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Army testing Airless tires for Humvees

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Greetings all,

Just finished reading some info about the new or next generation of tires. Army is testing them now and they want a workable design for the Humvees as soon as possible. Here's a link to the article that also has a short slideshow.

Who would have thought that those little bee's building that precise pattern of six-sided cells arranged like a honeycomb would be so strong on a large scale! I still find it odd that when science "discovers" a new stronger way to build something (by coping Nature) they get all exicited.

anyway here's the link...


Later ..... 9erRed

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Well, they sure look cool :)

I've seen a similar design on a concept car. The biggest hurtle to the solid tire has been balancing, and heat. As stated in the article.

FYI you can see some of the other designs mentioned here:


Tires like these have been used for years on forklifts.

Anyway, cool tech. And I believe its a good first step in a truly modular tire. Which would be a great advancement in automotive tech. Imagine, if you will. Only changing a "piece of the pie" when you have a damaged tire.

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