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Dien Bien Phu map

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On 14/7/2017 at 0:22 PM, Nike-Ajax said:

Dien Bien Flu  - isnt that a symptom of the french disease:


Military defeat by any enemy foreign and domestic ?

Thats a bit rich, coming from someone whose country surrendered in a matter of hours in WW2 and which hasn't actually won a war since 1612 ! 


Militarily speaking , we might well be called the Italy of Scandinavia , except of course that would be an insult to the Italians. Whereas their reputation for lack of military prowess is of largely recent (as in 20th century ) origin , WE have been consistently useless and incompetent for centuries. 


A Dane mocking the French for military cowardice is the ultimate example of hypocrisy.  

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