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Major duck

Kanium Sunday 8th JAN "5ID mission1" BY Swordsmandk

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Kanium Sunday 8th JAN "5ID mission1" BY Swordsmandk

When: Sunday 8th JAN 1900 UTC

Where: Kanium / UK armor TS ( teamspeak3.i3d.net:10077 )

World Clock:  World Clock


Happy New Year 2017, Fellow players Greet all your loved ones this special day with our best wishes.


A fresh new year is once again upon us.

It’s the time to be thankful for the blessings of the past year and to take stock of all our achievements. At the same time, New Year 2017 is a brand new year to start afresh, to start strong, and yet another chance to do everything we want to do this year.

The amazing thing with chances is how we get them every year. So, set positive goals and resolutions. Hang them where you can see them every hour of the new year. And be excited for what you can achieve this 2017.

In the meantime, enjoy the fireworks, the loud and boisterous family dinners, and the quiet intimate meal with your loved one. And don’t forget!

Play with everyone.

So from us who identify us as Kanium Happy New year as we start a new and our second season.



a) Enemy:

3rd Shock army is leading the attack near Hannover. We are at day 2 and NATO is being pushed hard.


40th Motor Rifle Regiment is spearheading the attack south of Hannover. Their opposition has fallen back in the city of Hannover to the north but 40th is continuing the attack south of the river, Linden Kanal.


The riffle regiment is about 80% strenght. Estimates indicates 3 MTR BTNs, 1 TNK BTN in the attack. They consist of BMP1 and T64 with support units. The regiment is attacking in multiphase attack with main effort

to the north. The TNK BTN is in reserve ready to exploit any gap or reinforce if attack stalls.


b) Own:

5th Infantry Division as part of the recent "Reforger75" are already in Germany and has been brought forward to support the British and German units defend Hannover.


You BG is nearly 100% and has not seen combat yet. You are part of 1st BDE, 1st BTN and has been assigned the area from Harenberg to Groß Munzel. With the rivers Möseecke and Linden as left and right limitation.


Bravo COY (tnk) is at your disposal and 2x PLTs of Echo COY (mech) likewise. The british has withdrawn thought Hannover to our north so expect no friendly units from the east. You will have minefield at you disposal and prepared positions.


To our south the rest of the BTN is dug in defensively. Charlie COy will cover the Lente - Norden corridor and will provide flank security.


c) Attachments and detachments:

-  CO-A and FO 1-2A (CO-A will be leading defense in the Harenberg to Gross Munzel while XO will lead defense south of us.

- Bravo COY (1xCO, 1xXO, 3x5 M60A3 PLT)

- Echo COY (-) (1x M2A2 PLT with Dragons, 1xM113 PLT with Dragons)

- 7A and 8A (morter Sec, Supply Sec)

- 4A (Recce Section 2x M2A3)



1) Defend from Harenberg to Gross Munzel

2) Withdraw under fire if neccesary

3) Do not allow any PACT troops past PL Boston. If need be withdraw past PL Boston (withdraw zone for blue!)(if you move west of PL units will be destroyed indicating withdrawl from combat area)

4) Recce only deployment between PL New York and PL Washington











Outskirts of Hannover











Woods southeast off Kirchwehren (Northern forest)






Highgrounds north of Lathwehren



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Special note (The Echo company was in the process of converting to Bradleys but were rushed to the front with what they had)


BTN Command Sect "Fog Cutter":

HQ66 (BN CDR)(M60A3): Apocalypse 31 (Kanium,US)

HQ46 (BN FSO)(M113FO):



RECCE Section "Road Runner":

HQ41 (SEC Leader)(M3 Bradley): Zaphod (Kanium/1CAD,CAN)

HQ42 (M3 Bradley): Roerbaek (Kanium,DK)


Bravo Coy Tank COY "Nymph Voice"(M60A3TTS):

B66 (M60A3): Abaddon (Kanium,FIN)

B65 (M60A3):


1st PLT "Night Life":

B11 (PLT CO) (M60A3): Cavgunner (Kanium,US)

B12 (M60A3): Chrisreb (Kanium,UK)

B13 (M60A3): Connaugh (DOW,US)


B15 (PLT SG) (M60A3): Gunslinger668 (Kanium/1CAD,CAN)


2nd PLT "Night Train" (Vikings):

B21 (PLT CO) (M60A3): Dalager (Kanium,DK)

B22 (M60A3): Swordsmandk (Kanium,DK)

B23 (M60A3): Dr.Hat (Kanium,DK)

B24 (M60A3): Maxmujis (Kanium,DK)

B25 (PLT SG) (M60A3): Major Duck (Kanium,DK)


3rd PLT "Night Owl":

B31 (PLT CO) (M60A3): Mirzayev (Kanium,US)

B32 (M60A3):

B33 (M60A3):

B34 (M60A3):

B35 (PLT SG) (M60A3):


B4 Supply


B7 Ambu


Echo Coy MECH INF (Dragon) "Exotic Dancer":


E66 (M2 Bradley): Zipuli (?,FIN)

E65 (M2 Bradley):


1st PLT (Just received Brand spanking new vehicles) "End Game":

E11 (PLT CO)(M2 Bradley): Wiglif (Kanium,US)

E12 (M2 Bradley): 2-pies (Kanium/1CAD,UK)

E13 (M2 Bradley): Zipuli (?,FIN)

E14 (PLT SG)(M2 Bradley):


2nd PLT(Left with old vehicles) "Eagle Eye":

E21 (PLT CO)(M113):

E22 (M113):

E23 (M113):

E24 (PLT SG)(M113):


B4 Supply


B7 Ambu


HQ Thunder:

HQ Thunder 1 (M113 HMT)

HQ Thunder 2 (M113 HMT)

HQ Thunder 3 (M113 HMT)

HQ Thunder 4 (M113 HMT)




Opfor (1 place only):

Rad/Forrester (?,Rus)


Sick/Got a headache 

Domestos (Kanium,UK)


Could not make it kids

Grenny/Ronin (Kanium/911,DE)


Too medicated


Edited by Major duck

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Going to change it up and go for the Bradly recce 
Once dead ..... where you need me 

Edited by Zaphod

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4 minutes ago, Zaphod said:

Nightshift as in you can't play?


Nah, it's the infamous 4th Platoon, known as Nightshift. They were placed in reserve for this mission...

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I can just hear the TS chatter now :D

Fog Cutter this is Road Runner , can't hear Nymph Voice over Exotic Dancers manouvers , Night train is over watching Night Owl with Eagle Eye with no End game in sight , Thunders actions are disrupting Night Life's battle position 

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Looks good...im still keeping an eye out for a 'saturday' event (=very early sunday for me). I would definitely be interested in playing as an OPFOR handler (If possible) in some of these sessions, but the time-slot is prohibitive for me.






Edited by Bond_Villian

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