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ATGM / ATGW Tutorial scenario

Posted (edited)

I've expanded on Toyguy's Javelin Tutorial:

And it now includes:


M47 Dragon
TOW 2A (Direct attack)
TOW 2B (Top attack)
RBS 70
Spike LR
AT-3 Sagger
AT-4 Spigot


Its currently going through the approval process and will be in the Tutorial section (assuming its approved).


Be warned, if you are using M47 Dragon or RBS 70 you need to aim carefully as you are not guaranteed a first round kill.


Also this is in the most optimal conditions (daytime, good weather, enemy not firing back, etc.) so don't expect "in mission" use to be as easy as the Tutorial. :)


I've was lucky to get a couple of brand new players to Beta Test, so hopefully it doesn't have too many assumptions, but feedback is welcome (either here or as a "Review").


Edited by Gibsonm

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Will update and upload this on the weekend.


Key Change: Made an error with MILAN (forgot the initial aiming mark)


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Ver 1.1 posted.


Unsure when it will become available.

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