hind Ds. d) Priority Intelligence Requirements: 1. Most Dangerous Course of Action: BN forward deploys BN reserve of T-90 tanks to prevent penetration of PL Raiders. Gordonian BDE Commander reinforces units on PL Raiders with x2 sorties of Mi-24s to support the BN CATK on PL Raiders. 2. Most Probable Course of Action: Reconnaissance regiment screens in order to facilitate the Armor BN CATK on PL Raiders while friendly forces are attempting to breach 5) COMMAND AND SIGNALS: Coy Net: CO: 6 XO: 5 FO: 8 1st PLT: 1 2nd PLT: 2 3rd PLT: 3 "4" PLT Mech INF: 4 "7" PLT ENG: 7 "9" Sec AA: 9 1. Hound Mike will alert Alpha Company when OBJ Stone is seized and when Bravo company is moving for forward passage of lines to attack. Requires at least 1x friendly vehicles for at least 2 minutes in OBJ STONE. 2. Map updates are for BLUFOR units only, you must battle track. Fighting the recon Crossing the Bridge Endgame
  2. Kanium Sunday 12th FEB When: Sunday 12th FEB 1900 UTC Where: Kanium TS ( teamspeak3.i3d.net:10077 ) World Clock: World Clock Excerpts of the battalion commander's orders for... Counter Attack at Pihlajasaari Kanium COY size counterattack Map Updates: OWN ONLY NOTE: Blue areas are swampy terrain and penalty zone 30 seconds. DO NOT GO THERE! 1) SITUATION: a) Enemy: The ENY has been attacking along Road 369 towards west for the last 24 hours against our 5th MEKBAT. They have taken heavy casualties in their effort. We estimate that they are below 60% strenght and have been stopped at Kääpälä. ENY forces consist of Leopard 1 and 2, Marders and recon units. 1st PzG BTN is the lead element in the flanking manouver identified moving South-South West along H16 in an effort to bypass the Swamps and attack the MEKBAT flank. ENY managed to put PLT(+) sized MECH and RECON forces across the river at Pihlajasaari bridge before it got damaged in an airstrike. ENY engineers are trying to repair it to bring heavy units across. UAV have identified Bibers moving towards the crossing ETA approx 15-20mins. ENY recon forces not already across the river will possibly try and find crossing and flanking positions further to the east of Pihlajasaari bridge but due to very wet terrain this can prove difficult. ENY COA appears to be a direct attack from the crossing directly north into 5.MEKBAT flanks with Recon providing flank security. It does not appear that our COY has been sighted yet. We believe they have few units left to act as reserve. All ENY units appears commited to the push west. b) Own: You are A COY(+), 4th MEKBAT. 5th MEKBAT is holding to our north. You have been rushed in from your staging area and need to ressuply before able to counter the flanking manouver. India PLT is has been reassigned to your COY after providing flank security for 5th MEKBAT. They are positioned north of Pihlalasaari near Route 369 rdy to provide additional defense of the city. Rest of the 4.MEKBAT is still on the move and is expected to arrive in 1½ - 2 hours, hopefully in time to exploit our counter attack. Foxtrot units are pressed hard at the crossing but some PLTs have manage to setup defense inside and to the west of Pihlajasaari. We hope that rest of the COY is able to hold long enough and then move north to provide additional units for the defense of Pihlajasaari. c) Attachments and detachments: - P66 and P1(1xBTY 2S1) and P2 (1 PLT M106) is standing by to support you. Our attached FO is Foxtrot 8 - CSS units are travelling with rest of the BTN so you only have COY CSS. - Romeo PLT to secure flanks - Lima units are local national guards units used as blocking and guard 2) MISSION: A COY+India 1 PLT is to defeat ENY flanking attack at Pihlajasaari and take back crossing for follow on forces to press the attack. 3) EXECUTION: Concept: Move India PLT quickly and provide additional defense of Pihlajasaari. Attack east with rest of A COY, eliminating any ENY recon found, and destroy what is left of ENY PzG BTN when they attack north from Pihlajasaari bridge. When ENY heavy units is detroyed secure crossing south of Pihlajasaari for follow on forces counter attack. Key Tasks: 1. Move India PLT ASAP to help defend Pihlajasaari along with what is left of Foxtrot COY. (You will be given what remains of Foxtrot COY when India is ready in Pihlajasaari) 2. Defeat Counterattack 3. Retake Pihlajasaari 4. Secure Crossing south of Pihlajasaari 5. Use Romeo to protect crossings on your flank Fires 6x Guns (122mm, Direct Support) 4x Tubes (120mm, Battalion Organic) 5) COMMAND AND SIGNALS: Succession of Command: A-66 B-66 A1-2-3-4 Map: Perfekt Spike and Tank Country Where we will first see the bad guys when they cross the open and lay a bridge More perfekt spike and Tank ground:
  3. Kanium Sunday 22nd JAN "4. MEKTSTOS Part 2" BY Swordsmandk When: Sunday 22nd JAN 1900 UTC Where: Kanium / UK armor TS ( teamspeak3.i3d.net:10077 ) World Clock: World Clock Situation a. Enemy Enemy Mechanized Infantry Brigade (MECHINFBDE) has been attacking along HW6 for the last 48 hours as part of an overall invasion of Finland. The lead elements are currently in heavy fighting with Finnish Defence Forces (FDF) defending Battle Groups (BG) EAST of Kouvola city. One of the BDEs Tactical Groups (BTG) is currently resupplying its fighting units around Utti Airfield. The BTGs SPG and MLRS batteries are also in position around the airfield supporting the troops attacking Kouvola. It is estimated that the BDE has suffered about 15% of casualties. Enemy units covering the BDEs northern flank have been defeated by FDF attacks and have been scattered along north of the river. The BDE has alerted its mobile reserve (atleast one Tank Battalion with reinforcements) to counter the threat of attacking FDF units and deny them crossing of the river. An separate BTG size force has also been attacking north of the river towards WEST IOT to pinn FDF forces in the area. b. Friendly MEKTSTOS (MECHBG) KARHU is spearheading the Finnish Army main attack towards Utti airfield IOT block HW6 and deny enemy advance along it towards Kouvola. After phase 1 of the operation the Finnish forces now control the area NORTH of the river. The BG is preparing for the second phase of the attack to cross the river and advance to HW6. Both Mechanized Infantry Companies (C Coy and D Coy) of the BG have suffered moderate casualties but have been reinforced by other FDF troops in the area. Their ammo situation is red. They have established defensive positions along the northern edge of the river and are preparing to support the crossing operation. Rearming of these companies is currently being done by the BG Supply Coy (estimation of at least 1h remaining). A Tank Company is being rearmed and repaired after the heavy fighting in the first phase of the attack and is currently behind D Coy in the WEST. B Tank Company is low on ammo and fuel. They are acting as the BG reserve NORTH of C Coy and are preparing to move to the BG supply depot for refueling and rearming. Other BG assets have been deployed in the area and are currently being tasked in enabling and supporting the coming crossing operation. Combat Engineer Coy is preparing its bridge layers to support the crossing operation in two directions. Kilo Coy from 13th BTN is defending KARHUs left flank north of the river. They have reported having contact with enemy mechanized forces EAST of them. Other FDF forces in the area are involved in heavy fighting around the whole Kouvola area. Getting to HW6 is essential for easing the pressure on these troops! Civilians are fleeing north to try getting out of the area so make sure its the enemy before you open up on them. KARHU Mission Attack to HW6 at H+1 IOT deny further enemy attacks along HW6. Tasks Rearm and refuel C Coy and B Coy Conduct an crossing operation over the river Attack to HW6 , take object Gold and silver and setup blocking position on HW6 Deny enemy usage of HW6 The whole area Object Gold and the bridge crossing area The bridge we need to cross Starting pos for Charlie Coy Starting pos for Brovo Coy Both objectives
  4. Kanium Sunday 29nd JAN "Counter attack at Franningen" BY Swordsmandk When: Sunday 29nd JAN 1900 UTC Where: Kanium / UK armor TS ( teamspeak3.i3d.net:10077 ) World Clock: World Clock Brief will follow Village of Franningen Village of Sjøby
  5. Kanium Sunday 8th JAN "5ID mission1" BY Swordsmandk When: Sunday 8th JAN 1900 UTC Where: Kanium / UK armor TS ( teamspeak3.i3d.net:10077 ) World Clock: World Clock Happy New Year 2017, Fellow players Greet all your loved ones this special day with our best wishes. A fresh new year is once again upon us. It’s the time to be thankful for the blessings of the past year and to take stock of all our achievements. At the same time, New Year 2017 is a brand new year to start afresh, to start strong, and yet another chance to do everything we want to do this year. The amazing thing with chances is how we get them every year. So, set positive goals and resolutions. Hang them where you can see them every hour of the new year. And be excited for what you can achieve this 2017. In the meantime, enjoy the fireworks, the loud and boisterous family dinners, and the quiet intimate meal with your loved one. And don’t forget! Play with everyone. So from us who identify us as Kanium Happy New year as we start a new and our second season. SITUATION: a) Enemy: 3rd Shock army is leading the attack near Hannover. We are at day 2 and NATO is being pushed hard. 40th Motor Rifle Regiment is spearheading the attack south of Hannover. Their opposition has fallen back in the city of Hannover to the north but 40th is continuing the attack south of the river, Linden Kanal. The riffle regiment is about 80% strenght. Estimates indicates 3 MTR BTNs, 1 TNK BTN in the attack. They consist of BMP1 and T64 with support units. The regiment is attacking in multiphase attack with main effort to the north. The TNK BTN is in reserve ready to exploit any gap or reinforce if attack stalls. b) Own: 5th Infantry Division as part of the recent "Reforger75" are already in Germany and has been brought forward to support the British and German units defend Hannover. You BG is nearly 100% and has not seen combat yet. You are part of 1st BDE, 1st BTN and has been assigned the area from Harenberg to Groß Munzel. With the rivers Möseecke and Linden as left and right limitation. Bravo COY (tnk) is at your disposal and 2x PLTs of Echo COY (mech) likewise. The british has withdrawn thought Hannover to our north so expect no friendly units from the east. You will have minefield at you disposal and prepared positions. To our south the rest of the BTN is dug in defensively. Charlie COy will cover the Lente - Norden corridor and will provide flank security. c) Attachments and detachments: - CO-A and FO 1-2A (CO-A will be leading defense in the Harenberg to Gross Munzel while XO will lead defense south of us. - Bravo COY (1xCO, 1xXO, 3x5 M60A3 PLT) - Echo COY (-) (1x M2A2 PLT with Dragons, 1xM113 PLT with Dragons) - 7A and 8A (morter Sec, Supply Sec) - 4A (Recce Section 2x M2A3) 2) MISSION: 1) Defend from Harenberg to Gross Munzel 2) Withdraw under fire if neccesary 3) Do not allow any PACT troops past PL Boston. If need be withdraw past PL Boston (withdraw zone for blue!)(if you move west of PL units will be destroyed indicating withdrawl from combat area) 4) Recce only deployment between PL New York and PL Washington Map Harenberg Doteberg Outskirts of Hannover Almhorst Kirchwehren Woods southeast off Kirchwehren (Northern forest) Lathwehren Highgrounds north of Lathwehren
  6. until
  7. Kanium Sunday 18th DEC "Royal Canadians 1966" BY Swordsmandk When: Sunday 18th DEC 1900 UTC Where: Kanium / UK armor TS ( teamspeak3.i3d.net:10077 ) World Clock: World Clock This will be the last Kanium Sunday game of 2016 so all of you have a nice xmas and a Happy new year 1) SITUATION: a) Enemy: We have been under heavy attack since the WARSAW PACT attacked the Berlin Brigade 2 days ago. The 66th MTR has been attacking our BG in the Celle area. They manage to take the airport area north west of Lachendorp. They attack on Lachendorf has been halted for now while the MTR is regrouping. We estimated mix units from both an ARM and MECH BTN. Units consist off T55 and BTR60 with support. ENY ATGM units have been spotted but not expected in greater numbers. b) Own: The 4 Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group is heavily engaged. We are assigned to the british sector north of Hannover. The Royal Canadian BG is preparing a counter attack to take back and deny use of Celle Airport to the ENY. Reinforcements have arrived and our TNK SQN is at full strength ready for the attack. 1st INF COY is ready to support the attack and retake cities of Alvern and Bostel. Both vital for the final attack on the Airport. 2nd COY has secured Gockenholz in front of you and 3rd COY is holding Lachendorph with british units. c) Attachments and detachments: [Any attachments and/or detachments to or from PLT and Co. are listed here] - 4th SQN at full strength - 1st COY at full strength - 1 BTY of towed 105mm (1 full load each) is standing by to support you. 2) MISSION: Its BG CO intend to counter attack and take back Alvern and Bostel in preparation for follow on attack on Celle Airport. 1) Advance and take Alvern with 4th SQN in support of 1st COY 2) Advance and take Bostel 3) Destroy any ENY encountered but do not cross PLQuebec Village of Alvern aka First objective The Village of Bostel aka second obective
  8. Sunday 4th DEC "Counter Attack on Anttila - The Empire Strikes Back" mission by Swordsmandk When: Sunday 4th DEC 1900 UTC Where: Kanium / UK armor TS ( teamspeak3.i3d.net:10077 ) World Clock: world clock Continuation from last Sunday. The Empire Strikes Back. British mix COY vs reinforced remains of German BG. UK in attack
  9. Kanium Sunday 11th DEC "Battle of the beasts" BY Assasin8 When: Sunday 11th DEC 1900 UTC Where: Kanium / UK armor TS ( teamspeak3.i3d.net:10077 ) World Clock: World Clock 1. Situation Several weeks ago, elements of the the 1st Battalion of the 111th BTG is attacked across the international boundary and seized three critical border towns. Since then they have established themselves in a deliberate defense in depth with one company each defending objectives FALLUJAH, BASRA, and RAMADI, with a Company in reserve, as well as a Battalion Headquarters located at objective MOSUL. Additionally, 24 horus ago a convoy carrying a CIA agent was ambushed and is being held for interrogation within objective FALLUJAH. Enemy overview by warfighting functions: Maneuver: The 111th BTG is equipped with T-72B tanks and BMP2 IFVs. Each company has a composition of 2 tank and 1 infantry platoon. Intelligence: Light reconassaince forces, mostly dismounted along avenues of approach Logistics: The 111th has been resupply within the past 24 hours and is at full combat load. Additionally, we have detected the presense of an enemy fuel point at OBJ BASRA Fires: The 111th has three organic mortar batteries with six tubes each, and may call upon them at any time Protection: The 111th has organic engineers that have established vehicle fighting positions at each objective, with the addition of protective obstacle belts and minefields Mission Command: The battalion headquarters for the 1st Battalion, 111th BTG is located in vicnity of OBJ MOSUL. 2. Mission Seize objectives BASRA, FALLUJAH, RAMADI, and MOSUL to restore the international boundary and defeat the 111th BTG. 3. Execution Orders given by the commanding officer Key Tasks: 1 - Seize OBJs BASRA, FALLUJAH, RAMADI, MOSUL 1a - Destoy the enemy BN HQ at OBJ MOSUL 2 - Destroy the enemy fuel depot at OBJ BASRA 3 - Enable the extraction of the CIA agent at OBJ FALLUJAH Fires Offmap Support - BN Mortars (4 tubes)
  10. until
  11. until
  12. Kanium Sunday 27th NOV "Attack on Anttila" mission by Swordsmandk When: Sunday 27th NOV 1900 UTC Where: Kanium / UK armor TS ( teamspeak3.i3d.net:10077 ) World Clock: World Clock 1) SITUATION: a) Enemy: ENY has attacked and siezed city of ANTTILA. ENY is suspected to be part of a MECH BTN attacking in our AOR. Expect MECH COY (-) elements with tank and artillery support. It is expected ENY will defend ANTTILA and other strategic objectives in our AOR b) Own: OWN TNK BTN is conducting counter attack in area of ANTTILA. Your BG is attacking NORTH-EAST with TANK COY (+) and artillery support. RECON units have crossed river north of you and no ENY has been encountered up until PL NOVEMBER. c) Attachments and detachments: - A COY (1x Co,1x XO, 3x Tnk, 1x Mech) - P66 with 1x Morter PLT + 1 BTY M109(AI)(one load only)(no icm) in support - CSS elements 2) MISSION: It is BTN CO intent to attack and retake city of ANTTILA (OBJ GOLD). When ANTTILA is secured continue attack NORTH-EAST and take OBJ SILVER AND BRONZE. a) ATTACK NORTH-EAST and retake ANTTILA (OBJ GOLD) b) SECURE Näkkimistö (OBJ SILVER) c) SECURE Mietunaho(OBJ BRONZE) d) DESTROY ENY encountered 3) EXECUTION: UP TO YOU ANTTILA (OBJ GOLD) Näkkimistö (OBJ SILVER) Mietunaho(OBJ BRONZE)
  13. Kanium Sunday 20th NOV "NATO VJTF Third is the charm" mission Game dayTime: Day one (March 19th 1200-1500) When: Sunday 20th NOV 1900 UTC Where: Kanium / UK armor TS ( teamspeak3.i3d.net:10077 ) World Clock: World Clock VJTF - MISSION 3 Blue Company / Danish BTN / NATO VJTF Situation a. Enemy The Taurage Separatits have made an incursion in Lithuania by attacking north from the TAURAGE area capturing Lithuanian cities. The enemy has acquired modern Russian equipment (T72 model 2012, BMP2, BTR80) as well as old equipment (T72M, MTLB, BTR- 50). The enemy attacking in our AOO is estimated to be an Battalion sized force consisting of 2 Tank Companies (T72 Model 2012), 1 MechInf Company (BMP2) and an Reconnaissance company (BRDM, BMP2, T72M). The enemy BTN is supported by at least one battery of 152mm artillery and one battery of mortars. It is possible that the enemy might also have an MLRS battery supporting them. Enemy doesn't possess any aerial weapons. They managed to get INF onto the Airport Tarmac but the swift NATO counterattack cost them a lot of Tanks that means that NATO is in a position to make a counterattack unless the Udija can reinforce and hold the Airport
  14. until
  15. Time: Thursday 17th 1830 UTC EVENTTIMER Where: Kanium TS What are we doing; Experimental recon/tnk PLt missions NOTE TIMES: 1830 Recon will start route recce 1900 TNK PLT briefing 1915 PAUSE AND REJOIN for Tankers 2000 Mission End Manning List: Recon element R11 Cv9030 KT R12 Cv9030 2-pie R13 Cv9030 R14 Cv9030 Hedge R2 - 4xMC TNK element A11 2A6 Dalager A12 2A6 Kapy /Rad A13 2A6 Dirty/Banko A14 2A6 major duck /Grimlokk P66 FO with M106x4 swords
  16. until
  17. Kanium Sunday 13th Nov "Combined Airport Assault" by Apocalypse 31 When: Sunday 13th Nov 1900 UTC Where: Kanium / UK armor TS ( teamspeak3.i3d.net:10077 ) World Clock: Worldclock Situation: SITUATION Four months of failed peace-negotiations were a fitting ending to the belligerent nations of Atropia and Donovia that resulted in a full scale war. Less than 24 hours after the collapse of the international peace summit, the former Warsaw Pact nation of Donovia smashed through the international boundary of the Western-Allied nation of Atropia. The Atropian army was quickly overwhelmed by the lightening-fast offensive operations of the Donovian Army and immediately collapsed under the immense pressure of a focused penetration that stopped only miles outside of the Atropian capitol city. Both Political and Military analysts are unsure why the Donovian Army stopped short of what many considered the decisive point in their operation, but their delay was long enough for a US-led joint-coalition force to reinforce the Atropians with the hopes to reestablish the international boundary. Within the past 48 hours, the 2nd Battalion of the 111th BTG of the Donovian Army attacked across the international boundary of Donovia and Atropia. Initial offensive operations by the Donovian Army were highly successful in smashing the Atropian Army and Seizing key terrain. Within our sector the 2-111th Mechanized Infantry Battalion seized the Atropian International Airport and is currently established in a hasty defense. The 2-111th is composed of 3x Companies with 6x T-90 tanks, and 3x BMP-3's. Additionally, the 2-111th has priority for a reserve Company, as well as organic fire support from 122mm mortars. Joint Coalition forces have taken immediate action to reestablish the international boundary between Donovia and Atropia. Within our sector, our Battalion-Task Force will be part of an initial shaping operation with the US 82nd Airborne to seize key terrain and infrastructure in order to establish a foothold and reestablish key government systems. The 82nd Airborne will attack to seize key terrain throughout the Atropian International Airport, however, the presence of enemy armor will require the assistance of a Combined Arms Battalion. MISSION Attack to clear the Atropian International Airport in order to restore order and reestablish critical infrastructure to the Atropians. EXECUTION 1. Clear enemy from the airport 2. Be prepared to fight an armored counterattack from the NE 3. Once the airport is clear of armor, the 82nd will send their units. Some aerial scans:
  18. Time: Wednessday 9th 1900 UTC World Clock Place: Kanium TS and server What are we doing: Small PLT mission for everyday use. Small PLT excersise in the Keisanmäki area. CV9030 FIN in attack to secure flank. Duration 1H + 15M briefing. We will be launching 1900 UTC SHARP!
  19. until
    Kanium Thursday 17th NOV 1830 UTC "Experimental Recon/Tank PLT missions"
  20. until
    Kanium Sunday 13th Nov "Combined Airport Assault" by Apocalypse 31
  21. Kanium Sunday 6th Nov "Route Recce" When: Sunday 6th Nov 1900 UTC Where: Kanium / UK armor TS ( teamspeak3.i3d.net:10077 ) World Clock: Worldclock Scen by Gunslinger 668 Situation: Enemy: Elements of the Free Scotian Movement (F.S.M.) have occupied positions to the North of the Combat Team with the intention of moving South to secure a junction at Highway 7. They have deployed forward recconnianse elements to our North in an effort to locate our forward defensive positions and to locate bypasses to East and West. These forces are equipped with BTR-80s, BRDMs, and Soviet Era small arms, equipment, and anti-tank weapons. Also, they currently have armoured forward recconainse moving South consisting of T-55s. Indirect fire assest capability is currently unknown but should be expected, air threat is nil. Friendly: Lord Strathcona's Horse (Royal Canadians) Battle Group have moved into defensive positions along the 53 Easting and are currently holding position due to logistical shortages caused by guerilla attacks to the south which have been targeting bridges, crossroads and other such assests. Charles Company of 1 RCR is currently moving North to reinforce the current defensive line. Atts and Dets: 1x Battery of 155m Artillery 1x Tank Tp, C/S 4-1 1x Assault Tp, C/S 1-1 Misson: No later then H+90 minutes, conduct zone reconnaissance locate and engage enemy's foward edge of battle area along 62 Northing Tasks: 1) Clear Named Areas of Interest (NAIs) along RTE BLUE 2) Locate and destroy ENY MECH IN CO along 62 Northing Recon Tempo/Focus: 1) Aggressive 2) Deliberate **Mission will end once the enemy company is destroyed** Some aerial scans:
  22. When: Thursday 3rd November World Timer Where: Kanium TS and Server What are we doing: We are doing a small mission. 1½H max. Attack on Altstadt. 2xPLT (Mech and Tank) I will try extra hard to keep the timetable on this one.
  23. Kanium Sunday 30th Oct "Motanfallet" When: Sunday 30th Oct 1900 UTC Where: Kanium / UK armor TS ( teamspeak3.i3d.net:10077 ) World Clock: Worldclock Orders will be sent by pm as people sign up if people want a whole PLT they request it clearly in their post and who those are!!!! How it looks irl.
  24. Kanium Sunday 30th Oct "Motanfallet"

  25. Kick off - October 2nd 2016 PLZ NOTE: This is entirely from the author's head and any reference to real life stuff should be kept far away from here! Kanium "Autumn Campaign" pitches elements of NATO VJTF Taskforce against Separatists with modern Russian equipment and a wide range of fighting vehicles. Campaign is meant to be played every 2 weeks on Sundays at 1800 UTC with a maximum timelimit of 2 hours. Game will feature both BLUE and RED teams, with CO of either being able to pick and choose which units they want to bring to the BG. The map will be a heavily modified Scania map designed to be more closed, dangerous and suitable for mechanized warfare. Size of the BG will range from 3-4 PLTs with support elements picked from a point table so its fully customizable. Lost units will be lost in remaining campaign but reinforcements might be brought in should the need arise. Force ratio will be 1-2 in RED favour. Red is attacking! This can change during the campaign... What we need to begin with: BLUE: CO: Abaddon XO: Apocalypse 31 RED: CO: Mirzayev XO: ? When we have blue and red CO we can start the campaign process. Link to Excel sheet for CO and geeks... Link to Excel sheet for CO and geeks... Link to Timeline: Link to Timeline The Grey zones on the map is a new option in the editor. It allows the map makers to define areas like for example city, airports or other important areas. It will only show up on the map and cannot be seen while playing. It makes the task of taking a city much easier since you can define how big the area is and so on. "Gray Zones" on this map is city and airports. Being in control of these zones grants your BG access to bonus equipment like: FO teams, FAC with airstrikes etc.